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    • 4 years ago


      I feel I need to write this. Maybe RT isn't the place, but i need to put this somewhere. Earlier this week, on saturday to be exact, My good friend Chris was in an accident. Unfortunately, he didn't make it. He was 21 years old. I don't know what I can say, and I don't know if I have the words to honour him the way he deserves. All I can say is that he will be missed. Here's to you Chris; friend, gamer, and all around fun guy. I may not have the words now, but someday I will find them. Someday, I will write something for you, or about you. I know if you were alive you would laugh at me and call me a name; you would probably beg me not to. I don't care though. We all have to remember you in our own way, and you know this is mine. May your name and memory live on forever.

    • Comment poetry?

      5 years ago


      I had some fun in the comments sections of certain videos. It started when I watched that "my horse and me" video, and I thought of one for Ragequit's impossible game video, then decided to round it out in the let's play III of AC:R. I brought them all here because I liked how they turned out. One for the bronies and pegasisters I guess. Enjoy.

      Zecora says:
      I do not know what you see
      but that pony is clearly not me.
      Does your brain weigh less than a libra
      or do you actually believe that is a zebra?
      Zecora says:
      The impossible game has come back
      bearing an all new map pack.
      Many laughs for you and I
      as we watch Michael try not to die.
      Zecora says:
      The mighty slap of JackP.
      The noxious potions of Gavinofree.
      You fill our hearts with what we need
      Laughter, sunshine, and Assassin's creed.

    • The Written Word

      5 years ago


      Over the last week or so, I got an idea for a story stuck in my brain. The only way to get one of those out is to write it. In the last few days, I've written 10 pages of fleshed out characters, relationships, and backstories as the groundwork for something much bigger. I'm having some trouble shoring up the names of my characters, but that's an easy fix. I've never really written anything this coherent before, but it feels amazing. While I know I should be working on my university coursework, I don't want to because it all feels so irrelevant. I must say there is no more liberating feeling that creating. It's so wonderful to develop and delve into a world of your creation. If you have never taken the time to write out your thoughts, I highly recommend you do. Maybe one day I can share what I'm writing with all of you, and you can see why I'm so excited about it.

    • Exam time

      5 years ago


      Why is it that Rooster Teeth becomes of such intense interest when exam season hits? I have a 2000 word paper due in under 24 hours and somehow I keep ending up back here. Perhaps I'm waiting for a message that won't come cause nobody is online, or checking for new videos cause i've watched the rest about 3 times each today, but in reality... well I'll just call it what it is. All i'm really doing is, to quote the great Yahtzee, faffing about.

    • Skyrim

      5 years ago


      So this happened to a friend of mine while i was watching him play Skyrim (living vicariously as usual). He was riding around aimlessly when he happened upon a couple of giants. He knew he was way under-levelled to kill them, and they could kill him in one hit, but he decided to fight them anyways so he hopped off his horse. After ten minutes of fire spells and kiting, he killed both giants, racking up a healthy profit of about 500 gold, which was a lot for his level. He victoriously returned to where he started the fight, only to find that his horse had picked a fight with a woolly mammoth. The mammoth killed his horse in a few hits...his 1000 dollar horse. Net profit: -500 gold, and he had to walk to the nearest town to buy another. I want to know what the horse was thinking when he went after that mammoth. Not really the best thing to try cribbing on.

    • My favourite videos

      5 years ago


      I added Fails volume 5 to my favourites recently, because I finally chose to share this with the RT community. I am the idiot in the red and white armour who sucks with a jetpack. I gotta say, not my finest moment. I actually remember that incident. At the time, I remember thinking "oh that ledge doesn't stick out that far". Don't believe me? You don't have to, I think it's true. I noticed this when Volume 5 came out, but never posted it. Not sure why.

    • A bit about me

      6 years ago


      Hey fellow rooster teethers (teethians, teetists?),

      I'll keep this short. I am an aspiring writer/animator/game designer (current career path). I found RvB years ago, and it was one of my biggest inspirations to do what i do. Because of this, I would say that Burnie Burns (and team) is/are one of my personal heroes (sorry Jack and Geoff, I love ach hunter too). I am a university student who is proudly Canadian. I like many things, most of them nerdy. My team and I are currently developing our first game for Xbox 360 arcade. I'll keep everyone posted on that and all of the million other projects that I'm working on. Any questions? I could answer them... maybe... only if it's not some trade secret. So yeah, I got a personal page under development, so when that is up there will be a link. Thanks for taking the time to read this... or skim it... or even glance at my profile.



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      Très bien ! J'adore ce profil pic : -)

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