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    • RT Boxes still in processing - nothing shipped

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      Hey RT team, 

      Just noticed I now have a 2nd order that is still being processed. I know there is a delay for international orders but just curious on my shipment progress and why there is just a long delay in the processing stage.



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    • Error signing up for Double Gold :/

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      So i just signed up for double gold and got this error message the moment after my transaction was processing. 

      My profile shows double gold... but what happened?



      An error log has been created and forwarded to our development team, we're sorry for the inconvenience.

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    • Your Gaming History

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      This is a long read, but hopefully enjoyable.

      For all my fellow gamer's out there, I recently read an article about the history of competitive FPS games vs their current counter parts. One of the articles topics was a section dedicated to the writers personal top 5 fps games with brief explanations as to why he choose the ones he did.

      From that I had a think about my own favorites and my reason behind them as well. I'd like to share with you my choices and a brief reason behind them and if you feel like leaving a comment with your own list of FPS games and why, I'm interested in your history too.

      #1 Quake 2. This was my first introduction into any kind of real player vs player multiplayer fps gaming. One that really started in high school playing the game in class vs some of my fellow hard working class mates. Having only really played single player games like Duke Nuken 3D or the odd unreal tournament game vs bots or my step bro on rare occasions.

      Quake 2 represents the first time my true love for competitive fps gaming became evident. To this very day I still remember playing it against 8 to 9 class mates for the first time and learning just how real players think and move in game. And i was hooked the moment I scored my first mid air rocket kill.

      #2 Counter Strike 1.5. CS 1.6 Is still played to this day around the world. CS 1.5 however was my first taste of hardcore competitive online gaming. Here I developed my favorite fps skills of what is know today as wall-hacking, back then simply known legitimately as wall banging. As well as being known as an AWP whore. If asked to describe this era in as little words as possible, they would be; yelling, dial up, more yelling, broken peripherals & 72 hour Red Bull fueled LAN events.

      CS 1.5 to this very day still remains at the top of my list for all time greatest competitive games. It still holds it's unique features over it's later versions. Counter Strike 1.5/1.6 is to the gaming world what Formula 1 is to the racing world. Is it simply still to this day the pinnacle of competitive FPS gaming in every way. It takes no prisoners and those who learn their craft well and develop the necessary skills to reach the top level shine out of some of the brightest and smartest gamer's of all time. A simple Google search for 2003 CS HeatoN or 2003 CS Spawn (and many others) can provide you with count less hours of fps schooling on this subject.

      Insert many years & thousands of hours worth of life sucking World of Warcraft game play here!

      #3 Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. A love/hate franchise in it's current years. But COD4 brought me full circle back onto the path of more competitive FPS gaming. Having been out of the "game" per say for quiet a number of years I felt right at home slipping back into the competitive FPS scene. This time round however my ears, my families ears, an ADSL internet connection and a limited student budget which kept me from breaking equipment. This all meant it was a much more mature gaming scene than my previous era.

      COD4 also introduced me to ADS (Aim Down Sight) game play mechanics for the first time in any real competitive environment. Have only ever seen it in Battlefield 1942 on rare occasions at LAN events. This was tricky at first, but once remastering quick scoping and tap firing recoil control it soon become the norm.

      The current Call of Duty games are now regarded simply as online daycare for children with parents who shouldn't be parents.

      #4 Quake Live. This re-imagining of Quake 3 housed in a web browser package re sparked my love for some competitive Quake once again. The Australian Quake 4 competitive community was such a short lived experience that you can literally count It's active months on 3/4's of your fingers and toes. And most AU Quake fans ended up playing Quake Live most night anyway. While Quake Live took up most of my needs for fast paced pure competitive gaming, it also shared my gaming time with Battlefield: Bad Company 2, then later Battlefield 3.

      QL how ever got me back into pure old school style game play. While i really felt right back at home with all the Rocket jumping, millisecond reaction 180 rail gun shots & bunny hopping madness. What I really felt I had been missing the most really since CS were the mind games. Out smarting, prediction shots & pure balls to the wall unrestricted skill style game play. Something that still keeps drawing me back every now and then when the frustration with newer games and true competitive addiction flares back up.

      Sadly games just are not made like this any more. Even the latest interpretation of Counter Strike (CS: Global Offensive) no longer has that original feel of what made the original CS mod such a huge success.

      #5 Battlefield 4. Now setting aside the enormous amount of problems this game still has to this day. BF4 is keeping my interest for the time being because of a few key reason. One of the things that originally lead me down my current career path many years ago was editing game play footage into game play montages. BF4 has some true potential for not only the epic montages, but also because of the ability to craft a short story. With complete user freedom using nothing but in game content and in game utilities. You can end up with an absolutely beautiful and well crafted looking Battlefield themed short film.

      Secondly the people I have met and become good mates with through the Battlefield franchise have been the kind of people I would have just as easily befriended outside my gaming life. It's one of the very few games where a major portion of it's multiplayer community is over 25 (25-38 to be exact), if not married with a family. Where most of them just love coming home from work and jumping into a game, having a laugh and just enjoying the gaming with other like minded gamer's. And none of my previously mentioned games have that going for them.


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    • AH Crew: Audio Copywrite Infringement!

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      original post removed pending the following.

      from: The Envato Support Team

      We would like to inform you that your Copyright Claim into the YouTube video "Coming Soon - February 2014" hosted by the YouTube channel "Rooster Teeth" has been accepted pending further investigation.

      Post edited 2/03/14 11:16PM

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