Hi everyone, my name is Myles and I'm new to the community. This is my first journal, so bear with me.

Zo The Dude is a character I created in my 3rd year of high school and Jax Denic is my YouTube handle. I'm a fan of Achievement Hunter, The Know, and Rooster Teeth. But I'm not too into Funhaus, Cow Chop, Sugar Pine 7, ScrewAttack, or Game Attack (I'd like a good introduction video for them). 

About me: I graduated high school in 2013 and I'm a reservist for the military. I watched RWBY season one on Netflix in 2015, loved it, wondered how one can be propelled by shooting the ground, and that is my intro to Rooster Teeth. I knew about being a first member, but didn't act on it until last year. I started a podcast on YouTube called "Subliminates Podcast" and it's mainly rants and movie talk. I love movies and music. If someone asks me to watch/review a movie, then I'll give an honest review that has helped people who are on the fence to see a new movie or not. 

ALTHOUGH, Dragon Ball: Evolution is the worst movie and if anyone can tell me a movie worse than that, then you are welcome to top it.

For me to shorten this, I'm basically a 22 year old video game playing, Rooster Teeth loving, YouTubing, Movie criticising dude who is slowly becoming part of the community. Thanks for bearing through this.