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    • Cards Aginat Humanity

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      Anyone wanna play some CAH with me? I'm gonna be choosing the RT, Game Grumps and Dr. Who decks if anyone is interested.


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    • An AH/Mincraft Story: Prologue

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      I got the idea to start writing a Minecraft sotry after reading a post on Tumblr so I thought I’d give it a shot. I am open to all criticism (which i think might be mostly bad) and will write more if you amazing people wish it.


      THE battle for the City of Archer’s Vent had been raging for the past three days and the tired and beleagured general of King Burns’s firecest army was drowning his sorrows in the local tavern, The Rooster’s Tooth.

      General Geoff Ramsey, clad in green armor, made from a very unique and very rare metal found in Archers Vent, that covered his ceremonial war tattoos, was sat alone. He sipped slowly at his pint of ale, the foam getting caught in his scraggly, unkempt beard, thinking to himself of the days losses.

      How? he thought to himself, How could we have lost so many men today? When will this madness end?

      The kingdom had come under seige from a Usurper from a foreign land that went by the name of Joel, who flew banners of gold. The army he had managed to amass was unheard of in these lands but King Burns knew that Geoff would be able to save the Second City. Geoff’s faith, however, was starting to falter.

      “Is this seat taken?” a big booming voice said above Geoff.

      It shook him from his thoughts and as he looked up he saw a peculiar looking man in front of him. The man was not much taller than Geoff hiimself and, although with a slightly thicker gut than the general, was clad in a sleek red and white chestplate, green legplates with black boots and he carried a curious blue helmet with a jet black faceplate. But that was not the most striking thing about this man. The thing that Geoff was transfixed on was the mans long, flame-red, beard that covered his face.

      “Erm.. Hello? Anyone in there?” the stranger said.

      “Yeah, sorry. I was just thinking to myself.” Geoff replied.

      “Am I ok to sit here? You look like you have seen death itself and only just escaped.”

      “In a way I have. The reaper was very active today. So many lives cut short. Such a waste.”

      “I take it you are fighiting in the war then?” the stranger uttered between drinks of his ale.

      “Unfortunately.” replied the haggered general.

      “I just got drafted from my village in Taxstin to come fight in honor of the King.”

      “I was already in service to him when this all started.” Geoff held a hand out to the srtranger as he took a big gulp of what was left of his ale. “General Ramsey. But you can call me Geoff. May I ask your name stranger?”

      The stranger stared back in amazement he had obviously heard the name and the stories that went with it but he never thought he would actually meet the man himself.

      “It is an honor to meet you sir. I have heard stories of your bravery in battle. It will be an honor to serve under your command. And my name is Jack. Jack Patillo.”

      End of Prologue

      I hope you guys and girls like this. Please let me know what you all think and please be honest. I will hopefully get the first little “Chapter” up during the next week.

      Much love,


      Link to my Tumblr:

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    • RP Superheroes: The Emmergance

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      Basically it's a RP for people just finding some powers in the world and choices on whether to use them for good or evil. Nothing too over powered though please. I'd also like about 3-5 people before we start properly. So yeah here it goes i guess...

      Name: Kieran Redhead
      Age: 20
      Nationality: English
      Living: Los Angeles, California
      Height: 5'9"
      Build: Skinny
      Occupation: Arrogant young heir
      Power: Pyrokenesis (fire manipulation)
      Background: I grew up in England until I was 17 and my parents moved their shipping empire's HQ to the sunny beaches of LA. I tend to wear high quality suits and am a brash young, arrogant and snobby human being who will step over anyone for power.

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    • Rooster Teeth and Me

      5 years ago


      In honesty I started watching Jack and Geoff goofing around on AH about 2 years ago now and from then have never looked back. Red vs. Blue is the only show I ever watch now and the podcast is just the funniest thing to listen to while I'm walking to work or doing tasks around the house.

      But this has sparked something bigger in me. Watching and listening to all of their stellar content has made me realize that I should be doing something I love and making the most out of life, well that and a major kick up the ass by my girlfriend. These wonderful people, Jack included, have inspired me to go out and make something of my life by doing what I love and not sitting at home doing nothing/doing a menial job for menial means. So I am on the verge of taking up a Broadcast Journalism course at college to hopefully one day be a Radio DJ or maybe get into TV. So all in all I just want to say one thing to Burnie and the guys...

      Thank you for being my inspiration and for making me realize that doing something you love can make you feel great about yourself.

      Thank you,

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