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    • RWBY Volume 5 Episode 1 Spoliers

      7 months ago

      cherryapricot Cinnamon Roll

      I'm gonna be posting SPOILERS! You've been warned...

      Okay so here is what was shown before the first episode of Volume 5:

      - RWBY Volume 4 Episodes 10, 11 &12 with interviews including Miles, Kerry and Gray with them discussing that particular episode

      - Weiss' character short

      - Blake's' character short

      - Yang's character short was not shown...bummer

      RWBY Volume 5 Episode 1 consisted of:

      - Ruby Jaune, Ren, Nora and Qrow all go to Haven Academy to meet Professor Lionheart

      - Cut to Weiss on the Cargo ship

      - The Cargo ship gets a distress signal from a nearby ship that is under attack by Grimm (Presumably the Hornet Grimm from the Trailer

      - The operator doesn't want to go to the distress call

      - Cut back to Ruby and they all be talking about the Spring Maiden and why she is important

      - Cut to the Belladonna Household

      - Sun and Ghira burst through the front doors arguing together about something (not disclosed until later

      - Blake tells them to clam down and she goes outside to a balcony

      - Ilia shows up

      - Blake explains to Ilia that Corsac and Fennec Albain were trying to cover their asses and they expressed deep regret about Ilia

      - The info on Ilia's scroll was not enough evidence to put the Albains in jail

      - Blake and fam are going to go public about what the White Fang is trying to do

      - Ilia says that Blake's plan is not going to work and that she should leave Menagerie while she still can -

      Cut back to Ruby and all of them

      - After they finish talking Qrow goes to find a bar while the rest go to the house that they are staying in

      - After they leave, Lionheart looks upset as a holographic "W" appears on his desk

      - Lionheart be snitchin' (cowardly fuck)

      - Cut to Yang who is at a gas station

      - Yang asks for a drink

      - Bartender/Cashier says that she is too young to be drinking

      - Yang meant water... its hot

      - Random Asshat starts hitting on Yang and goes to touch her hair

      - Wrong move Asshat

      - Yang punches the guy in the face and he bounces all around the room cartoon style and out of the front doors

      - Bartender asks why she is out this way

      - Yang says she is looking for someone

      - The bartender says that the only people that someone would be looing for is the 'Branwen Tribe'

      - Yang says that is who she is looking for (confirmed Yang is looking for her mom)

      - Yang goes outside and the Asshat says that he knows where Raven is (presumably part of her tribe)

      - Cut to Jaune, Ren and Nora all sitting in a house

      - Knock on door

      - Jaune answers the door and it is Oscar

      - Oscar asks for Ruby

      - Jaune, Ren and Nora get all defensive (I mean...guys. Oscar is a 14 year old kid with Ozpin in his head)

      - Qrow comes in... drunk (The comedy from Qrow is fucking amazing! Props to Vic!)

      - Ruby hears all of the commotion and comes out of her room

      - Oscar mentions Ruby's' silver eyes

      - Everyone is like wtf (Except for Qrow who knows what is going on)

      - Oscar says that he has Ozpin in his head

      - Opening credits

    • Volume 5 Premiere

      7 months ago

      cherryapricot Cinnamon Roll

      In T-330 minuets I will be sitting in a theater, munching on popcorn and anxiously waiting to see the premiere of Volume 5 with my dad. I'm overly excited and I might cry.  grin

    • Issues Uploading Images To The Site

      in Forums > Issues Uploading Images To The Site | Follow this topic

      cherryapricot Cinnamon Roll

      So is anyone else having issues trying to upload images to the RT site or is it just me?

      3 replies

    • Remodeling My Account...

      7 months ago

      cherryapricot Cinnamon Roll

      Okay. So I've been a member of the Rooster Teeth site for a while (almost 3 years) and I realized that my younger self was dumb and posted dumb shit. So I deleted all of my old journals and photos to start anew without deleting my account. But I now seem to be having issues uploading a new profile picture... lovely.

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