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      Anyone else having issues with videos being kinda slow? I mean, I have 60mbs internet (and I keep checking it because my ISP is local and I have had problems with my connection dropping to like 11mbs), but it seems like all the videos on the site don't buffer very well, though if I head to Youtube it's fine. Anyone else?

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    • Response to the AH vs FH R6:Siege Stream

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      I don't know if it's just me, but I love you, Achievement Hunter, and I don't spend every day of my life with you to watch E-Sports. I don't care who in the hell those other people were, I'm here for YOU, not them! I will say that I do like your friend Funhaus, and I love BOTH of you because I enjoy the banter between you, I enjoy the camaraderie and the humor. If I wanted to spend my time with whoever was so rude as to babble over you the whole time, I'd watch sports... I can pretty much make myself stand beside you at even your worst decisions, but that hurt me. I know you didn't mean to, and I know you wouldn't do it again.... Or at least not often, so I forgive you. I can say that I'm not worried about our future together, but dammit, Janet, I love you, and I can't stomach it when you're like this.

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