I have never been more terrified of an outcome in my entire life, and the worst possible choice became a reality. It's more than just some bullshit campaign or whatever people believe, because now it doesn't matter. Our president is about to be some sexual assaulting bragging, racist, homophobic asshole, and our vice president is not much better. I'd even declare him worse than Trump. Pence believes in disgusting endeavours against gay people and Americans have voted him into the white house with Trump. I'm disgusted. Not only am I disgusted, I am afraid. i'm terrified of going to class tomorrow because there's a high chance my campus might host riots. I'm terrified someone might come to college with a fucking gun. I'm terrified I'll be questioned about my skin colour or my faith. I can lie about believing in a different religion, but how can i hide my dark skin? How is it possible that we went from a black man and a black family who literally embodied the sentiment of american pride and the american dream; how did we go from them to this problematic, disgusting, orange man with tiny hands and a huge temper? Why did we not work harder to put a stop to this? I can't focus. My mind is a mess and my eyes are blurry from the tears that won't fall. I've cried far too much tonight. This is not the end. That's what scares me the most.