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20 years old
from El Dorado, Kansas

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    My name is Ryan Harbour and I've been watching Rooster Teeth and Achievement Hunters for probably about 7 years now. They got me through a pretty bad part of my life in high school and without all of the wonderful personalities on and off camera I feel that I would be in a fairly dark place right now. I got a first membership when I was 19 in 2016 once I started going to college but I wish I could have gotten it and shown my support sooner. I am currently going to Butler Community College on a Mass Communication scholarship which includes producing and editing my own video packages and having my own radio show and plan on delving into animation. I'm going to school for it in hopes of one day getting to work for the wonderful company that is Rooster Teeth. I plan on making my own videos and making my own YouTube channel to better sharpen my skills once I save enough money for all the equipment needed.

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