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    • Thank you!!

      5 months ago


      I just wanted to give @chabone316 here on the RT site a HUGE thank you and shout-out! I was his match for the RT Community card exchange, and he sent me a lovely card with a bunch of RT, RWBY, and AH stickers! And RWBY buttons!! And a card with a pug on it!! Fittingly, I got home from Austin today and opened it up. It was a wonderful holiday surprise. :)

      Thanks again man!! Happy holidays!

      Hope the rest of you are having a good Christmas, too!!


    • Back on the site!

      1 year ago


      Hey everybody!

      Mostly posting this so anybody I was friends with before on the site can find me. I was pretty active on here in 2014/2015 under the username 2bitRae, but drifted away after college started in order to focus on my education. I've since found a good balance between work, school, and free time, so I made an account again and... here I am!

      If I used to talk to you, feel free to send me a message and we can get back in touch! If I haven't spoken to you before, still feel free to send me a message/friend me! I'm friendly, I swear. :D


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