I've seen everyone going on about battle born and overwatch. One thing I notice nearly every time is that people are often picking one that is the one to play, or one that is better. It's usually that one is just derivative or in some way just another game but different. The argument can be made of a lot of games, but I don't know why that would make a game suck, or be worse than another.

I think in my thoughts I think of games as new ways to experience the world through your computer or console. I will play a ton of minecraft before one of the other block games. I think to me it's a matter of comfort and the interesting things you can do with mods. I've seen many folks have great fun in the survival games I don't enjoy, and don't feel I would enjoy them myself, but I wouldn't spend my time telling everyone it's the worst, or it's not worth looking at.

if video games are art, doesn't that mean they can't be objectively bad or good? I'll grant, some games have more love and craft put into them, but sometimes the things one eye finds filthy is beautiful to others.

I don't know if there is an answer to the question, if someone has one I can latch onto I'd be pleased.

Play Safe, Have Fun,