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    • The Office on 'Counter Strike'

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      Some guy spend 55 hours studying 'The office' episodes and did a CT map based on it.

      Check out the video

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    • Zombie game without Dead or Zombie

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      On this week's drunk tank (Old school, bitch!) the guys realized that there was no zombie game that didn't had "DEAD" or "ZOMBIE" on it's title. And dared the fans to find a game that doesn't have "DEAD" or "ZOMBIE" on it's title. Do you guys no any?

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    • So, one of those chatbot things got me

      5 years ago


      Well, i didn't got me. I didn't gave away my Credit Card or anything, but i had tons of fun with it.

      It showed up on my MSN. I dint accepted the contact or anything. It was just there.

      Inspired by this person i decided to have some fun with it.

      It was too long to take a Screen Shot, so i just copied the chat history;

      Cheerleader says: (8:45:00 PM)

      hay ya here!?!

      iParga says: (8:45:23 PM)

      hello i’m dog

      Cheerleader says: (8:45:33 PM)

      Hi there, hope ya dont mind chat’n with a spiteful horny girl, So how are ya?

      iParga says: (8:45:47 PM)

      I just lost my leg in a train accident

      Cheerleader says: (8:45:56 PM)

      cc is just to verify age..you’ll get in for free through my page!

      iParga says: (8:46:40 PM)

      Since when you use Coconut Cheetos to verify age?

      Cheerleader says: (8:46:52 PM)

      i’m 24

      iParga says: (8:47:59 PM)

      I didn’t askd

      Cheerleader says: (8:48:12 PM)

      Yea i know it’s random, but my asshole EX cheated on ME so I’m on a MANhunt haha… i found ur username on a msn male directory, I’m gabby, u are? ;-)

      iParga says: (8:48:53 PM)

      My name is Bill Gates

      Cheerleader says: (8:49:05 PM)


      iParga says: (8:49:22 PM)

      B-I-L-L G-A-T-E-S

      iParga says: (8:49:25 PM)

      not jenn

      iParga says: (8:49:28 PM)


      iParga says: (8:49:32 PM)

      not even close

      Cheerleader says: (8:49:34 PM)

      i c.. Where do you live? i am bored in my apartment…and this usually leads to bad things =D esp since im single and sexually deprived :-(

      iParga says: (8:50:03 PM)

      I live in nigeria. I’m from the royal family, btw.

      Cheerleader says: (8:50:14 PM)


      iParga says: (8:50:27 PM)

      We don’t seem be on the same conversation here.

      Cheerleader says: (8:50:40 PM)

      r you on any dating sites? u seem fun… I just took sum naughty pics and put them on my ComeHookup page.. want to see??? hehe

      iParga says: (8:51:12 PM)

      Mommy says i’m not suppose to.

      Cheerleader says: (8:51:21 PM)

      K, here, let me know what u think ! U might have to make an account if you dont have 1 already. It takes literally 1 minute and its completely free.

      iParga says: (8:52:31 PM)

      How come your email is miss alex, you call your self Gabby?

      Cheerleader says: (8:52:44 PM)

      Give me ur username when u signup so i can send you a friend request, and if you like my pics maybe we can get to know each other more … k? ;)

      iParga says: (8:53:05 PM)

      My user name is BGnigeriafyeah

      iParga says: (8:53:13 PM)

      add me

      Cheerleader says: (8:53:15 PM)


      iParga says: (8:53:30 PM)

      Whats up with that jenny?

      Cheerleader says: (8:53:42 PM)

      I’m uploading sum more naughty pics I just took, would like to get your opinion..k?

      iParga says: (8:53:53 PM)

      Ok. Hang on.

      Cheerleader says: (8:54:05 PM)

      did u make ur account??

      iParga says: (8:54:36 PM)

      yeah, totally. Why wouldn’t i? Sounds 100% legit!

      Cheerleader says: (8:54:45 PM)


      iParga says: (8:54:57 PM)

      So; you like baseball?

      —-miss_alex91@hotmail.fr has disconnected—-

    • Tumblr

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      Do you use that social network? Do you like it? What are your favorite blogs?

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    • The day i saved an entire restaurant.

      5 years ago


      Every year i watch many many comic con videos and always dreamed of going. So this last year, i finally went to San Diego for the CC. I was going to spend 2 weeks there and i had a plan to eat on every fast food chain in town. After spending my final day at the convention, we went out some dudes house. So it was late. About 0200 hours. It was my final day and i had one joint left to go. I showed the locals wich one was it on a map, they did a weird face, buut we went to the place anyway. You thing San Diego is all funny and happy right? Wrong. It has it's 'shitty part of town' cut. We parked their car on the parking lot and got out. As i got out of it i saw a gangsta sign on the wall. I called my friends for a group shot with the wall painting and the place. I said: "Ok, now do a gang hand thing!" And they were like "nah, no, thanks...". And doing that 'lets go!' thing with the head. I looked back. 2 or 3 parking spaces next to us, one of those expensive Lincoln SUVs had parked and a ''Hood guy stereotype" came out of it. Tattoed like hell, crazy hair and a scar that when from his nose to the chin.

      He was stang next to the car, staring at us.


      I rapidly picked up the camera and went in to the place. Got to the counter and started looking at the menu. 'Hum... Number six looks tasty.....' 'Hal'bout number three, it's cheaper.... But the coke is...' and my thoughts are interrupted by the door.

      Klingling (that bell over the door, get it?)

      The parking lot scary dude had just walked in. Every single soul in that place stopped and starred at him. He came up to the balcony AND STOPPED RIGHT FUCKING NEXT TO ME and asked: "So, how's the flow of people today?" (i'm parafrasing, of couse. He said something like: "Yo How many niggas walked in dis modafuka 2night)
      The fatty slut behind the counter, almos pissing her pants, said "not much, not much..."

      I have no idea at all why, but, i turned, lifted my hand onto shaking position and said.

      "Hi. I'm Xaxa. What's up?"

      Everybody freaked out. Silently. He turned, on an almost robotic head movement, with a suspicious look on his face, and looked right at mine. And the he looked at my hand, at me, my hand, me, and getted out a little smile, the maximum that his scar letted him, shook my hand and say;

      "Tyrone (or some hood name like that). 'Sup nigga?"

      And walked out. The people behind the counter almost passed out. A 'lot of people talking at the same time' noise started at the place and some guy walked up to me. He asked what i said to him. I started to stutter and try to make out some phrase. Put his hand on my chest and said:
      "Kid, what ever it was, you just saves our asses!"

      The manager came to my table later on to talk to me. He said that that car was probably stolen and that he wanted to make some extra bucks by robbing the restaurant. And i just saved the entire restaurant from being mugged.

    • Weirdest place you ever masturbated at?

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      Yeah, yeah, sex counts too. Lets pretend to believe you actually had sex...

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    • Best memes of 2011

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      Know your meme did a "Best memes of 2011" selection. WHat do you think it as the best one? Check out the complete video here

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    • New Xbox Dashboard

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      What are your thoughts on it...

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    • Whose Line is it Anyway?

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      and the points don't matter. Just like...

      put on you favorite quote down there or just make one!

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    • Mesk

      4 years ago

      Fala rapaz! Ainda entra aqui?

      • iParga

        4 years ago

        Mais ou menos. Ainda acompanho o podcast e os videos, mas deixei essa comunidade pelo Reddit...

    • H0b0Walrus

      6 years ago

      I see that you took my old profile picture, and I just wanted to say im fine with that.

      • iParga

        6 years ago

        Picture of just the head top is the new duckface...

    • blank

      6 years ago

      Look I don't want to just drag shit up on your page, but did you just say it's okay to bang dogs?

      • iParga

        6 years ago

        You seem to have a point.

      • blank

        6 years ago

        It's considered abuse because all sex without consent is considered abuse. You wouldn't say the owner consented to beating the shit out of the animal, you would haul them away for animal abuse. Same situation here.

      • iParga

        6 years ago

        It's a dog, it does not consent anything. The owner does. The dog makes a surgery, the owner consents, on sex, why not...

      • blank

        6 years ago

        Why not, do you have no concept of concent?

      • iParga

        6 years ago

        No i did not, but i just dont think the weird fucks who do it should go to jail...

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