Learn from me oh children. For my tale is one of pain and reshuffling. 

A few months ago I updated my CPU (Processor) and PSU (Power Supply) to prepare for the day our savior RX580T would arrive. Finally, after much anticipation, our savior dropped in price on a flash sale by the god of NewEgg and our savior came to me. Lo, this is where my torment began...

Unfortunately, the benevolent savior wouldn't accept any unfaithful souls like the outdated mobo (motherboard) that sat in the temple. The savior was also long and thick, giggity, and maxed the temples mid-level space and demanded a new throne. I, a humble servant of the savior, complied and procured through more underhanded sales from the black markets of NewEgg and obtained a fantastic new mobo and one of the largest temples to house the new lord and protector. It came to me and my faith swelled with anticipation, only to realize the smallest of deceits and treachery...

AM4 vs AM3+. Remember these symbolic runes well children, for they can be the difference between true happiness and endless torment. I, humble servant though I was, did not see the difference until it was too late. The new X370 mobo graced my temple for but a short time before it revealed itself to only house AM4 CPU's, and not our residing AM3+ CPU that had been powering our temple through thick and thin for months. In addition, the new CPU that must be summoned requires DDR4 RAM (Memory) and will cast out the weak souls of my temples DDR3 clan. This means I will have to dive deep and obtain not only a new CPU, but all new RAM as well for the sanctum. With this realization, I once again turned to the underground markets of NewEgg for a solution, but the gods were not keen to extend their kindness a third time. It seemed I had broken my line of faith with their most holy institution.

Finally, I found my prizes. A shiny new Ryzen 7 1700 8-core monster of a CPU and it's accompanying 16GB of RAM to bless the holy bus halls of the new temple. Unfortunately, the markets were not kind, and the budget clan grew small and frail after fighting so many previous battles in such a short time. Then, as if the estranged god of mercy who has long been banished from the halls and temples of PC builds, heard my cry of lament. He bestowed upon us the grace of credit from the market keepers, and the masses were once again filled with hope that we could be saved from these dark times. With this power I ventured once more into the maw and managed to procure the final sacred relics that were needed to bless the temple with power and memory everlasting... but at what cost?

Cautionary tale kids. Remember to check your system specs before you drop some sweet sweet money on a  GPU, because you may just end up building a new computer by accident. Welp, time to go eat ramen until my next paycheck. <3

- K