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19 years old
from Muncie, Indiana

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      10 months ago

      courtneyycat Professional Loser

      Hey guys, I've had one hell of a week. First off, my older brother was released from prison on Monday and I get to see him tomorrow! I haven't seen him for almost four years, so this is weird but also exciting. But, with good news also comes bad new, obviously. My grandma's dog got hit by a car and died. He was such a sweet dog and I'm still kind of fucked up about the news. I remember babysitting for him when he was just a little puppy. He would whine if no one was holding him and cuddling him. So, RIP sweet little Grimmy.

      Aaaaand another shitty thing that happened this week was me getting sick. I had a fever for three days straight and the doctor said it was either a cold or flu. She prescribed me some shit, but I still feel sick and straight up nauseous. She kept asking me if there was a chance that I was pregnant or whether I was sexually active and I was like lol definitely not. 

      So, long story short, my week was pretty much shit, but I'm glad to finally see my brother.

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      11 months ago

      courtneyycat Professional Loser

      I know I never actually post anything, but god I really do feel so blessed to be apart of this community. Discovering Rooster Teeth several years ago was and continues to be the best thing that has ever happened to me. I'm so grateful to everyone who works at RT for making my life less shit. And hey, maybe I'll actually start posting on here, who knows?

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    Hi! I'm currently a student at Ball State University in Indiana. I'm a lover of video games, art, creative writing, and of course, Rooster Teeth.

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