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    • stardate 95855.58

      6 months ago


      i now have 10 wholeass friends and i love u all with my whole heart. 

      i am not good at writing journal entries because i'm a mess at all times. i miss austin so much and i can't wait to be back there in just about 2 weeks. i still kind of can't believe it because i spent so much time thinking i wouldn't be back until rtx. it's just what i need right now though since my birthday is coming up and it's giving me anxiety after seeing so many people i know have really fantastic birthdays and i'm dreading turning 30. i'm worried that everyone i know will forget, or not know, or care, and part of me isn't sure if that's entirely a bad thing. thinking about vacation instead has been a very lovely distraction from my anxiety.

      anyway that's all i have for right now because i'm boring, so goodbye dear friends

    • stardate 95702.3

      6 months ago


      hello to my 4 6 8 9 10 friends i love u all my lil angels

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