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    • My "What the Switch Really Is" Prediction

      10 months ago

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      The Nintendo Switch is a step into the now established Iterative Hardware market, like smartphones and now the Xbox Scorpio and PS4 Pro. Whenever Nintendo has a "new" piece of hardware it will just be a Switch Tablet that already works with your docking station and Joy-Cons (please note saying "Joy-Con controller" is and tautology). The Docking station is already a solely salable item at $90. And as long as the connectors are the same, the Joy-Cons can be remade with new button layouts or stay the same. Or maybe new controllers come out with each new tablet iteration. This solves having to create a new OS and decoding software every console cycle and theoretically once you buy a game you own it and can play it forever-solving Nintendo's digital store issues and forcing people to buy a game they've bought half a dozen times already.

      Secondly, the Nintendo Switch is a New start for Nintendo, combining the last 30+ years of gaming into one device (that now only needs to be upgraded with an interative tablet) as a new first pillar in their once advertised 3 pillar business. The other two Pillars are yet to be shown. Possible a VR component and something else entirely-like the NES Classic/Mini.

      As long as the Digital side of the Switch isn't a huge fart like it has been for the WiiU and 3Ds, i don't see why my predictions couldn't hold true.

    • Ghost in the Shell fiasco...

      1 year ago

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      In a world where Hollywood can only make bank on white actors and actresses, even for roles that some say should go to actors/actresses of a different ethnicity, couldn't it be possible that if you had the ability to put your fleshy brain into a sophisticated fully realized android body, that you would pick a white one?
      Don't get me wrong here. I'm not trying to say that "white washing" is okay; or that there are no actors and actresses of different skin pigmentation and cultural heritage who lack the ability to play any role that any Hollywood writer can think up; or in anyway trying to reconcile or make concessions for any of the casting in the upcoming Ghost in the Shell movie (or films of the past who have done the aforementioned "white washing").
      I'm simply saying that if you were a high tech, cyber cop android-living and working in the cyber punk dystopian future of our own world-you would eventually have to go in to places of business and question individuals in the real world (when you weren't digitally sleuthing for answers). What skin tone do you think would get you farther in the door? Not a fuzzy warm answer to follow that question. However I'm told and people claim witness to this reality in which we live.

      Which is much the reality we buy into when we watch shows like Ghost in the Shell. It's not high fantasy or far flung Sci-fi; It's near future sci-fi based in the futurist science of today. Only days, to a week, before the flurry of internet backlash did articles float around the web of a near realistic robot fashioned ironically enough, by an Asian individual, to look like Scarlett Johansson. Now, responses of this ranged all over the reaction spectrum, but I don't recall as much fervor towards this robots creation as being the white washing of robot kind.

      All in all, this will most likely end up with all the other anime adapted films before it. Whether it was ScarJo or an actual Asian decent actress, only fans of anime will attempt to see the GitS live action Hollywood picture, because any mass market has already seen a similar themed film (Blade Runner); Anime fans have already seen all there is of GitS; if said fans go to this it will just be to criticize-regardless of the main lead- and finally Hollywood doesn't know how to market anime inspired properties and the common viewer will get overloaded by all the internet buzz and stay away.

      *Post note*-I would have seen this movie regardless of the female lead choice. If only because cinema has reached a point where we can have crazy anime action in "live action" media. I would never, however, would have expected this film to do well commercially only because the source material is of near Kojima proportions when it comes to dialogue, plot and setting.

    • Is Pluto the traveler from Destiny....

      2 years ago

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      So NASA'a been taking many of pictures of Pluto lately thanks to the New Horizon's probe...whatever...that made it there earlier this year...And ya know, those recent geology photos sure do make Pluto look a lot like the traveler from Destiny.


      The Traveller:

      Hmmmmm...Pluto is no longer considered a native resident of our Solar system. And many scientists do believe that it is a rogue planet that got caught in our Sun's gravity a long time ago; thanks to its non-planar orbit among other things I'm sure. And these are some of the best and first images of Pluto, since it is largely unstudied.

      Well Guardians, Suit Up! The Traveler is here.

      (read more here: )

    • Short story in progress

      2 years ago

      kmast3rfl3x FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      In. Out. In. Out.

      The only motivation left to me is my impromptu mantra.

      Breath in. Breath out...

      Each breath is harder and more painful than the last. I can tell my injuries from my ass kicking had caused one of my lungs to collapse. I had to move quickly.


      SLAM! I fall to my knees and hit the wall. Hard.

      Come on! Get UP! BREATH!

      Where this determination was coming from I didn't know. I was never a real fighter. If life landed a punch on me I would just take it and accept it. Never throwing punches back at life. Perhaps my brain was shutting down to its most primitive urges to survive.

      Breath in, out. Get up, keep moving...

      It seemed luck had been on my side. This hospital had been close by. It's virtually untouched. Which was weird. Even weirder was my attackers weren't pursuing me. I didn't have time to think about that. It's not the immediate need. I need to find the Operating Room. I had lost my supplies in the chaos and so I needed to find what I needed in that room. The past year's experiences and need for basic survival had prepared me for what I was going to have to do to fix me. Struggling now, I made it to the part of the hallway with the operating room. No door knobs means no problems.


      No Lights because no power. It didn't matter. ORs were all set up the same. Fumbling along the supply cabinets I reach the appropriate drawers...

      It's getting darker...fuzzier...quieter...Man, my eyes are heavy....I have to.......

      SLAP! My hand as if it had a mind of its own smacked across my face. Gaining me a few more quick moments of effective consciousness. Not time to think, just do! I reach into the drawer and pull out the long needle. It's wrapped in a sterile paper and plastic packaging. In one fluid motion I tear off the wrapping and pull up my shirt.
      I hate needles.

      Tears filling my eyes as each breathe become farther and farther apart. I feel my ribs searching for the right space between the right set of ribs. Placing the sharp needle tip on my skin...

      "shit...'I mutter with my last bit of precious air.

      PHWOOP! I thrust the needle into my sternum.


      I cough and inhale. The world returning into focus and regaining back the color of life.

      "Shit,' My intense and immediate pain is only subdued with the mere prevalent joy of breathing again. Staring up at the ceiling, reveling in the fact that I didn't asphyxiate, I chuckle, "It's the simple things.'

      Then I am forced to remember what got me here. "How did everything get all fucked up?' I said exacerbated by the moment, "What am I gonna do?'

      Looking around, I knew I had to finish fixing myself first. I work around the room gathering up the things I need to patch up, doing so as I move. Throwing other surplus items into a makeshift dufflebag to take with me. With the passing of time comes the realization of thought.

      It's quiet. And this hospital is practically frozen in time. Why hasn't it been raided and looted? Why didn't my attackers chase after me? Why is it so quiet?

      As if the great joking hand of fate knew I was done stitching up and ready to go, I had my answer to the freshly formed thoughts in my head. From outside the operating room, down on the other end of the hospital building. I hear it. The reason why everything in this hospital is still in this hospital. The reason why those assholes who beat me half to death didn't chase after to finish the job. The reason why it was quiet, but why now it was going to be crazy.

      "Oh, fuck me" Suddenly 'no door knobs, no problem' was in fact a very big problem.

    • A random Marvel Cinematic Universe tangent

      2 years ago

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      I'm probably going to say this again after May 1st but what the hell...Tony Stark is the most dangerous indirect villain in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Considering that in all of the Iron Man movies, he is in some fashion responsible for his "villains" and they are without a doubt some version of Iron Man-robot/mech suit scorned by stark. Plus it's his arc reactor tech that allows the Chitauri/Loki to open the portal and invade New York. 10 to 1 Thanos only gets the infinity gauntlet because Stark ends up giving Thor an arc reactor to power a force-field to protect said power glove. Only to be somehow convoluted-ly related to the manner in which a Thanos thug swipes the gauntlet after the final battle of Infinity War part 1...Granted its possible Thor and Stark won't be in those Avengers movies because of real world movie contracts. But the MCU likes to set stuff up in advance. It stands to reason that Starlord will be the one to retake the Gauntlet from Thanos because he's the fast talker type who could play to Thanos's ego and hubris to get big T to remove the gauntlet and fight Starlord like a man. Thus causing a death scare on Starlord but only after Ant-Man sneaks past, all shrinky dinks-like, and steals the gauntlet giving it to either Gamora or Drax. One of whom then take out Thanos with it. I cant say what roles the other to be announced members of "Avengers the New Class" will play but I'm sure Dr Fate...sorry Dr Strange will be all mystical and whimsy. Spider-man will most likely be Starlord's fast-talker counterpart. Possibly some pop-culture humor there because Starlord is all 80'2 and Spider-man is present day. Black Panther will be the money-maybe after Stark's death he'll own that business. Oh I didn't mention that. I'd like to think that Stark will die in Civil War, which will stop the fictional US government from registering super heroes, because it paints giant targets on high-profile US citizens.I don't even want to comment on Captain Marvel...Only because if they go with the female one it'll be interesting to see how they avoid some of the more controversial plot points of her I don't know jack about that Hero line...And now we play the waiting game.

    • Looking for players

      in Forums > Looking for players | Follow this topic

      kmast3rfl3x FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      I am in a situation where my work schedule does not necessarily match up with my real life friends and so I am usually left out in the dust. I am lookinf for a minimum of 5 people (max of 11) to play select multiplayer game types and complete my achievements for Titanfall. I will assist in any achievements you need as well (if you go for that thing. I am available to play most of the time @ 10AM-2PM or 1AM-4AM Central America time (-06:00 GMT i think). Gamertag is KunkMast3rFL3x. If we work out well in titanfall other games would be up for consideration as well. I would also be available for Destiny when that comes out as well FYI.
      I await responses, party invites or friend request.

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    • My thoughts on Lightning's Return:Final Fantasy far

      3 years ago

      kmast3rfl3x FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      - Those who have played Majora's Mask will probably be able to progress through this game more naturally than those who didn't. Lucky me that I am one of the latter.

      -FF13 was a little tuff with the no gil and giants of monsters and what not. XIII-2 was slightly easier and actually more enjoyable and felt more like Final Fantasy. LR:FF13...feels like it came straight outta Square's left field and I have no idea how to tackle it. Or where it even falls in to the universe's time line... especially given the fact that I time traveled all through this universe in XIII-2.

      -When my enemies were becoming unsettling more difficult, resulting in 20minute battles in the "first" area. I checked my guide... instead of being an area-based linear story, the new time element makes it literally a linear-linear story. I've progressed certain elements a bit too far in the initial area. More than I should've. Expunging valuable gil and recover items, and most valuable of all in game time, which I think is about 6-8 game hours to 30-60 minutes real time.

      I have come to the realization that I will probably have to restart the game after only 4-6 hours of play. I will, in good form, continue to salvage what ever hell I've created for myself until the bitter end.

    • Today seems like a "write a Rooster Teeth journal" day

      4 years ago

      kmast3rfl3x FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      Updated my profile photo so i don't look like a least no more than usual. my overall day will consist of doing some base work on some Warhammer 40K figures as well as my continued efforts to understand this game that seems to have just been some kind of bowel eruption from some British bloke who new he could make money off of highly detailed, yet cheaply produced 2 inch figurines.....and its working. But seriously every time i play this game there's a slight change in the rules and trying to read this textbook rulebook is ridiculous.

      *sigh* I remember when i used to just play video was simple then.

    • 4 years ago

      kmast3rfl3x FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold
    • RVB X! YAY!

      5 years ago

      kmast3rfl3x FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      Got my RVB X Blu rays and popped them right into my Blu ray player. so much awesome worth every dollar. Never seen seasons 1-5 in HD before and its cool. Too bad it can't say HHDDBVDBVDVD on the box. more repeating of letters creates better marketing.

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