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    • so I had a weird dream...

      1 year ago


      I had a dream that Nintendo announced they are re-releasing a more competitive and updated version of the Pokémon card game, and along with it announcing an Easter egg that once found would grant the finder total and complete ownership of Pokemon (all Ready Player One style). Clues for the Easter egg span movies, games, toys, and shows spanning all decades of it's existence, as well as interviews with creators and designers of those content. GameStop was the big corporation trying to find the egg for corporate greed to make a huge profit, and Rooster Teeth was the group of rag tag heroes (along with the RT community) trying to "catch them all" for peace and good and for the spirit and preservation of Pokemon.

      What a weird and awesome dream...

    • 6 years ago


      So I've made it from Maine to Maryland so far... and it's been an awesome road trip, and it's not even half over, and I haven't even made it to RTX yet. on Tuesday night, Joe, Matt and I left Maine at 9:00PM. That's right, we left at night and drove 12 hours straight to Maryland. We stopped once to get gas, and twice for breaks.

      I drove the first 8 hours of the trip, and was pretty brutal, but exciting. I had never driven through NYC before, and we went right through the Bronx and Queens on 95. The roads were very empty at around 3 in the morning, which was nice; I can only imagine how awful the traffic is during rush hour in NYC.

      We Arrived in Maryland on the 4th at about 6:30 in the morning at Joe's aunt's house, and immediately proceeded to pass out on her couch until 11:00. Matt and I did most of the driving and stayed awake seeing the lights and sights on the road so we were out for a while, but Joe went out to Golden Corrals with his cousin. When we woke up Joe's aunt bought lunch for Matt and I; we weren't expecting much, we thought we would fend for ourselves but she was a lovely hostess.

      During the afternoon, we went to Baltimore City, and toured around for a few hours. Joe's cousin works at Mamas on the Half Shell, a sea food bar and grill located on the inner harbor of Baltimore. He hooked us up awesome for lunch, free beer and appraisers, and that was the first time I had oysters before. I know that I don't like seafood, but I am on the road trip of my life so I had to try it. I would describe oysters to someone who hasn't tried them before as a large salty loogie that you eat and is considered a delicacy. I didn't find them delicious at all.

      After that we continued to drive all around Baltimore, probably 3 or 4 times, just taking in the sites. It is a very old and beautiful city. The plan after that was to go to a party at one of Joe's friends places and boy did we party. It's not so much south for accents, but the people here are very different the up north in Maine. It's hard to describe, but everyone was nice and welcomed us. They were awesome, funny, crazy, and very good entertainers. For the 4th of July, they know how to throw a party. We even got a car wash when we pulled into the party because Tim, one of Joe's friends had a hose branching off of one of the hydrants.

      It's about 9:30 now, and we are packing up to leave Maryland now, but I almost don't want to leave. I could stay here and party and go to the city for the rest of the week, and THEN got to RTX.

    • From Maine to RTX.

      6 years ago


      This is my first post ever, I've been a member for 4ish months I think...? but I've been watching Red vs Blue since it first came out, and my friends still quote it to this day. I can recite much of the first 2 seasons.

      I am super excited because this summer I'm driving all the way from MAINE, to TEXAS to go to RTX. that's about a 36 hour drive. I'm going with millerj, other wise known as Joseph or Joe Miller. He's a huge Rooster Teeth fan like me, and he's actually meet the crew at PAX. I'm also going with my old college room mate Matt. I introduced him to red vs blue and rooster teeth about 6 months ago, and he's been hooked ever since. The three of us are driving and we're making it a road trip.

      We're first leaving on July 4th, from Maine at 9AM to Baltimore RI, which is about 10 yours. Joe has some family there so we're gonna party in Baltimore on the 4th. Then the next morning on the 5th we're gonig to leave around 9AM again, and drive straight to Austin, which is according to google about 26 hours. We are going non stop and are just going to switch drives and take shifts. we're also taking my car because it gets the best gas mileage and it's also the newest car (2007 Mazda 3).

      When we get to Austin, it will be around 10 or so in the morning on the 6th, so that day we will probably drive around and/or explore the city, maybe visit some of the restaurants and locations the guys talk about on the podcast. We are staying at the Austin Lone Star RV resort. It's 30 bucks a night per person, and we're staying 2 nights, 3 days. That's much cheaper then getting a hotel, but also no AC, so it will be hot as hell, especially in July.

      I'm so pumped for RTX, and I can't wait to go. I currently just "graduated" from college, (I still need 5 credits to get my deploma, minor details, I'm taking a couple summer classes to get them.) my major is Media Studies, with a focus in film production. I'm also trying to start a production company with some friends who also graduated with me and do shorts and also professional work sort of like Rooster Teeth. I'm also applying for production assistant jobs and camera man and/or editing jobs around the North East, New England area, but I would 100% totally drop everything to move to Austin to work for Rooster Teeth. (I somewhat feel like in writing this right now am writing a cover letter for the company)
      But anyways back to my trip.

      Each of us have budged out money for gas and food and swag, and found that it's cheaper to drive then fly. After TRX, we are leaving and going down through Louisiana, and over to Griffin Georgia, where Matt has relatives that we are staying at. We also have potential stops in Charlotte North Carolina, I have really close family friends there, but if we don't stay there, we are driving from Griffin back to Baltimore, then back to Maine. This entire trip is going to be about a week.

      Now that I'm graduated, and I will be going to the real world soon, I figure this is one of the last times I will ever be able to go on a road trip and do what I want before I settle down, and what better then to do it going to RTX, right? am I right?

      Hopefully, I will be taking pictures as I go and upload when I can. I will be posting more as I get more planned for this road trip, so yeah, things are going to be awesome!

    • 2018 years ago

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