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    • So 2017...

      1 month ago

      caitimulligan RTNJ

      This year was probably one of the scariest years of my entire life. I finally entered my 20′s. Its scary because its showing me that growing old is inevitable. Subconsciously, I still think of myself as a child in many ways. The beginning of the year was rough. I had finally come to terms with the fact that i’m not straight. In fact I still don’t know what I am. When and if people ask, I just say i’m simply attracted to human connection. THAT in itself I see as a major accomplishment. Though i am not out to a lot of people, the few people that do know love and accept me.I was raised being told to marry a man and get a successful job and a white picket fenced house because that’s what i was told to do. Sure it didn’t last long and honestly it was for the best because she is one of my dear friends and I couldn’t imagine not having her in my life. We learned a lot about ourselves and each other that I think made us closer. Months later, I had went way out of my comfort zone and organized a meet up with internet friends for the Rooster Teeth NJ group. My anxiety has always been something that held me back. Though i hate to admit it, it stops me from doing a lot. So RTNJ and being able to run something was a really big accomplishment for me as well.
      Honestly, I still personally struggle getting up and putting a face out for everyone to see and being the center of attention. But its worth it in the end, that i know, its just hard to push through to get to that point.
      I made friendships this year that will last a lifetime. Nights full of laughs and no sleep. Sitting in iHop booths and having deep talks about life with people I hold near and dear to my heart will stick with me for a long time
      Then the summer came.
      July I had fallen deep into this dark pit. Everything that was going super well in my life had slowly just began to unravel. It had felt like I was falling apart. My mom had been hospitalized and diagnosed with skin cancer, my dad had lost his job, my panic attacks had returned, i had my heart broken, i relapsed in more ways than one and my god i had never hit a point like this in my life. It was like everything I cared about suddenly became everything I didn’t care about. I stopped working out, eating, sleeping, taking care of myself. There were some days where i couldn’t get out of bed. I heavily debated in going back to church just so I could believe in something, anything. My friends began going back to school and I had felt so alone, I began to distance myself. It wasn’t until a month ago in which I said i was tired of feeling like this. I started trying to get back into the swing of things, I found myself writing poems and songs and they truly helped me get out of my dark space.
      As of today, I still am working on getting out of wherever the hell I am mentally. But i know I’m better than I was before. 2018 is going to be the year of making myself happy and not caring what other people think. I’m going to try and put myself first before others and do what I think would be best for me. 2017 was one of the worst years of my life, but in a way was one of the best Everything happens for a reason and I am to do nothing but reflect and learn from this year and everything its thrown my way. I hope to conquer my anxiety and go out of my comfort zone, I hope to travel more and see places ive never seen. I wish the best for myself and all of my friends.
      To 2018. 

    • FOR THE KIDS 2017

      2 months ago

      caitimulligan RTNJ

      It's everyone's favorite time of the year! Extra Life is upon us! The community stream is this Saturday and I'm happy to say that RTNJ is participating in it! We're all super excited to take part in our first year. Our goal is $250 dollars but if for some reason we get to $350 dollars i will be dyeing my hair blue. Yes, blue. Im very excited to raise money for the kids and play awesome games with awesome people!

    • A thing to help me procrastinate from my adult responsibilities

      7 months ago

      caitimulligan RTNJ


      Username: caitimulligan

      From: Wayne, NJ

      FIRST member: Yes

      Date Joined: February 22, 2016

      Last Signed in: dont really sign out

      Rooster Teeth Content:  

      First Rooster Teeth Video you saw: Rage Quit- Happy Wheels

      Last Podcast you watched: Off Topic Last Call #81

      Favorite member of the Rooster Teeth Cast & Crew: Barb or Miles if i had to choose

      Did you watch a RT video today: Of course

      If yes Which one: Latest RTAA (Gus Turbulent Urination)

      Favorite RT Series: Immersion

      Favorite RT video: Drunk Burnies Touchdown RTAA.

      RT Site:  

      Current Number Of Notifications: 6

      Name of first Journal: my little intro blurb was "Hello!"

      Name of you latest Journal: *Sigh* regarding my feelings towards the sites platform

      Last Photo you uploaded: Profile pic

      Last Thread you commented on: tbh i couldnt tell you 

      First group in your group list: RT NJ Community

      Last Private message sent to: Nicksmith67 regarding LPL Newark!

      Achievement Hunter:  

      Gamer Score/ Total Trophies: GS:  i think its 400 something? had to start a new xbox account but my old one had about 1300

      Team Lads or Team Gents: L a d s

      Favorite Achievement Hunter: Gotta go with my jersey trash son Michael on this one

      Minecraft Skin: Banjo Kazooie aka Mogar

      Favorite AH show: Off Topic and Battle Buddies

      The Community   

      Favorite Group: RTNJ (not biased at all)

      Have you gone to a community event: Yes! Six and counting!

      Favorite Fellow Community member: I have made so many friends i cant possibly pick (but i have a soft spot for @kylietaylor ) and a bunch of other friends i have over on twitter  tucker

    • *sigh*

      7 months ago

      caitimulligan RTNJ

      Part of me loves this site and platform and some of me just cant seem to get a good grip on it. I wish this site was just a bit more easy and convenient platform for us to use. 

    • The Past 48 Hours..

      8 months ago

      caitimulligan RTNJ

      Well, crazy isn't even a word I can use to describe the past two days. It doesn't even come close.
      RTNJs very first meet up was AMAZING! Despite me telling everyone to drink my sodas (still sorry) there was about 40 people who decided to dance and party before Let's Play Live with us! Going into it, I was super nervous seeing as I had never planned a meet up of any sort prior and since it was the first one, I knew I had to make it awesome. As time went on and more people showed, the nerves slipped away. Soon enough I was dancing and rapping (yes, that was a thing that actually happened). 
      The show was awesome, Achievement Hunter and Funhaus defiantly know how to tear a house down. I was smiling nearly ear to ear the entire show. The M&G was amazing as well, a few oh the main six recognizing me and Jack even thanking me for the meet up and what I do for the community. That was SO SURREAL to hear and I couldn't be more thankful to be able to do this. Now I have to adjust back to reality and I have a fucking final to study for FML. 

      Still cant wipe this smile off my face though elyse

    • Anybody down for up? ;)

      10 months ago

      caitimulligan RTNJ

      Okay all creepy jokes aside, RTNJ is having its very first meet up for Let's Play Live! Heres the event page if you are interested!

    • it's crazy where life can take you

      10 months ago

      caitimulligan RTNJ

      I was having a pretty good conversation with a really good friend of mine in the community. At first we started off talking about the excitement for the Let's Play Live Tour as well as other projects and videos that were soon to be released. Suddenly, the mood changed; we began talking about how the hell this all ended up happening. Yes and now you all can insert "You ever wonder why were here?" quote. 
      Looking back upon my time in this community is so surreal. It's crazy to think back to the first video that got me hooked: Happy Wheels Rage Quit. I remember finding that video, watching it over and over and soon enough be able to quote it by heart. I feel in love with that series and after a bit followed that series which soon led me to watching more and more content. Soon enough I was hooked and its crazy to think that if I had never seen that video; what the hell would I be doing with myself?
      Now I've been a fan of things from Boy Bands, to TV Shows and Actors to Youtubers and more. I loved being able to connect with other people over something that I felt super strongly about. The Rooster Teeth Community is something that I could never be able to explain. It was unlike everything I had ever been apart of. I didn't feel like a fan of RT, i felt like I was apart of RT (not actually but i'm sure you understand what I mean.) Everyone in this community has been nothing but kind, loving and accepting and I've made some of the coolest friends that I could ever imagine. I've experienced so many cool things like meetup's, game nights, Let's Play Live and RWBY Tugg events. Meeting everyone and having made cool friends from these experiences is something I didn't know i needed but boy am i glad it happened.
      Now, years later I look back at all the cool stuff I've done with this community and I go to events and have people recognize me. Hell, running RTNJ was a dream I never thought I could've achieved and now look at us! Now with the help of other awesome admins, I get to create those awesome experiences for other community members. I am so thankful to everyone at Rooster Teeth, as well as Achievement Hunter, because I dont know where I would be at this moment in time without them or this awesome community.
      Sorry I had to get a bit mushy, but y'all are so fucking awesome. 


      10 months ago

      caitimulligan RTNJ

      YES THE RUMORS ARE TRUE! Let's Play Live is stopping in New Jersey as well as Florida and Maryland. Can't wait to be reunited with the Achievement Hunter Boys!

    • Hmm..

      10 months ago

      caitimulligan RTNJ

      How does one become a featured user on the site....for science

    • RTNJ and Life Update!

      11 months ago

      caitimulligan RTNJ

      So these past few months have been a trip! Focusing with school as well as work has been tough, my band and I have started to book gigs which is super good for us! More extra money in my pocket that i can give to this god damn company because they own my life pretty much


      By far the coolest thing is that The New Jersey Community group has finally spread its wings and is taking off!  Thanks to Barb for a subtle quoting of a promo tweet! Its defiantly going to be a lot of work but i cannot wait to see where it takes me! I've been wanting to revive the NJ Community for so long and now its HAPPENING! If you are interested in joining, on the site you can find it at OR if you have a twitter, our handle is @RoosterTNJ!

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