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    • FIT4RTX2016 Weekly Update Thread!

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      Salutations, this is your freshly picked admin, Raph here!
      So here is where we'll be keeping our weekly updates for out FIT4RTX2016, and various discussions.

      So here is everyone participating, and their goals:

      • InSaiyanTom: Run at least 4 to 5 times a week a mile each and start out at 25 push-ups a day and gradually adding.
      • PK2x4: Run 1 1/2 miles in under 12 mins, about 40 push-ups in under a minute, and about 50 sit-ups in under a minute, and losing 15lbs
      • Unh34rd: Lose 60 pounds
      • m0nkeybutt: Drop below 160 lbs
      • HS199432: Get between 160-165 lbs
      • TyrianRogue: Lose 10 pounds, exercising 3-4 days a week ,running to be able to do a 15 minute mile and be able to run for 3 miles.
      • monkeyjack: Be able to Front Squat 200lbs
      • bubbaboy8: Exercise for at least 20 minutes three times a week.
      • Delf: Sticking to the diet plan and adding at least 30 mins of exercise a day (most likely jogging).Losing 20 lbs
      • lindustrial: Gym an extra two days a week on top of physical therapy and do bike riding/weight lifting. Get back in to going to yoga once a week.
      • How_Humorous: Gym for an hour 4 times a week, with muscle focus changing each day. Cutting artificial sugars out of diet.
      • Antharwn: Work out a minimum of 4 times a week for at least an hour. Generally eat healthier.
      • mrmatrix24: Get to 175lbs toned. Eating an Atkins style diet and going to the gym 3-5 times per week.
      • KatanaBtzPaper: Running 2-3 times a week, and dropping to 160-165lbs. Following up my runs with a light 20 minute workout afterwards. Reducing sodium, and cholesterol intake.

      So FIT4RTX starts now! Please comment here about your current status ie: weight, run/exercise totals to give see where you're starting from as we progress through the weeks. Feel free to give each other tips, and advice with each others goals. You can always alter your goals if you happen to reach it earlier than expected or you find it much easier than thought.Have fun, and get hella sexy everyone <3

      PS: Feel free to keep your own updates in your profiles :)

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    • Buff Buddies!

      3 years ago


      After the debut of Buff Buddies, and some life related things I got super motivated to get back into shape.

      My goal is just the same as @JoshtheFlanagan to lose 20 pounds so I'll be following his routine as best as I can.

      - Run at least 8 miles total for the week

      - 2-3 "Body Weight" (using body as weight) workouts.

      30 seconds each exercise, 6 rounds, 1:30 rest between rounds (if needed).

      1) Weightless Squats (add hop at top for difficulty)

      2) Burpees w/ a sort-of upward dog when down (add push up for difficulty)

      3) Reverse Lunges, alternating (add knee-up at top for difficulty)

      4) Jump-tuck push-ups (hopping your knees up to your chest between reps)

      5) Reverse Planks (like flutter kicks without the movement -- add kicks to be harder)

      6) Knee thrusts -- start like doing a knee-assisted push-up, but keeping your knees off the ground. Step one foot just behind the same hand, then sit up straight using just that foot and the OPPOSITE hand. A little hard to describe, but I'll have video next week.

      Im hoping I can stick to this, and keep on track. I should have enough space in my room to do all of this, and the last time I ran it was about 3 miles, so running the same path three times in a week should cover the 8 miles for me.

      Im excited and terrified all at once.

      Wish me luck!

    • Happy Birthday Monty <3

      4 years ago


      It's still hard to believe you're gone, but you continue to keep inspiring me to keep going.

      Here's two videos of my favorite props I've made, both being from RWBY.

      Emerald's Guns
      Sun Wukong's Guns

      I put alot of effort into these props hoping to show them to Monty one day, luckily being there when my friend show them off for him at NYCC. I put extra effort into Jingu Bang and Ruyi Bang, because they were for me, but when Monty passed I we even more motivated to finish them, and because of that I have quick a emotional attachment to them, and I'm so proud whenever someone is in awe as they watch me transform them.

      Thank you Monty for giving me that push. <3

    • Getting in better health.

      4 years ago


      So for a long while now, I've known I haven't been very healthy. I've slowly gotten better, avoiding soda and other sugary drinks, as well as trying to exercise more.

      The other day, my cousin who's a registered nurse took my blood pressure, and it at a very high level.
      The recommended is 120/80, but mine is 145/90 which is terrible for my age.

      So Im gonna try to take better care of myself, limiting my sodium intake, exercising more, dieting, and more.

      Honestly, I am a bit concerned, cause I never imagined this being a problem, but it is, and I have to make sure I'm on top of it.

    • Golly Gee!

      4 years ago


      It's been a while since I've written anything, but I figured I'l write something.

      I've been working nonstop, and some days its so dull, and boring. But hey, I'm making money!

      I'm current working on a very, very ghetto vacuforming machine, and praying to god I can get it to work. xD

      My first test was a bust since my holding frame didnt well..hold. xD

      I'm slllowwwllyy working at it, but wish me luck guys!

    • #Fit4RTX2015

      4 years ago


      I recently decided to get in shape, and slowly better my life and myself and this week would be the week I started.

      Coincidentally, my lovely friends of RTNY brought up #Fit4RTX2015, and I knew it was a sign for me to get in gear for realzies. So with some motivation for my friends, and a fire in my eyes I'm ready to get in shape!

      Major thanks to @Antharwn for coming up with it, and making it even more interesting!

      My goal is to lost at least 20 lbs, and Im determined to do so. :)

    • Curse you emotionssssss

      4 years ago


      Emotions are evilllllll things, that is all.

    • So after rewatching RvB once again

      4 years ago


      I would love to see Geoff cosplaying Agent Wyoming because of their identical 'staches.

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      3 years ago

      yooo! I met you at katsucon! It was so cool to meet you, you are the best tucker ever. ;)

    • RomanHeretic FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold I hate goodbyes

      4 years ago

      met you at Katsucon. It was cool hanging out.

    • sneedse

      5 years ago

      Hey man. Nice to meet you smiley1.gif

      • sneedse

        5 years ago

        How are you this fine day?

      • KatanaBtzPaper

        5 years ago

        Hey! Nice to meet you too, sir!

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