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    • SldrexDeus

      5 years ago

      What's up!

    • Hayk

      5 years ago

      Welcome to, hope you enjoy your stay.

      You can post journals, videos (please respect all copy right laws) and even pictures on your profile. Aside from that you can join groups, contribute to the forums, and keep up-to-date with all Rooster Teeth productions.

      Speaking of which, you can catch new episodes of the popular web-series Red vs. Blue: Season 9 every Monday. Have not seen an episode of the new season? Or an episode of Red vs. Blue in your life? Well don't worry, you can always watch every episode ever right here on the site. Just fly your mouse arrow to the videos tab and click on "Red vs. Blue". While you are surfing the videos section, keep an eye out for other Rooster Teeth series like "Immersion" and "RT Shorts."

      If you find yourself saying: " Gees, I would kill to have me a collection of RvB on DVD and a Caboose T-shirt." Then good news for you. Visit the Rooster Teeth store now and buy yourself all the RvB DVDs and Caboose T-shirts you want.

      Don't forget to listen to the Rooster Teeth podcast, Hosted by Gus Sorola every Wednesday to be kept up-to-date with News and Events.

      If you find yourself wanting to help out Rooster Teeth, become a sponsor. Its fast and easy. Just follow the link Being a sponsor also gives you extra features which regular members cannot get access to.

      Also don't forget to visit for guides and easter egg videos on your favorite games. While you are there you might as well sign up or even create a tournament. I mean if you are in to that kind of stuff. Oh yeah Achievement hunter is also responsible for many web hits: Achievement Hunter Weekly Update (AHWU), Horse, Rage Quit, and of course Fails of the weak. So make sure to check those programs (and more)if you have not started already,

      *Important Note: Your account doubles as you account. As such all your information on both sites will be identical.

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