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    • Dear Jack Pattilo (sp)?

      1 year ago


      Dear Jack P

      Please have Lets Play Live in Washington, DC! I'd love to see AH, FH, Cow Chop all live :)! It would also be cool as I could bring my sisters too! They love Cow Chop and I'd love to take them to see them.

      Hopefully one day this could happen! Please and thanks lol

    • Fallout 4 PipBoy Edition

      2 years ago


      So i heard about this thing and immediately decided i had to have it! I read that amazon was sold out, best buy sold out, so i went to my local gamestop and.... SOLD OUT. How disappointing sigh! Was anyone on here lucky enough to place an order? Hopefully more will be available eventually who knows -_- if so im getting my order in.

    • 3 years ago


      First discovered AH on Youtube... glad i did! The humor style behind Rooster Teeth is pure gold. Thanks for all the laughs as well entertainment lol.

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