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    • Crazy about Crocheting

      1 day ago

      zeitgeistzest (~‾▿‾)~

      Crocheting and Netflix is an addictive combination!!

      My 2nd basket is drying from starching, but already started the 3rd one - with an attempt to instruct how I've made these! Posted a set of 10 images on my Instagram if you want to try it out yourself. :P Any questions, you uhh might want to google for more specific instructions... or find a better-explained pattern! xD

      So that's how I've spent my weekend! xD How was yours? ^^ 

    • Sorry another post but don't wanna spam the forums with this so

      6 days ago

      zeitgeistzest (~‾▿‾)~

      AAAEEEGHHHH. My calendar's starting to look so full with courses and self-studying and extra stuff that I am starting to doubt I can handle this shit.  sob But a lot of it is stuff that's supposed to help me with getting out of this unemployment hole. Most of my doubts are coming from within... I'm more used to giving up than trying, see. But not this time. >___<

      Also shit's going down in SOA, some ugly truths gunn' be revealed.

    • Woah There

      1 week ago

      zeitgeistzest (~‾▿‾)~

      I did not expect to hear so many 'love you's in a series like Sons of Anarchy.


      But then there's a lot of this, too:


      which was a bit more expected.  joy

      Also a lot of political-like mind-games. 

      (On like half-way through season 7 out of 7 after a week or so bingewatching. It keeps getting more and more WTF by the minute. I've no idea what's going on anymore. sob)

    • Ahem. About Drinking

      1 week ago

      zeitgeistzest (~‾▿‾)~

      So! As I got some friends on FB worried about myself for drinking a couple of 'cocktails' at home, I figured it'd be good to clarify this stuff on here as well, for future reference.

      First, yes. Alcoholism is a big issue in Finland, a problem really, and I could, when asked, instantly name a dozen of people who have (had) problems with booze. A lot of them my own relatives.

      I used to be very anti-alcohol when I was younger because of that. I despised mom and her friend for having a girl's night at our home and they'd be drinking wine. I even called them alcoholics over it.  joy Seeing people go to Alko, I'd roll my eyes and mutter to myself, "Frigging alcs.."

      A couple of times mom let me and bro taste a sip of wine, but I didn't like it. Still don't like wine, especially red wine. None are sweet enough. The smell of beer still disgusts me. 

      Then I turned 18 (legal age here). Tasted some stuff, didn't really understand what everyone else had been fussing about since like we were all 12-13. And when I do drink, well. 

      I drink alcohol like 1-2 times a month, if even that. And what I consider a drink & gets me tipsy is berry juice to those who drink ciders, beers, etc once a week or so - they wouldn't even notice there's alcohol in it.  joy I mean, dear Lord, our grocery stores aren't allowed to sell ciders that are over 4,7%, and I pour that shit in a glass and mix it with Mt Dew or juice so it's 50/50. If I have a liqueur shot, there's usually max 1cm in a glass then the rest is soda. 

      Usually I only have max 5 drinks at home like that, and at a bar, max 3 'cause that shit's almost as expensive as ivory to me. I rarely drink cider 'raw', and I can't handle full shots of raw vodka unless I've had a few cider mixes already. 

      SO posting on FB about drinking got some people commenting like "be careful", and "wow you've started drinking more" or something like that. Which I found goddamn offensive. These comments came from people who've known me for years. Sure, shit's hit the fan for me this year pretty bad, but I ain't spiralling into damn alcoholism.  joy Despite everything, I'm not feeling desperate about anything. Not THAT desperate. 

      I've never been hungover. I've never thrown up over alcohol - sure, I'd felt horrible and close to that, but fresh air does wonders. As does drinking water between drinks. I've never been blackout drunk, and never want to be - I have witnessed people in that state, and am too much of a control freak / afraid of embarrassing myself in public to ever go that far. :') 

      Anyway, thought I'd put this up in here as well. 

      Another thing that happened today. http://www.instagram.com/p/BZGhi0hhILO/?taken-by=zeitgeistzest__

      Now that's done, finally, I'm going to enjoy some pizza, candy, and more Sons of Anarchy, and maybe a drink too, yeah.  v Hope you're all having a good weekend. :) 

    • helllloooooooo

      1 week ago

      zeitgeistzest (~‾▿‾)~

      so i've had a couple of drinks so excuse the possible sppelling errors, typing requires a lot more eeffort than usual and focusing.

      i spent my friday cleaing my apaprtment. all of it. every corner, cuboard, everthing. 

      this project was suppoed to tire me out. exhaust me. i started after noon. it's now 1:22am saturday and i'm happily awke. i feel great. i washed winows. still need to take out trash and bacuum vacuum im mean and mop the floors. 

      laos i should maybe stop drinking already, god i am light weight just two drinks and look at this spelling skills. 

      i would also like to hug people and delcare endless friendhisp to everuone. i am at that wonderful stage. better not ruin it by drinking more. i can't find my tiny bottle of vodka, which is possibly for the best. i might go to sleep soon. but am having an odd convo with some friends. as I have noticed this worrisome thing about myself. now that i'm 3 years from turning 30, i've started considering guys in their 40's to 60's hot. like watching sons of anartchy, i'm drooling after tig and chibs. jesus laura. but with chibs, its' dat that damn accent. half the time i don't even care what that hacartere says, i just brain melt. pretty much alonly reason why i obther watching the show at this point.

      ok maybe 34ddrrink will knock me out. wait wait 3rd. 

      remind me to remove thisp ost when i'm sober.


      i hope you're all doing fantastic, my new form friends <4

    • Bilingual Problems

      1 week ago

      zeitgeistzest (~‾▿‾)~

      I could write stories in either Finnish or English, or use both (Finnish for descriptions, English for dialogue) in the draft version. 

      All ways feel wrong.

      *sighs* Maybe I just need to take a break from writing for a bit...

      Anyway. So how's everyone else's week going so far? P: 

    • Inactivity Againnn

      2 weeks ago

      zeitgeistzest (~‾▿‾)~

      So after my brother's visit, I had to deal with some personal stuff. I won't go into details, but...

      Ex, if you're reading this, too - then know this: 

      Despite everything, I do not wish you any harm. Harboring vengeance or any other hurtful thoughts would ultimately hurt only myself, prolong the pain, and prevent my own recovery. 

      I hope you can realize that, too, and can move past everything. Maybe in time we can forgive each other. For now, it's best we go and stay separate ways. I am ready to let go of you, finally - hope you can find the strength to let me go as well, in peace and without any need for lashing out.


    • Twitchy

      2 weeks ago

      zeitgeistzest (~‾▿‾)~

      Sooo I apparently do have a Twitch account, too, and I should be able to stream with Xbox1 via that one as well.  sweat_smile

      Anyway, if you want me to check out your channel / follow it, maybe follow back (I haven't streamed via Twitch yet), thennnn well guess what my username is. xD (zeitgeistzest)

    • Still Jobless

      2 weeks ago

      zeitgeistzest (~‾▿‾)~

      So, didn't get the job as an intern. I'm not too surprised or disappointed - mom, however, sounded pretty upset, and even more so by my lack of upset-ness. :'D 

      But now I'll just focus on my studies for now and go to every possible job hunt-related thing etc and sign up for volunteer work, too.

    • Baffled

      2 weeks ago

      zeitgeistzest (~‾▿‾)~

      I don't even know.

      I'm exhausted. Sort of a good thing, because the exhaustion is because I'm actually doing something. I'm walking more, and I'm using my brain a lot more.

      What really baffles me is... Well, when I blocked out certain someone in social media places, it did not occur to me to do that on Twitter. As that person didn't have an account before. Now he does. He just joined this September. 

      And he's following me.

      Now, I've only ever blocked like a handful of people on Twitter. Since he's not posted anything or hasn't reacted to anything I do, I haven't yet done that. Partly because I'm just waiting for what kind of content he'd react. Call me an idiot. (Yes, you can do that, right below in the comments.)

      I mean... He got an IG after I first stopped contacting him? And I dunno, but 2 weeks after I blocked and deleted his number, he's now got Twitter. 

      What next??? He'll sign up on here?? Aeeegh...

      I'm just baffled. And bemused. And tired. 

      (I haven't followed him back, by the way.) (...I know which username he prefers on platforms like these, so maybe I should check if he's already on here as well... that'd be... weird. Like. Dude. You were the one to want to call us off, you stopped contacting me, you pushed me to the point where I stopped trying to reach out to you. What the hecking heck. Maybe I'm reading too much into this. But................... ehhh. Whatever. For now. I'm going to sleep. I've managed to switch to a routine where I wake up around 3-5am, go for a walk, do yoga, do some stuff before going to study at campus, come home, try do yoga and eat, then pretty much collapse on the bed. Like last night, I had the laptop open, I was replying to stuff on the forums around 7pm, I fell asleep next to my laptop as I was on the bed, woke up, put the laptop away, and continued sleeping until 4am.)

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    Laura / zeit / ZGZ, whatever you wanna call me I'll probably be fine with it. I go by zeitgeistzest on DeviantArt, Discord, Mixer, Sarahah, Steam, Tumblr, Twitter, and Xbox; zeitgeistzest__ on Instagram, and Zeit Geistzest on YouTube. 

    I'm quite socially awkward, so I might appear cold and rude at first (in real life). I either speak very little, or way too much.

    My many interests include video games, literature (both reading and writing), photography, yoga, translation, linguistics (especially word formation and how meanings get communicated via different media), taking walks in the forest, sitting by the lakeside, driving a car (currently don't have my own), listening to music... uhhh... I also sometimes doodle and crochet, and dabble with stuff on GIMP. 

    Final Fantasy III to XV (excluding XI and XIV but including Dirge of Cerberus and A King's Tale), Warframe, Bioshock Infinite, Dragon Age series, Forza Horizon, Metro 2033 Redux and Last Light Redux, Watch Dogs, Spyro the Dragon, Deus Ex - Human Revolution; I also have the following games, untouched so far: Skyrim and Minecraft Story Mode.

    Some of my fav shows and book / manga series: Fullmetal Alchemist, Red vs Blue, Day 5, RTAA, House, Helix, Black Mirror, NCIS, Revelation Space, The Wheel of Time, Chronicles of Shannara, Discworld, Inside Out (by L. R. Jones), ...

    +Cats and dogs and seals are cute. C:

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