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    • Why I became a fan

      3 years ago


      Hello everybody its been a year since my last journal entry and I guess it will be surprisingly similar to my last with the major difference being that its meant to answer the question of why I became a fan as asked by Rooster Teeth rather than being an answer to my question. So this is a story that starts out many years ago starting around the time that I was in fifth to seventh grade, (so 6-8 years ago at the end of the Blood Gulch chronicles) and this was when I first heard about Red vs. Blue and essentially Rooster Teeth from my step brothers unfortunately this wasn't when I became a fan of the company because of my strong headedness and a need to discover new interests on my own (but from the description of the character I did end up becoming a Grif fan) and it would take a few years for me to gain some interest in the Rooster Teeth, the first few shows that I ended up watching were some Halo Reach Fails of the Week videos that I would find around YouTube from time to time and I found those to be funny but didn't really watch much else until about 2011 when I got an Xbox 360 and Xbox Live I had become a Halo fan at that point but didn't have any games so the first thing I downloaded was Halo Waypoint with Waypoint gained access to watch Halo community videos and in that list a found Red vs. Blue and because of the endorsements I had received a few years ago from my step brothers I decided to start watching the videos, eventually when I ran out of videos to watch on Waypoint I continued my binge watching on YouTube of seasons 1-8 but eventually ran out and somewhere in the middle I had watched a few episodes of season 9 which was when I got discovered the best place to find Rooster Teeth videos which is of course here on the Rooster Teeth site, and it was Seasons 9-10 that really sparked my interest in RVB thanks to the magic that Monty gave to the Freelancers, but that was still just interest in that one area of Rooster Teeth which had so much more to offer, I had seen some Fails of the Week but I had yet to see more Achievement Hunter videos which took about six months for me to finally start watching in my suggested videos feed the Minecraft Lets Play #37 (I believe that's the number) Clouds kept appearing and it was perhaps the funniest video I had until that point ever seen and so I gained interest in Lets Play Minecraft and my interest kept on growing until I was watching everything Achievement Hunter had to offer and then it expanded to include the other Rooster Teeth videos and I have been excited to see everything else since that point such as The Know, Game Kids, and Funhaus. Since that day in 2011 Rooster Teeth has become if not my life a major part of it and has inspired to learn more about acting, everything involved in video production and 3D animation and I have gotten many of my friends to become fans as well, I'm not sure what I'd be doing right now if I hadn't discovered Rooster Teeth but I am certainly glad that I have and I'm really excited to be able to see the new accomplishments that will be achieved this year and I would assume many years to come @RTContests

    • So Why are you Here?

      4 years ago


      So I would assume that everyone on this site had to become a fan of Rooster Teeth at some point or another but very likely at different times so I'm curious as to how you various people out there on the site heard about Rooster Teeth and I will also ask what the first series you saw was (either RT or AH)

      I guess its only fair if I answer first.

      So I heard about RVB from my step brothers about five or six years ago and I started watching some episodes on Halo Waypoint a few years after, I watched the AH Fails of the Week maybe even earlier than that not realizing that RT and AH are one and the same. After these instances I watched all of RVB, became a member on this site, subscribed to the chanel on Youtube, saw the Minecraft Play of Clouds which is where my real AH interest origionated, started recreating some of the gametypes in my own map and here I am today a guy always logged into the site and in quite a bit of my spare time when not playing video games I can be found here or watching the videos on Youtube.

    • 5 years ago


      Man I litterally just finished reading every RT comic. My life everbody. :D

    • 5 years ago


      Whats up everyone I have been a member on this sight for two years and now I intend to become more involved in the community so for now I just wanted to say. Hello (from the internet explorer from my xbox one console)

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