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    • Captions and offline viewing are here!

      1 month ago

      ebregman Programming & SVOD

      It’s t-minus 2 days until Volume 6 of RWBY finally premieres! Are you excited? I most certainly am, especially because some new exciting updates are rolling out for the website and app. (Still don’t have the app? Why not try it out? Available on Android and iOS).

      First off, CAPTIONS ARE NOW LIVE ON RWBY VOLUME 5! Check it out right now!


      Every episode of RWBY Volume 6 will premiere with captions in English, Spanish, Korean, German, French, and Portuguese. This is just the start. Slowly over the coming months you’ll see professionally made, fully QCd, English-language captions begin to appear on all seasons of our most popular animated series - available only here, our home, RoosterTeeth.com.

      Shout out to the masters of our video player and CMS, Adam (@lazy9669) and Gideon (@gidbot), as well as our content ops team led by Kara (@KaraAnn). They all responded to your feedback to make quick work of getting captioning up and running.

      But wait there’s more! OFFLINE VIEWING IS NOW AVAILABLE, ONLY in the Rooster Teeth mobile apps, ONLY for FIRST Members! Download or update your app now to see it!

      That’s right. If you have Rooster Teeth downloaded on your Android or iOS device and are a FIRST member, you can now download content straight to your phone to watch at your leisure any time.

      What is offline viewing? Offline viewing allows you to download an episode using mobile data or WiFi and save it to watch later. You can manage downloaded episodes in your library.

      The below image shows what the experience will look like as you’re downloading episodes. You will be able to see what episodes you have downloaded, denoted by the checkmark.


      Episodes that you have not yet downloaded will still have the download icon next to their appropriate video instead of the checkbox:


      This is what your downloads page will look like as you begin to add more downloads to your library. 


      Next up from our FANTASTIC Engineering team is Tap to Advance. This will be coming out very soon (like in the next few weeks), and we can’t wait to show you more.

      Now, all of you shiny FIRST members, why don’t you get out there and start downloading some content for later, hmm? As always, ask me some questions in the comments!


    • Download the New RT Mobile Apps!

      3 months ago

      ebregman Programming & SVOD

      Hey everyone! Happy Hardcore Tabletop day! To help with your viewing of our newest FIRST exclusive series, might I suggest you download the Rooster Teeth app on iOS and/or Android?

      What’s that? You didn’t know we had an app? Well let me tell you about what is honestly the best way to find and watch our stuff, and interact with the community.

      This update is a navigation facelift to make the app more reflective of how we’ve seen people using previous versions.

      First off, as soon as you launch the app you’ll see the most recently published videos from all the RT brands, in reverse chronological order with the most recent on top (you know, that order that YouTube won’t show you…). Want to filter by channel? There’s a handy dropdown on the homepage to take you right to your favorites.


      Swipe left or tap the Live tab and you’ll see our linear feeds, as well as upcoming live events. Tap a feed to start watching live video on your phone, and while you’re there make sure you jump into the chat too.

      My personal favorite part of this update is the Bell in the bottom navigation, which is where all your notifications live. Did someone tag you in a comment? It’ll show up here, and you can tap the notification to go straight to that comment and respond.

      Custom tailor your notifications in Settings. Tap your profile icon in the upper left and you’ll see Settings at the bottom of the drawer. You can be notified for every new episode from series in  your Watch List, all Live broadcasts, and more. Settings is also where you can set your video playback options so we don’t eat your whole data plan, turn on background play (only if you’re a FIRST Member), and edit your profile including your email, password, and gender.


      Tap the rocketship on the bottom to browse even more series by genre. I love this view when I’m all caught up on the recent stuff, I can always find something new here. Plus if you tap on a genre name or a channel name, you’ll see even more series. Damn we have a lot of series...if you want to see them all, swipe left on this screen to scroll through them and sort however you want.

      Looking for something specific? Search is in the top right corner, and it’s freaky fast and accurate. Search for episodes, series, genres. Eventually you’ll be able to search for users and even RT cast members to see which videos they’re in.


      How could I forget - Chromecast is built into the main navigation in the upper right, and appears on every video too. (I dunno about you, but I can’t stand how Netflix makes the Chromecast icon go away when I start playing a video!)

      Have I convinced you of the superiority of our mobile apps yet? Go check ‘em out and tell me what you think in the comments!

      More updates:

      • I am super proud to be launching Hardcore Tabletop today. This is the beginning of what we intend to be non-stop amazing content drops for FIRST Members who are fans of Achievement Hunter, Funhaus, and the rest of the Let’s Play family. After Hardcore Tabletop, we’ve got Arizona Circle, Achievement Haunter on Oct 31, then even more planned all the way into the new year and well beyond. There has never been a better time to sign up for FIRST - it only gets better from here!

      • Some additional app updates:

        • We’re rolling out this week and next week re-ordering some series into chronological order, and also removing S#:E# for those series that don’t really need it.

        • We’re also weeks away from the next phase of our linear channel testing, when you’ll start to see live shows in the feeds on a limited basis (they’ll also still live on their own pages as usual while we work out the kinks).

        • Another big thing in the works now for non-FIRST members: pre-roll ads will be transitioning into midroll ads very soon, a much better experience for viewers. That means all videos will start up right away, and for any video over 5 min long there will be an occasional ad break. Most of the breaks have been manually placed so as not to interrupt a sentence. For videos under 5 min long, and for all talk shows, you’ll only see a post-roll ad break (i.e. an ad AFTER the video finishes before your next video begins). Of course if you don’t like the ads, there’s a super easy solution to get rid of them.

    • Programming Patch Notes 07.18 - Video Ads are back for non-FIRST Members, and more

      4 months ago

      ebregman Programming & SVOD

      Hey, everyone. As some of you may have noticed - and if you’re a FIRST member you probably haven’t - after a very long hiatus, pre-roll ads are back on the site and mobile apps for those viewers who have not yet signed up for FIRST. For those of you interested in these boring business-ey things, how we got to this point isn’t that complicated: on the old site the ads were a bad experience that often broke our player, so we got rid of them. When we launched the new apps our focus was a good viewing experience, and we prioritized that over rushing ads into the system. I think we’ve checked the ‘good viewing experience’ box (and the engineering team is always working to improve it), so it’s time to move onto reintroducing ads.

      We’re still focused on making the experience good. Or as good as watching an advertisement can be. From a tech perspective we want to make sure ads don’t break our player, and over time we’re going to experiment with where ads are placed within a video, to make sure it’s still a great viewing experience. We’re going to work to make sure that the ads served are as relevant as possible to your interests, including ads for Rooster Teeth stuff. Ultimately, ads on the site help our business so we can keep making cool shows for you to watch. I mean you won’t believe how much Geoff wants to make more episodes of Achievement Haunter.

      For you FIRST members, this probably doesn’t matter much to you. But if you’re not a FIRST member and you want to skip those ads, you know what to do.

      More updates!

      • Thanks for making the launch of Sportsball a success! Make sure you SUBSCRIBE to the YouTube channel, or else Tyler will get mad at me.

      • We now have the ability to turn off the S#:E# in video titles for those series where it’s less relevant. Expect those to disappear in certain instances in the near future.

      • Captioning is moving along nicely. We’ve identified a vendor to make the captions and are now scoping out the engineering work to get this up and running. Once we know what work we need to do, we’ll have a timeline to start serving them to you.

      • Our project to reorganize series within the app is starting to bear some fruit, just much slower than we anticipated. If you want to see the type of thing we’re doing, check out the changes to RT Docs (all docs now in 1 season!) and Day 5 (all bonus features now properly categorized!). There are a lot of cases we’re trying to solve for with this project where it’s not as cut-and-dry as to what’s an episode and what’s a “bonus feature,” not the least of which are things like RWBY World of Remnant videos. We’re working with the creatives to get it right.

      • I’m sure you have questions about our move to post Red vs. Blue and Camp Camp on RT only. What I can say now is we are very encouraged by the performance of both of those series and we intend to continue experimenting with release models, some but not all of which will include YouTube. We’re really proud of our new apps and by the looks of it you guys love using them!

      As always, let me know your questions and I’ll answer throughout the day. See you at RTX!!!

    • Pilot month: The Results Are In!

      5 months ago

      ebregman Programming & SVOD

      We hope you all enjoyed Pilot Month! It was great to show the community what we’ve been working on and even better that you guys responded so well to everything. I’m happy to say all of the pilots are proceeding on to next steps! Here are the details:

      • BRANDED - This one is clearly a fan favorite. The goal was to make a half-hour comedy that captured the spirit and tone of the old RT Office Shorts, and it looks like Marshall and the team nailed it. Branded will be coming back with a full first season, seven additional episodes to make season one a total of eight episodes (including the pilot). All episodes will be available exclusively for FIRST members, with a few of the bits from each also making their way to YouTube, Facebook, and elsewhere.

      • GORQ’S QUEST - Easily one of the most talked-about pilots, there is a lot here to work with and a ton of potential for this series. We’re making some tweaks to the format and to the GORQ character, among a few other things, and we’ll release an additional four episodes that will be free to watch for everyone.

      • ACHIEVEMENT HAUNTER - Yeah, I guess we’ll make more of these. Eight more episodes coming soon, exclusively for FIRST members.

      • MDB: ANIMATED - This pilot episode will be released soon on Facebook, as a next step in our test. Because of its runtime and the creative being based on a pre-existing property, it performed well but understandably you guys felt the audience for this was likely broader than FIRST members. We think this is a show you’ll be eager to share with your followers on various social platforms such as Reddit, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, and after the public test I expect we’ll make a few more.

      • RT’S MURDER ROOM - Did you choose the right person? We had so much fun testing this series and knew it was going to be a favorite. If you’re wondering what goes into making this show, we posted an audio-only post-show episode today. We learned a lot from this pilot that we want to continue to experiment with. Because of that, before we jump in and make a lot more of these we’re going to make four more episodes and release them free to watch for everyone.

      Congrats to everyone who worked so hard on these shows! As a whole, Pilot Month was a really cool way to introduce everyone to new content, our new app, and have a fun event for the whole community to gather around. We see this pilot event as a key step in our content development process. It gave us a chance to get our feet wet with some new shows, learn what it might take to make them into series, and include you in the process. Thanks as always for being supportive as we experiment! And if you have additional feedback about the Pilot Month process, please tell us in the comments!

    • E3 Content ID Claims are being released right now

      6 months ago

      ebregman Programming & SVOD

      We caused a stir today when channels uploading their E3 coverage to YouTube were having their videos claimed by our CMS. It took us a few hours to identify what was happening, but as of this post all claims are in the process of being released, and all should be back to status quo in the next few hours.

      If your video was monetized by us during this time, you will receive all the ad revenue. As long as we release the claim within 5 days, all revenue goes to the user.

      Sincere apologies. This was an innocent mistake that happened by someone clicking the wrong check box, and we're very happy it was brought to our attention quickly so we could solve it. It was caused by a few E3-related videos in our network inadvertently being activated as Content ID references. 

      This is probably a good time for me to surface RT's Content Usage Guidelines. If you ever feel we have claimed your YouTube video in error, your first step is to dispute the claim on YouTube.

      Sorry again!

    • Captioning Update

      6 months ago

      ebregman Programming & SVOD

      We now have two shows posting regularly on RT platforms with no specific timetable for when they'll be on YouTube: Red vs Blue and Camp Camp. Happy to say the results are pretty promising! This has made incredibly clear to us that we still have work to do when it comes to accessibility, especially in the case of closed captions. We want RT platforms to be a welcoming place for everyone including the hearing impaired, not to mention those of us who just prefer to read our dialogue with the sound on.

      By way of update, we're working now to try to move up in our development timeline the implementation of captioning. It's a multi-faceted feature that uniquely requires shifts on both the production and the engineering side, so it's going to take time for us to do it right. And we want to do it right!

      To start, our goal this year is for most productions to deliver their content for QA and publishing at least 1 week before airing (yes, there will always be exceptions). Last year the goal was 1 day before airing, so this is a pretty big shift. The year before, we frequently received videos hours or minutes before they were scheduled to go live. One week likely seems insane for those of us accustomed to the immediacy of the digital video world, but it's still a crazy quick turnaround compared to a traditional/legacy network; they get their content months in advance of airing.

      Having videos this early allows time for us to do a lot with that source file, including sending it to a third party captioning house (along with a script, where available), and having them send us caption files in multiple formats (and languages!) for all the devices where you can watch us. We're exploring automated caption generation (there are a lot of open source options), but we aren't confident that will serve all our needs especially in the case of videos where a lot of people talk over each other (we've all seen the automated captions on YouTube...). Moreover, the automated option takes about the same amount of time to implement as the manual option, so we might as well do it right the first time.

      When this feature does roll out, I expect it will start with new uploads only, while we also work through the library (6000+ hours is a lot to get through). There's also a chance that at launch, captions don't show up on new uploads immediately - again it's going to depend on how early we received the video, allowing for time for it to travel to the captioning house and then back to us.

      More updates!

      • Pilot month is going really really well! We hope you liked all of them; by the looks of it you really did. Make sure you come back Thurs at 11a CT for the premiere of Rooster Teeth's Murder Room!
      • We're in the final stages of prepping our fully-programmed linear networks(!). The AHTV cult is about to get a schedule every day, watch out.
      • Production starts TODAY on The Wierd Place, the show we announced a few weeks back where the AH team navigate their way through a series of interconnected escape rooms. If you haven't yet, check out Meow Wolf, where we're shooting these first few episodes.
      • Let's Play GTA V now posts on Saturdays on FIRST. That was the only day when we didn't have a LP video posting, and it felt lonely, so we fixed it.
      • There is so much more going on that I can't talk about yet and it's killing me but you are going to be so happy.......

      Hope everyone is having a good short work week!

    • Pilot month is here

      7 months ago

      ebregman Programming & SVOD

      Know when you have a secret and you whisper it to your friend because you’re so excited about it? That’s what this whole month is like for me.

      You might have noticed it’s been quieter than normal around here. At the same time, you also might’ve noticed that what new stuff we’ve premiered has been really, really awesome. “Fully baked,” as we like to call it. That’s because we’re working hard to spend more time developing concepts before they start airing. We pride ourselves on being experimental, and that’s not going anywhere. But there’s no doubt that when we take our time, amazing things happen - just look at Nomad of Nowhere!

      The result is a whole lot of crazy talented people have been working hard on new shows for you, and we’re finally ready to share a taste of them with FIRST Members. The pilots we’re airing this month are all exclusively for FIRST Members, but if we decide to do a whole season of a new series, that series might end up windowing to free-to-watch. We definitely want your feedback on these (in case you were planning to be shy about it...which you were not…), but to be clear: we’re not asking you to vote on what we make. As always we value your input, but if we just made what you wanted we’d only make Tuesday Night Game Fight.

      So if you’ve ever thought about becoming a FIRST member, now is a good time to see what it’s all about and sample what you might get really soon!

      I owe you a patch notes post, which I promise is coming. In the meantime, post some questions in the comments!

      EDIT: A schedule would be helpful!


    • AHTV has more videos again

      8 months ago

      ebregman Programming & SVOD

      It was not our intention to have 4 videos on repeat...and we have no idea how it happened. I just added 374 more videos, and they're all under 30 minutes long in hopes of giving you a better chance of seeing the beginning of a video (a comment we see often). 

      Thanks for the feedback on these, it's been a huge learning experience!

    • The next linear channel betas will launch Monday 4.2

      8 months ago

      ebregman Programming & SVOD

      UPDATE: They're live now!




      Thanks for helping make our RTV linear channel test a big success! You guys definitely showed us you'd watch a linear channel, especially with our new chat feature right there.

      Our first test was a specifically programmed feed that included a live broadcast. To do that every day 24/7 takes more tech infrastructure that we're currently scoping out how to build. But to keep the tests rolling, on Monday we're launching 3 different linear feeds in beta on RoosterTeeth.com: FHTV will come to our site, and we're starting up a new AHTV for Achievement Hunter and an RTV for Rooster Teeth as well.

      RTV and AHTV will run exactly the same as FHTV - they'll be a randomized playlist from the libraries of those YouTube channels (AH will include Let's Play). The one difference: RTV and AHTV will be unlisted on YouTube and only discoverable on RoosterTeeth.com, whereas FHTV will remain as it has been on YouTube in addition to being on RoosterTeeth.com. In all three cases, when you visit the linear feeds on RoosterTeeth.com you'll be using our chat. We'll all be stopping by the chats for those feeds, so make sure you check in when you can!

      All live broadcasts will remain in separate streams, just like always, while these betas are up and running.

      Have a great holiday weekend if you're celebrating! If not then have a great totally normal weekend when a lot of stores are closed!

    • It's All Happening: Programming Patch Notes 03.26

      8 months ago

      ebregman Programming & SVOD

      With the new video product for web and mobile launching this Friday, this is going to be a crazy week. Here’s what we’re working on.

      A huge congrats to the 2D animation team for a successful series premiere of Nomad of Nowhere! With Nomad and Master & Apprentice, the last 2 new series we’ve premiered have been our biggest series premieres since we first launched Camp Camp in 2016. And the year is just getting started…

      New artwork is now posted for every series, so our focus now shifts to the long-promised reorganization and metadata cleanup project. We have a bunch of new database types to take advantage of that will make it way easier to browse our content library. Bonus features is one new thing, so we’ll be able to get all the trailers and BTS videos out of the series playlists. There’s also now a Movies type, which we’ll use for The Woods, Lazer Team, and potentially a few others. We’ll break up the crazy-big, disorganized series like Let’s Play (the series) and Achievement Hunter (the series); we’re making new series pages for a few different series that are currently buried inside of those. And to cap it all off we’re just a few weeks away from deploying a big metadata cleanup that will remove pesky HTML from descriptions, make sure all seasons and episodes appear in the correct order, and make sure all metadata fields fit into our new standards (i.e., no episode numbers in the video title, except for talk shows).

      My team is also working on a follow-up to our RTV test from a few weeks ago. The goal is to get a beta up and running early next week, something that can be always on 24/7 for RT and AH, alongside FHTV. It’s still a beta because it won’t be specifically programmed in this iteration - we’re likely going to apply to the RT and AH channels the same setup that Funhaus is using, and embed all 3 of those into RT.com so you can use our chat. More to come on that.

      OK back to work...enjoy LP Spring Break on Friday!

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    • fb_162686024657804

      1 month ago

      My name is Joseph Gallagher, and I was wondering if I could use one of your characters and tweak it for my own story? I understand that there are copyright laws in effect, but I don’t want to be in a legal battle. All I want is to express myself and my ideas, which stem from some of your ideas, I just want my work to be accepted, but I need permission first. I cannot seem to contact you by email, so I’m contacting you by commenting.

    • RWBimbie Keeper of Poems

      1 year ago

      A few months ago on Sept11 (currently Nov 17)

      the youtubers Spaz Boys Comedy gave up on reaction vids for RvB & RWBY

      Did I Pee On Rooster Teeth's Shoe Or Something?! " .

      because they tried following the guidelines as laid out in Fanprojects faq and still got blocked.


      what words of encouragement (or condemnation) do you have for Spaz Boys Comedy

      for continuing to do on youtube what Murder Of Birds was commended & got famous doing? 

      Spaz Boys refuses to try to cheat teh system with GoogleDrive or inverting, speedAltering, or otherwise bypassing the takedown DRM systems of youtube.


      ... should they have not given up?  

      Without any reason from RT to not give up, why shouldnt they give up on RT?

      RT fans tell them to cheat the system instead of following instructions... should they just try to steal RT Intellectual Property because using it within authorization terms simply doesnt work?

    • JohnJoe FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      1 year ago

      I appreciate you laying out exactly what the thought process was for extending the wait period 7 days instead of the 24 hour one that we have enjoyed. You seem like a very cool dude, and even though it is a little late, taking the time to address it is very much appreciated.

      I would love if you guys would keep narrative shows like RvB and RWBY at a 24 hour exclusive to FIRST members, not only to because they are story-driven, but because they have always been available for everyone(mostly).

      Thank you again for cutting out the bullshit and telling us why you guys did what you did, and if you do listen to us, I will be able to purchase a FIRST membership feeling like I am helping out my favorite community- driven company, rather than feeling like buying one is the way to watch my favorite shows without being a week behind.

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