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    • First Page Comments? Blech!

      10 years ago


      Take a taste of the mods on comments from an announcement on July 19, and notice all of the +0's. I wanted to point that out and have you share in my amusement over the "beatdowns" from the people who made such pointless comments.

      And those were all first page...

      The main thing I noticed was a freakish grab at trying to be on the first page without really providing substance to the tone of the comments, and I would like to show obligatory congratulations to all of you who didn't let such pointless statements as "Joker Ha" receive any positive points.

      With the new "Mod Breakdown:" feature, I believe that my purpose in this site has now been laid bare. I frankly enjoy going through the comments and applying "-1 lame", "-1 noob", or (my favorite) "-1 flamebait." However, I think that someone who genuinely determines creates a comment of value should be placed first, and that we should rank comments by how positively they are received, for their wit or clarity and not by first, second, third.

    • 2019 years ago

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