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      5 years ago


      As all true americans, and those loyal to Rooster Teeth's "Red vs. Blue" should have, this is one of my many zombie plans that i have come up with. please feel free to share your own if anyone ever reads this.

      As the news hits that there is a zombie apocalypse, I will grab my trusty survival kit, pre-packed in case the outbreak occurs at any moment, filled with all my necessities: a machete, some preserved or dehydrated food, a cantine, water purifier, a few changes in clothing, a decent rifle or shotgun, and a trusty revolver. after i have gathered anything else I can find use in, I would then procede to maximizing my vehicle's durability, adding barbed or razor wire and other fun things to it. and of course, the next goal is to loot, what fun! hopefully i could find some hunting equipment and a nice fishing set up, i would then gather survivors on my way up to the middle of canada, a frozen wasteland with great hunting and fishing.

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