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    • Comedy

      58 minutes ago


      What makes something funny to you?

    • 100 days already

      3 days ago


      I just realized that I hit 100 videos a few days ago. That is 100+ days of consistent content. Come check it out! >https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKXvMRPFrmWx9BuxMRbehnQ

      If you like what I do, Consider subscribing! If you don't like it also consider subscribing.

      While my current content is mostly games, I have a lot of things (podcast, animation, review, music, idiocy) in the works so stay tuned.

    • Editing Reflection

      6 days ago


      One of my favorite things about editing my own videos (other than the comedy and self reflection) is deciphering whether the video was recorded closer to 3am or 3pm. 

    • Today is the one-month anniversary of my YouTube Channel! - Reflection/Plug

      2 months ago


      I post a new video every day- Please Subscribe.

      Right now my content is mostly Gaming, but I have a bunch of projects in progress that everyone can enjoy.

      Ok, So now that I've done that I can write about my experience so far. I went In with the expectation that putting myself on YouTube would be like putting myself on a chopping block, and In some ways it is. However YouTube is not really kind to the little guy, not that I expected it to be, yet Instead of being on an active chopping block it is more like the guillotine that judges you as unworthy to be executed before passing you by and promising to maybe come back.

      The hardest part of starting my channel was the first video. I had been stressing about it for way to long for what It ended up being. I lost sleep over making my Logo and Banner, and I spent a lot of that time adjusting the mask on the 8 seconds of footage that became my first video. Finally I realized that I was going about it the wrong way and made an upload schedule and planned out content for the next few weeks, after that was done I just had to wait. Once I had published it I felt more stressed and relieved than In my entire life. Since then I have learned to channel this odd kind of nervous energy that comes with creating, and I make sure to have some way to write down Ideas I have at any time of the day.

      I started by recording a game called ICEY, It wasn't a great game, and I didn't have a great microphone, and It shows. Yet It is my first series and I wouldn't ever change it. All the changes that I make in each series mark the creative growth that I have experienced through taking this risk, and That feels good. I know that while recording ICEY, I was mostly making it up as I went along, I didn't plan out many of the things that I should have like the length of episodes. ICEY ended up being about 17 episodes that were an average of around 10 minutes each. while there are some problems such as how loud each video was that I feel are there, the Improvement In the next series is evident.

      The second series I recorded was in BioShock Infinite., I had the idea to beat the game with only pistols, and the genius (idiot) in me decided it would be a good idea to try it on hard. At this point I had gotten a studio condenser microphone and an amp so my setup was a lot improved. Playing this self implemented challenge was hard. It was fun for a really long time, but It got to the point that I was just enraged, and Eventually I decided It was time to stop. While I am not proud of my failure to complete the challenge, I am glad that I did record the challenge even though I completely underestimated it.

      Over Time I have noticed a few changes in myself while both recording and editing. Talking is hard, Keeping words flowing out of your mouth takes more practice that you would think, when I practiced mostly I would just spend time in a discord call pissing my friend off because he couldn't see the game I was commenting on. When Editing I notice that sometimes I leave thoughts completely unfinished, and I didn't notice that before or while recording at all. In editing I have also realized how much the smallest edit can change the tone of a video. I have improved In my editing efficiency, though I wish I could have a render farm I do not have the space or money. So I've figured out how to make the time while rendering as efficient as possible. During a render  I spend time working In Photoshop on thumbnails or other projects, I can check on other work, or just work on writing scripts with friends. 

      This is my reflection on what has happened based on what has already been released on my channel. This next part is about what I have done on my channel that will be released in the coming months.


      First thing is that I have just finished editing a play through of Tomb Raider (2013), Tomb Raider hold a special place In my heart because it is the first game I ever got 100% on. It is also the first time I have ever had to do live commentary to my parents explaining what was happening in the game. Unlike BioShock and ICEY the recording sessions for Tomb Raider were not all close together, In fact I had my Thanksgiving break in between 2 of the recording sessions. While it is a different play style than the other two games I feel like I had an easier time playing off both the game for commentary, but also my future editing self. And I allowed myself to be a bit more creative with what I do in post. I feel like when I went back home for break I got a recharge and a better perspective on what I was doing after I saw my best friend and family.

      During break, I recorded about an hour of destiny 2 on the Xbox One, I am more comfortable with PC usually, but I don't have a problem with consoles. My little brother has a condenser mic but I didn't find an amp in the house till after I recorded destiny 2, so I've decided to scrap that. I did however beat the story of the game, but as by dad says "The real endgame is waiting for the loading screen." The best part of break was being able to record some fun games with my little brother Nathan, and my best friend who goes by Sketch. My little brother and have started a series in which we play Super Mario Galaxy together, and hopefully we get to play Super Mario Galaxy 2 over Christmas. My plan was to record an entire day with Sketch and Nate, and while we got sidetracked by watching RWBY (it was a Saturday) I am really happy to say that we got a lot of footage of us playing Breath of The Wild. In our group I am the only one that has played it. my brother may have seen me play it, and Sketch has no idea what he is getting Into.

      While I was there, I had the idea to remake all of the RWBY intros using Photoshop, that idea Is currently a work in progress and I'm almost done with the volume 1 intro.

      Now when I returned from break, the first thing I did was finish recording Tomb Raider which went flawlessly. But then I started editing, and the parts I recorded after break were a bit different. Somehow, premiere  has trouble reading the frame rate of the game play video, which leads to the audio and video of the Game to not be synced, so my solution for that was to put my game play recording into windows media player and record the playback of the recording. It worked, but it made for a few late nights. I just finished editing this morning at 1:00am. This is my reflection so far, look forward to another one in a month or so!

    • Tell me to draw stuff!

      2 months ago


      I will do it badly, see my images on my profile for more detail.

    • Creative Overdrive

      2 months ago


      My mind is going faster than it has in a long time. I have so many stories, creations, and ideas that I have no idea where to start.

      I guess it is time to get to work. Who knows where this will go.

      Hopefully It will be interesting.

    • RT FIRST

      3 months ago


      I am so happy to finally see this FIRST star by my name!

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    I have a  YouTube channel! Videos Every Day! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKXvMRPFrmWx9BuxMRbehnQ

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