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    • Best Day Ever!!!

      1 week ago

      onlydraven onlydraven

      So yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting Michael, Lindsay, Barbara, Arryn and Kara at Louisville Supercon.  Everyone was so friendly and so amazing.  Got everyone's autographs, some selfies and a professional photo op with Michael and Lindsay.

      It was almost a 5 hour drive each way and it was worth every second of it.  A real highlight was the Q&A panel with Michael and Lindsay that was hilarious.  It was just like one of the typical AH podcasts in person.

      I hope they and other RT folks are in the southeast in the future cause I'm happy to drive wherever I need to in order to repeat such an awesome experience.

      Still REALLY hoping to attend RTX in 2020.  Would totally be a dream come true.

      Song of the week:  A Grave Mistake by Ice Nine Kills

    • Mid-Year Update

      4 months ago

      onlydraven onlydraven

      So a lot has happened this year.

      I have hit my weight loss goal, losing almost a total of 240 lbs and being under 200 for the first time in over 20 years.

      Had to have a quick surgery back in March to have my gallbladder removed and an internal hernia repaired but I'm feeling fine now.

      I just found out that the cast of RWBY are going to be at a convention in Louisville, KY Nov. 30 - Dec 2nd!  My wife and I will be attending and I'm totally stoked I will get to meet them.  I'll be pre-ordering my photo op next week.  I'd really like to get to RTX eventually, but sadly health and money keep getting in the way.

      Other than that life is still running the same.  Same old, same old.

      Song of the week:  Jee Veerey by Bloodywood

    • More Gaming Activity

      11 months ago

      onlydraven onlydraven

      I now have two Youtube channels!

      The first one, which focuses on my Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery Vlog, cooking videos and personal content is

      The second, which will focus on gaming (video games, roleplaying, D&D content, board games) is  (Not enough subscribers to customize the URL yet)

      I am also streaming games on Twitch under the name onlydraven007

      Please feel free to check out my stuff!

      2018 is starting off pretty well.  I'm down 213 lbs and getting my content up and running.  My website is slowly picking up traffic ( and my channels are doing really well.

      I hope to have the first episode of my new D&D video storytelling series posted by the end of the month.  Lots going on and I'm excited to share it with you all!

      Song of the week:  Gone Away by Five Finger Death Punch

    • Half the man I used to be...

      1 year ago

      onlydraven onlydraven

      I've had a pretty awesome month so far.  In the same week I hit 5000 views on my YouTube channel and officially lost over 200 lbs in less than 12 months.

      It's been a pretty exciting year and I feel so much better now.  I've been playing Sky Factory quite a bit and I am about to start posting some tutorial videos.

      Overall I'm excited for Christmas.  Hope everyone has a great holiday!

      Song of the week:  Go To War by Nothing More

    • I has a Website!

      1 year ago

      onlydraven onlydraven

      Still working on my YouTube channel.  Finally hit over 100 subscribers!  

      I have my own website now too.  Let me know what you think.

      So I am almost 9 months into my weight loss adventure and almost 6 months post op from my weight loss surgery.  I am currently down 170 lbs since 12/19/16.  With 3 months to go I'm on par to lose 200 lbs in the first year!

      Next step:  I'm starting to work out and get into bodybuilding.  I'd love to be able to eventually do some cosplaying, maybe even at RTX.  Here's to hoping!

      Song of the week:  Black Honey by Thrice

    • Trying to Grow

      1 year ago

      onlydraven onlydraven

      So my Youtube channel is doing pretty well for its first month.  I've been working hard to put out regular content and to advertise it on all social media.

      My channel is

      My most popular series right now is a documentary vlog where I discuss and track my adventure having Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery, which I had on 03/29/17.

      So far since I started this whole process (pre-op diet, liquid diet, surgery and new post op diet) I am currently down 91 lbs since 12/19/16.  Only 9 more lbs till I've lost 100lbs!  I cannot begin to describe how much better I feel already, even though I still have a long way to go until I reach my goal weight.

      I am currently working on setting up my own website and a Patreon page.  I'll never be as big as RT, but I'd love to see how far I can take this thing.

      Thanks for reading!

      Song of the week:  Alone by I Prevail

    • Central Location for Sponsor Codes from Videos

      in Forums > Central Location for Sponsor Codes from Videos | Follow this topic

      onlydraven onlydraven

      Is there a thread or forum where we can go to find the codes provided on Podcasts and videos to get discounts from the companies who sponsored that video?

      There are many times I find I need a product that was mentioned in the past but cannot find the video where that company code was provided.  Example, right now I would like to start using Squarespace.  If I could get a discount while helping to support RT I would prefer to do so.

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    • New YouTube Channel & Weight Loss Journal #2

      1 year ago

      onlydraven onlydraven

      So I have finally started my own YouTube channel!  I've been wanting to for a long time and finally built up the nerve to give it a shot.  I was highly inspired by RoosterTeeth as well as Zach Anner and my friend Rachel who has two channels.  I would be honored if you would considered checking it out.

      The address is

      I have been on my diet for almost three months now.  Since 12/26/16 I have lost 66 lbs.  I have my weight loss surgery in 5 days.  I'm both nervous and excited.  I have created a video talking about it ans what led up to it.  I will be documenting the surgery and the effects after on my channel so please check those out too.

      I had to come off the diet pills (hunger suppressants) because they were giving me regular panic attacks and paranoia.  I've managed to stick with the diet though and it's been very successful so far.

      Sadly I don't have many friends on here, even though I've been a member almost 11 years.  I would love to change that and find a way to be more active.  I'd love some advice on the best way to do that.

      Thanks for reading this and feel free to reach out to me here or an any social media site (I'm always under the name onlydraven).  

    • Weight Loss Journal #1

      1 year ago

      onlydraven onlydraven

      So today I thought I'd start keeping a journal here of my weight loss.  If you read any of my old journals you'll see me talk about my struggles with my weight occasionally.  I've been a fatty for a long time.

      This time is different though because I'm getting some serious help.  I have just begun the process to have weight loss surgery.  I will be having a Duodenal switch with biliopancreatic diversion.  Basically, that means they will be removing 2/3 of my stomach permanently and then rewiring my small intestines so that I only use 3 of the 20 feet that exists.

      Let me begin by saying that I'm totally scared of the surgery.  There are always risks in surgery and this is no different.  From infections to death, things can always go wrong.  Sadly I'm at the point that I don't really have an option.  I'm almost 40 and I weigh over 400 pounds.  I am barely able to do day to day things and minimal exertion wears me out.  Add in the high blood pressure and risks of heart attack and stroke and you can tell I'm in bad shape.

      It will be an estimated three months before the surgery and until then I need to try to lose as much weight as possible.  The more I lose the safer the surgery will be.  The doctors put me on a strict 1600 calorie a day diet and prescribed hunger suppressants.   

      So this is week one of the diet.  The pills seem to be working and I'm already eating quite a bit less.  I'm going to track my progress on here even though no one really sees it but me.  I felt keeping a written log would be beneficial for me so I have a place to log my changes, fears and well as hopefully my victories.

      I hope to post each week and I really hope each will contain good news.  

      Thank you for listening.

      Song of the week:  Sound of Silence by Disturbed

    • Update & Lazer Team

      2 years ago

      onlydraven onlydraven

      Wow. I can't believe how long it's been since I posted a journal here. Damn that shit was nerdy.

      I'm married now. We were married on May 9th 2015. We have also purchased our first home, here in Oak Ridge, TN. I have a huge man-cave in the basement where I hope to start doing video's and starting my own Youtube channel very soon. I primarily play World of Warcraft and Minecraft, but I'll try just about anything.

      Tonight my friends and I saw the premier of Lazer Team here in Knoxville, TN. It was fucking amazing. We had a blast. As soon as I can get my hands on the DvD I will we will be gettingt back together for another group showing. My donation towards this flick was one of the best investments I've ever made.

      Still working for the same company, working 3rd shift. Good money, not so good experience but it pays the bills.

      I realize I need more friends on this site! I joined the RT Knoxville Facebook page today, so I am hoping to meet more local fans.

      That's about it. Hope everyone is doing well.

      Song of the week: Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats - S.O.B.

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      You have good, if somewhat eclectic, tastes.

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