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    • #1) Start Your YouTube Channel - As a Starting YouTuber

      2 years ago


      When I say a starting YouTuber, I mean having done it for almost 4 years.

      Everyone gives advice on how to make it to hit your desired subscriber mark. So, I wanted to talk about those subscribers and those viewers. No, I don't want to tell you how to get more subscribers, because, quite frankly, I only have around 1,000 subs and I'm not in any position to tell you how to get more for your channel.

      But, the number 1,000 isn't lost on me. That's close to the number of people that went to my high school. That's the first thing I want to talk about.

      If you have 1 viewer that watches every video you put up, that is 1 person that is taking time out of their day to watch you. Can you imagine a fan in front of you who's always listening whenever you open your mouth (but not in a creepy way)? Now, take my example, I have 1,000 subscribers. If you took your high school auditorium, and filled it up (and then filled it up twice again), that's how many people that is. Just imagine the magnitude of that. That many people willing to listen to whatever dumb shit spews out of my mouth. That is insanity! :)

      And the second thing I want to talk about always pisses me off! 

      This topic is the whole want of getting new subscribers when you already have some subscribers. There are way too many small YouTubers, who don't give a shit about their current subscriber base. They may say it in public, but actions speak louder than words. If I have, for example, 30 subscribers. Those are 30 people who give a damn about what I have to say. So, the least I can do is give a damn back. There are far too many YouTubers, who focus on getting subscribers, while almost shunning their current subscribers. Please don't do that. PLEASE! 

      Also, small tip: Reply to every single (genuine) comment you get on your video...I still do.

      And that's the end of my little rant. Hopefully it contained some sort of helpful information that you can implement to your mindset and, ultimately, to your channel! :)

      My YouTube Channel of ... Meh-ness

    • I Must Meet Burnie Burns Some Day

      2 years ago


      My first ever journal. I think I'm gonna start using this more. It's exciting.

      So, anyway, it's 1:30 AM here in Vancouver, BC and I recently got news that Monsieur Burnie Burns is coming to Vancouver for the Vancouver International Film Festival. I want to meet him because he is like a creative idol to me. However, I'm working today. So, the meetup is most likely going to be over by then.

      Disappointed? Yeah. But there's another emotion I feel more powerfully than disappointment. And that's determination (or as I like to call "fire")! 

      So close to meeting him but not quite getting it makes me want to do it even more. But, I have patience. It doesn't have to be today. But it'll be soon enough.

      Now, a bit of a tangent. I have a (very) small YouTube channel that I've built to 1,000 subscribers over the last 3.5 years. 

      I've set my mind to a certain goal now. I'm going to grind my face off on my channel (not that I haven't already) to get it to the level where I can collaborate with Roosterteeth, along with being a fan. 

      One day, (whether that's 2 years from now, 5 years from now, 20 years from now) I'm going to grow my brand to such a degree that I can proudly walk up to Burnie and let him know that he is one of the biggest reasons that I'm at that level. Even the fact that I'm thinking of taking on this seemingly impossible task is because of Burnie.

      Now, there's a fire under me which wants to do great things just to let other people know that it is because of them that it was possible for me to do those great things. That's some circular logic, but it is what it is.

      And Burnie, if you ever read this, can't wait to meet you in a few years from now and tell you what an inspiration you are! :) 

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