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    • Hello 2018

      9 months ago


      It appears that another year has come and gone and it time to set up goals for the upcoming year so here we go...

      1. Cook/Bake More. I have a terrible habit of being extremely lazy and going out to eat. I hope to cut down on that this year. I am going to try to limit going out to eat to weekends/movie nights.

      2. Be more frugal. Shopping is definitely an addiction of mine and I need to get it under control. I am going to try to limit my spending. This will be one of the toughest things to do.

      3. Maintain relationships better. I am the person where if you don't text me, I don't text you and it is not easy for me to maintain relationships. I want that to change because I don't want people thinking that I don't care about them. I just get caught up in television/movies and I forget to reach out to people.

      4. Save money. I suppose this one goes back to being frugal but I made it a separate point because I want to be placing money into a savings account once a week.

      5. Stay Top Brass. This refers to the Alamo Drafthouse. They have a loyalty program and Top Brass is the highest level. Brian and I are currently considered Top Brass and I want to keep it that way!

      6. Consistently meal plan. I want to have an idea of what I will be eating everyday. I feel that this can help me in being successful in the cooking/baking more department.

      7. Lose 20 more pounds. The last 20 are the hardest and this will be tough.

      8. Read at least 8 books. 8 books in one year is not a lot however I think I read one book last year so I figured I'd set the bar a little low.

      9. TRY NEW THINGS. I don't want to be suck in a routine. I want to try new activities, new restaurants, new everything!

      Other things that aren't goals but "ideas" of what I could do in 2018:

      - Start an etsy shop selling enamel pins

      - Purchase a house or stay in the same apartment. I don't want to move another apartment. My next move will be in a house.

      - RTX VIP - I want to try the VIP route at least once.

      - Move up a position at work - there really isn't another position above mine but I would be happy with more responsibility - especially if it comes with more $$$

    • Transformation

      1 year ago


      Guys, I just feel so defeated.

      I have lost 120 pounds and I am left with excess skin. My arms hang and flap, my stomach droops and hangs and occasionally gets a rash, everything sags and I just look like mush below the neck.

      I feel defeated because I had a consultation with a plastic surgeon to see about removing my excess skin and found out how much it would cost.


      My car was only $13,000. 

      I know this is purely cosmetic but weary. I've worked so hard to get to where I am and to know that I can actually have the body I want but money being in the way is just really disheartening. For the time being I am going to try to pick up side jobs and save every penny that I can because there are a few things that need to happen before I can even consider taking out a loan for this.

      1) Loan from WLS needs to be paid off

      2) Car needs to be close to being paid off

      3) Need to have at least half the cost saved up (this would be $10,000 [half because I would also need the loan to help cover my pay for when I will be in recover])

      4) Be approved for a personal loan/line of credit for $10,000

      Now, I could split the procedures up to have smaller up front costs (arms alone are $6,000) and that may be the route that I go so that I am not living with this skin for the next 5 years.

      We'll see how it goes.

    • Back?

      1 year ago


      I had a message on here from a friend I have been missing that was 7 months old. I need to login on here more.

    • Be a Hero!

      3 years ago


      Ok guys - I'm trying to win this contest to meet this killer band called The Struts. If you click the link below and watch the video in it's entirety it earns me 45 points. That is 45 entries into the contest! It would mean a lot to me if you could spare the 4 minutes or so <3

    • RTX 2015 Checklist

      3 years ago


      RTX is just around the corner! This means my mind is going crazy on what to take and if I really need it during my time in Austin or not so this journal will serve as both a check list for me and maybe a good reference point for first timers. I know there are a few of these floating around so make sure to check those out for some more input.


      • Clothing - I always pack more than you need because accidents will happen and you never know when you might need a change of clothes plus – a girl likes to have her options! I will be staying for 5 nights so at minimum I will pack 7 change of clothes. If you plan on buying shirts at the con then around 3 tops packed will suffice.
      • Hygiene – yes this is always talked about a lot when mentioning cons so lets get it out of the way. Please remember to bring (or purchase in ATX since there are so many airline rules about this stuff) things like soap, shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrush, etc. You are going to be in Texas. In August. In the middle of a heat wave. You will reek if you do not wash with soap or use deodorant. ‘Feminine Care’ items are also a must even if you do not expect for it to arrive during the stay.
      • Comfortable shoes – they don’t look pretty but your feet will thank you. Trust me. I wore flats and had to wait in line for close to 4 hours at RTX 2013 to meet AH. It only took about 30 minutes standing on that concrete to make my feet hurt.
      • Charging Cords – iPhone, 3DS, Camera, etc.
      • Registration/Autograph Email – Make sure to have a hard copy of these in case something goes wrong with your phone. Always great to have a back up.


      • 3DS XL and Games – gotta pass the time in line some way. You always don't want miss the huge amount of street passes that you can get at RTX.
      • External power source – There are lots of outlets throughout the convention but if you are stuck in line and need a quick charge then this is perfect. I use something very similar to THIS
      • Polaroid & Film – Let’s take a polaroid together! This is a perfect way for me to have physical photos because I always forget to print them off of my phone.
      • Selfie Stick – please don’t judge but this just makes it so much easier to take a photo in a large group.
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    • 3 years ago

    • What do you want to know about RTX/Austin?

      3 years ago


      I know there are tons of guides out there but I would love to share my experience with RTX to anyone who wants to listen.

      What do you want to hear about?

      Best places to eat downtown? Places you must visit in Austin? What is RTX like on the main floor? Just leave a comment with your question and I'll get to writing out a journal going over all the answers. :)

    • sorry i've been m.i.a :(

      3 years ago


      life has been crazy the past couple weeks.

      seems like bunch of bad news with lots of work. here's to hoping in May I can relax a little and be on here more... :/

    • faithfully

      3 years ago


      I know I'll probably get a lot of flack for this but this is one of my favorite covers. even if you hate glee, just give it a chance!

      Glee Cast - Faithfully

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      Hey, could you take a look at a few designs? Thanks!

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      You should get on here more. :)


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      Happy late birthday!

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      WOOT!! NA NA NA!!

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      Your boyfriend told me your a huge MCR fan, he noticed I was too.
      Lets make some noise Killjoy!!

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      Well, I'm not on now because I am waiting for you to come over!

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      You're never on here!

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      Hey! I love you!

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