Quick journal before the podcast starts - this is my first entry for Buff Buddies! I meant to write this yesterday but of course I forgot, so I'll document for today and Sunday!

First, some back story: I've been wanting to be fit since the beginning of high school but never took the time to try. I went to the gym 3 times a week and ate well for a month, saw results but just stopped for some reason. I'm aiming for 24 weeks of fitness to see how much my body can change. One of my best friends from high school recently finished her first bikini competition and she looked incredible. It took her 24 weeks with no cheating on her diet and hours of exercise everyday. Now, she was fairly fit to begin with so it wasn't a major overweight-to-superwoman transformation and I don't expect those results after I finish my 24 weeks. I want my high school abs back and to be able to run at least 5 miles without an issue!

I'd put myself in the same boat as Meg and Josh with my fitness goals, but I'll gladly attempt to meet Zach at his D'Angelo goal.

Sunday 11/8

- Ran 2 miles

- 3 sets on leg press, 3 on adduction and abduction

- 3 sets on shoulder press, and 3 sets on 2 other machines I don't know the name of. They were arms, that's all that matters.

- Finshed with a 5 minute run/sprint

Monday 11/9

-Same thing as above, just did a bit more on arms. I'll be more detailed by the end of the week.

DIET WISE: Ugh. I hate dieting. But again, same as all 3 of my fellow buff buddies, I'm just aiming for portion control, cutting junk food/soda and eating more than once or twice a day. I work in a place that sells chocolates and cheesecakes so wish me luck.

I'll update on Saturday with how I've eaten, exercised and with what research I've done to make my goal.

Other buff buddies: Good luck. Let's fucking do this.