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    First off, this was a shared account between me Nightlord02 and my younger brother Redknight910 who has now made his own account, so please don't be surprised if you see two different comments on the same thing by this account on some older stuff. 

    I only really started to watch RT's stuff at the start of 2015, and it all began when I asked my younger bro to distract me from an assignment and he showed me RWBY in late 2014. I never thought that I would ever say this about comedy, but I love how funny you guys are, because you are actually witty a lot of the time rather than relying on clichés, and when the slap stick comes out, it is oh so well used. Nerd humor for the win!

    Okay, about me... umm.. as of writing this I'm a final year Medical student in Victoria Australia, and will be a doctor in 2016. I think of myself as a gamer, but only really have a narrow scope of what I've played (some of the better Zelda Games, the non-MMO final fantasy from X onwards, plus VII and it sequals, Minecraft, the Elders Scrolls series from Oblivion through to ESO, which ESO is where I waste most of free time atm). I'm a computer person all the way, consoles are for kidies, and if you can't play it on a PC it clearly ain't worth playing. But I will stoop to using a PlayStation at my brothers... and keep your damn Xbox's away from me.

    Anyway, thought that after a year of watching vids and laughing until I cry, it was time to properly support the RT crew. Love your work guys. And whatever you do, NEVER CONFORM! Keep it all as politically incorrect, yet so true, like you guys always have!

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