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    • Prince Charming: Cinder's Male voice theory.

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      I have a theory. In the last episode, we found out that Cinder is working with or for someone else. A man. Let's call him, Prince Charming. Now Prince Charming by my best guess is a benefactor who has something to gain with Cinder taking the maidens power, and I have an idea on who he may be. First off let's go into some details.

      The White Fang obtained state of the art Atlas tech, and it seems doubtful they are able to obtain something like that on their own. So Prince Charming seems to be someone with pull in Atlas.

      Now let's analyze the season 1 finale where Torchwick is robbing the dust warehouses. There is little to no security so they must have pull in that regard too.

      They haven't made themselves known, having Cinder do their dirty work so our dear Prince Charming has appearances to keep up.

      I think that Prince Charming is Weiss and Winters father. He is, judging from dialogue from Winter and Weiss, very controlling. Perhaps he wishes to use that power to take over the kingdoms, or at the very least Atlas, but there are a few things stopping him. First their is Vale itself which is apparently home to the more powerful hunters. So he has Cinder cause havoc to draw Grimm and destroy or wreak havoc on Vale so Atlas can save the day, or more particularly the SDC can save the day.

      Then there is that maidens themselves who may step in to stop them, hence why he has Cinder taking their power. He will use Cinder as his anti maiden weapon.

      Finally, the problem of the white fang, who were attacking and destroying his dust cargo. By having them work for cinder, he can reduce damages done to his company as well as give her dust without drawing attention to his company, claiming the lost dust was stolen from him while giving Cinder the ammunition needed to put his plans into motion. He allowed Cinder to make herself somewhat known as a target for everyone to focus on while he plays backstage. Allowing Cinder to attack the comm tower as well possibly hacking penny to create an uproar(maybe) is just a way to draw grim to Vale and make Ironwood seem incompetent so he can slide in and control.

      So to summarize, our Prince is controlling and possibly manipulative who has Atlas connections and appearances to keep. Someone who would prefer to keep dust intact while also setting up stages in his favor. I think the only person to fit this mold is Mister Schnee!

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    • What is Penny's hair made of?

      1 year ago


      So, I was rewatching RWBY and a thought popped into my head. If penny is a robot, what is her hair made of? Is it a wig? Is it just metal? Wire? If anyone knows please tell me, cause this is bothering me far more than it' should

    • Looking for an Artist

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      My name is Aaron Flynn. Some of you may have seen me around the forum, maybe not. I am currently looking for an artist willing to collaborate on a six issue miniseries I am writing. I have completed the first issues script and have just finished the first five pages of issue #2. For those interested, I will be posting a few of issue 1's pages for your viewing to see if you may be interested.
      The story is called Psyren which follows the adventures of a woman named Ren. Her entire life changed when an alien space ship crashed on top of her resulting in the fusion between her and the alien, PSY-0602. Together they form the mighty Psyren! The main conflict revolves around grief and adapting to her new abilities to save as many people as she can.
      I am looking for a dedicated artist, and I am willing to adapt the story to their preferences so long as it is reasonable. In terms of art style, I am willing to dabble, but would first prefer to see examples of their work before making a final choice.

      PANEL 1: REN sits on alone on a lake’s dock, the sun setting overhead. Her head is hung, tears streaming down her eyes as she clutches her chest.
      PANEL 2: REN’s face turns to a scowl as a dark shadow looms over her. ??? (PSY) talks off screen. Make his text boxes similar to machine textboxes. Link:
      1. ???(OFFSCREEN): Did our binding really affect you that much.
      PANEL 3: REN closes her eyes gritting her teeth.
      2. REN (WHISPER): Shut up! You ruined my life!
      3. ??? (OFFSCREEN): I saved your life!
      PANEL 4: Bottom half of the page is dedicated to an establishing shot of the alien PSY-0602, or PSY. It is standing over REN, who has spun around to confront him, shouting. PSY is a sort of bony looking alien, sort of similar to the Su’sano design in Naruto, except not really on fire.
      4. REN(BURST): Then you should have just let me die!

      FIVE & SIX
      PANEL 1: Establishing shot of the scene: REN is talking to a boy her age, FRED. Not far away, a younger Asian boy with slicked back hair, MAO, is holding up a visor to another girl REN’s age, ANN. Sitting on the truck watching them is an older man smoking a cigarette, MR. MILES, sitting with his son, CONNER, who ate from a small cup of yogurt.
      1. NARRIRATION: Three months ago…
      2. REN: Fred, thank you so much for inviting me and Mao here.
      3. FRED: Don’t thank me. It was thanks to Conner and his dad that I could come to see the meteor shower in the first place.
      4. CONNER: You’re welcome!
      5. MAO: …Then I’ll be able to predict whatever will happen before it happens! I’m so close right now!
      6. ANN: That’s amazing!
      7. MAO: I’m so close I can just feel it.
      8. MR. MILES: Hey, kids! I don’t want to see any PDA or whatever you kids call it now while I’m around. You’ll have plenty of time for that later.
      9. CONNER: Dad, you’re such a buzzkill…

      PANEL 1: ANN runs over to REN and FRED. ANN looks excited, while REN and FRED look annoyed to be bothered by her.
      1. ANN: Holy crap! Ren! Why did you never tell me your brother was a genius!?
      2. REN: What can I say, he got the brains of the family.
      PANEL 2: FRED puts a hand on REN’s face allowing her to smile.
      3. FRED: Don’t say that, you’re super smart, not to mention kind and brave! I mean you want to be a teacher!
      PANEL 3: The same as last panel, except now, REN is no longer smiling.
      4. REN: What does that have to do with anything?
      PANEL 4: FRED no longer has his hands on her, one hand rubbing his head to show embarrassment, REN staring at him skeptically.
      5. FRED: O-oh, N-nothing. It’s just that teaching is such a thankless job! I mean you’ll have to deal with guys like me in your class, er… I mean-
      PANEL 5: Cut to Conner, spoon in mouth, with a flat expression across his face.
      6. CONNER: Smooth.
      PANEL 6: Cut back to FRED looking embarrassed, a small smirk now on REN’s face.
      7. REN: Luckily, I like you.
      8. FRED: O-oh!

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    • My First Short Story

      1 year ago


      The story is little more than a reimaging of a mission on GTA I did with my friends, but I'm quite proud of how it turned out. Take a look,\ and leave a comment on whether or not you'd like to see more and I'll keep ya'll updated with more fun.

    • Well, I'm back...

      1 year ago


      I'm sure no one cares, but this is my first post in a long time, and while I'm sure 98% couldn't give a damn, I can assure that more reviews are coming. As well as that, I am currently writing a light novel with a friend and the first draft is almost done. As well as that, I have found my old Deviant Art account so I will probably end up posting short stories on there. So it's good to be back, and hopefully everyone will here from this random guy on the internet soon.

    • Air Siren's Noise: Clannad: The Movie

      2 years ago


      Look, I'm not gonna beat around the bush or lighten things up for this review. So warning: This will not be like any of my other reviews. In fact, It is more of a rant of me beating this movie with a stick, but here I go any way. I have watched Clannad and the After Story fully already and enjoyed both of them greatly. So I decided to watch the movie when I found out it had one, and I'll be honest. It was not good. First off the thing all three of these anime have in common aside from being based of the same visual novel, is that they are filled with cliches.
      Now cliches arn't always a bad thing, like Clannad and After Story showed. They can be enjoyable and heart warming even if they are predictable. However, the movie fails to do so as it makes the cliches childish and too dumbed down. You don't feel the epic love story between Tomoya and Nagisa, nor does Sunohara even make you laugh as the lovable butt monkey. The cliches went from good to bad in this small movie.
      Speaking of Tomoya, Nagisa, and Sunohara, I hate how the movie butchered them! They completely destroyed the comedy side of Tomoya and Sunohara and I don't even recognize Nagisa's personality. She seemed to outgoing to me and I felt like I had just stepped into the twilight zone. Tomoyo and Kyoh were reduced to minor roles, and Kotomi was given only about 3 nonspeaking cameos conducting a choir singing 'Hallelujah.' No, I'm not joking. Hell, Ryoh, Botan, Fuko and Yukine didn't even appear to the best of my knowledge.
      The movie was basically the nutshell of the two main seasons. The problem is, it was only the nutshell with out the delicious nut on the inside. You see the movie had the characters and the general plot, but it didn't have the soul that was put into making the series. All the emotions of love were dull and felt strained as if they were forced. The ending was too simple and had little closure. The humor that had first drawn me to the show seemed to be all but nonexistent in this movie. I was unable to connect with any of the characters, including Tomoya, who I had felt a strong sense of understanding with in the original series. The character interaction really disappointed me.
      Now I understand that it's a movie, and that they needed to cut it down for the sake of time limitations and budgeting costs. I also understand that some strong Clannad fans will argue that since it's part of the series they love so much, I should give it a break. Well in response to these arguments, I ask this: If the cost of budgeting and time restraints so bad that they tear out the soul of anime, should it really be made? And just because it's part of the Clannad series does not mean I should go easy on it. I have played the Visual Novel, and watched both animes, as well as this movie. I gave each of them a chance to impress me, and while the first three prevailed, I was just to disappointed in the movie.
      Just because it is a movie based of an anime which was based of a Visual Novel, does not mean I should give it a break, even if the stuff it was based off of was pretty good. In all the Movie disappointed me completely. The creators of this took Clannad's Shining Light and just crushed it in there hands, throwing the carcass to the Hollywood dogs. I give this movie a 1/10

    • 2 years ago


      It has been awhile, but now I'm back with a sponsorship :D

    • Silent House Review

      4 years ago


      So, today I went to watch Silent House, a horror film which was directed by Chris Kentis and Laura Lau. It was released 11 days ago, and is a remake of the 2010 Uruguayan film. Now what did I think of the movie. First, lets go over what I ask myself after a movie, which are 5 things.

      1) Did it scare me?
      2) Was it suspenseful?
      3) Did it have a deep plot?
      4) Was the ending good?
      5) Did I feel that it was money well spent?

      Lets start with the first two.

      1) Did it scare me? and 2) Was it suspenseful?
      No and yes. While the suspense was well paced and laid out, I felt it all disappear when the movie was supposed to make you scared. For example, when the main girl, Sarah (Elizabeth Olsen), is hiding under a table, something grabs her leg, but you need to be watching in order to figure that out. The camera slowly slides to the side for a view of the girls legs and only for a split second do you see a small blue hand before the camera leaps away and starts shaking rapidly. Seriously you'd think the way it was shaking, the camera man was having seizures. The sudden shaking was by far the worse thing in the movie. Now lets put down this stick and start beating this dead horse of a movie with a lead pipe

      3) Did it have a good plot?
      I think the movie was, in it's own way, trying to be mind-rapeish, like horror games such as Amnesia or Silent Hill, but tries to hard and ends up destroying what could've been good. The plot for the most part was okay. It was paced well for the most part, though once again the camera shaking left certain parts confusing and had me wondering things like, "What just happened?" or "How did she cut her wrists?"
      Another rather important part of the plot this movie failed at was exposition. Now exposition is by far, the most important thing in anything. Movie, TV show, book, anime, anything has exposition to help you understand what is happening. Now there are multiple ways to provide this exposition such as: Inner monologues, context clues within dialogue, and more artistic approach that many horror films use is image exposition, where the watcher must put two and two together to figure out what is happening. This movie tries to take the artistic approach, and fails. The clues we are given are not clear entirely and most just feel tacked on by a director who just wants to add length. Hell, I still don't fully understand the ending. In fact, one of the major pieces of the image exposition were photos of Sarah's past. Problem was, we never saw the pictures, only reactions of people seeing them, and the one time we do see them, most are flipped upside down and all I could see of the ones face up were blurs.

      4) Was the ending good?

      No, No it was not. Look Spoiler alert below. This next paragraph will completely tell you the ending.
      Sarah yells at Sophie for torturing her and her family. Sophie tells her to open red box. Sarah opens red box. Photo's we do not get to see are pulled out. Sarah is shocked. Sarah goes at cuts Sophie. Sarah gets cut instead. Sophie disappears. Sarah gives Father some sort of mock lap dance. Dad talks to her. He blames mold from beginning of the movie. Sarah cuts Dad free. They hug. Dad punches Sarah. Dad whips Sarah with belt. Uncle wakes up. Uncle tells Dad to stop. Dad calls Uncle a wimp. Uncle threatens him with a knife. Dad kicks away knife. Sarah knocks dad down with sledge hammer. Sarah bashes dad with sledge hammer. Sarah turns to Uncle. Uncle begs for his life to be spared. Sarah drops sledge hammer. Sarah runs out door. Sarah looks off in the distance with an empty look. The credits roll. That is literally the last 8 minutes of the film.

      5) Did I feel my money was well spent?

      No. This movie was horrible, with it's strong points laying in the suspense (Which was ruined by a epileptic cameraman), acting (though not all of it was good), and Elizabeth Olsen (Who's got them tig ol bitties). Unless you want to waste you money on these reasons alone, I suggest you stay away.

      I give this film a 2/10

    • Is Anime Dieing?

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      For those of you who are subscribed to the youtube anime reviewer Gigguk, you should already have heard his ran For those of you who aren't. Here's a link:

      In the comments bleow, post what you think and pass this video around to any other forum you are on.

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    • Reason's why Highschool F***ing sucks

      4 years ago


      They say High School is the best years of your life. You see it on TV being depicted as a place to make friends and escape from stresses at home. A place where the teachers care and wish to help you succeed and grow.

      Unfortunately it's not like that!

      The other students are either uptight, arrogant, ignorant, racist, loud, or a combination of them! They all need to get bent. They mock you for the smallest shit so they can feel better about there useless meaning less lives. The only good thing I see from them is the joy I'll feel inside when they come to me begging for money in the future.

      And then the teachers! They are either to young to be taken seriously, or to old to give a crap! They've given up. They won't bother to enforce the rules! They just don't give a fliying fuck!

      Punching out the ones who annoy me is also not an option! It is seen throughout history that men settle things peacefully after roughing up one another. Hell, that's how you make some of your best friends! In school people will crowd around the fight drawing in teachers who will only break it up because if they don't, they could get into trouble.

      And what the fuck is up with the way most of them talk!? 'Oh my hood; Step off my ballz; Oh shit du~ he just curb you!' What the FUCK does that mean!? Seriously, speak English! Or Spanish! Hell, just speak a real goddam language! Hell to day I bashed my head because of it! I also hate how the women go 'Hey, BEST FRIEEEEEEEND~" or "HEEEEEEEEEY COUSIN!" To people they do not even fucking know! Not only is that annoying it also ruins the special meaning behind the words!

      God, and the students are so ANNOYING in other ways to! You can just be sitting in class and suddenly, "CRACKLE! CRACKLE! SMACK! SMACK!" Makes me want to tear my fucking hair out and eat it!

      The lunch sucks! For breakfast, you know what I was given? Three mini corn dogs, a milk, and juice. And I'm talking small ass cartons. For lunch I literal placed basket ball with my orange and puked up a plastic like apple. The chicken tastes like a sponge and I couldn't tell if my side was corn or a fucking bunch of grapes. Turns out it was corn. *shudders*

      Oh, and they steal stuff. All my stuff and flushed it in a toilet. I lost a manga book because of that! They also think they have the right to push me down and hit me over and over for shits and giggles. NO! NO FUCKING PERSON HAS THE RIGHT TO HURT ANOTHER! NOONE! It's people like that who I just want to bash their head into a wall over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over until their head is a giant red stain on the wall.

      If you even tap someone in the hallway, they will yell out 'DAYYYYYAAAAMM!" Like someone just spilt water on them. Now imagine that will hundreds of them trying to walk through small narrow hallways. It's bloody nightmare fuel I tell ya! Just wish I could leave and sleep at home. It's not like the teachers will even attempt to truly teach anything worthwhile

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