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    • Final Fantasy 30th!!

      1 year ago


      30 years has this series been around and I am glad. Final Fantasy is the series that help define what kind of gamer I am and who I am as a person today. I know it is weird to think a video game series is what defines you as a person but it was for me. Ever since I have been a gamer, I have had this series with me. This series helped me define the morality of life and what it means to fight for something even if it sounds impossible. Sure that may sound crazy for some but for me, this was my novel, my code, and my creed growing up. My parents at the time didn't have time for me. They were too busy with work and when they would get home, they would need to rest so video games were my source of everything. I wasn't one for books at the time but for video games and just the storyline (Even if a lot of people see it as convoluted) still drives me. From VI to the most recent and back again just to play every single entry of the series. The way the game portrays the character and its world amazes me till this day. Also the fact that each series in the franchise is never the same and always changing things up made each entry as different game with many different people working on them. From art direction, to directing, to music and innovation, this series has brought out talent that I follow and gain inspiration from.

      Sure some are more spectacular then others and some have divided the community but with every bump in the road the series keeps pushing forward and I love it to this day and beyond.

    • 3 years ago

    • RIP Monty

      3 years ago


      No words can describe the pain that goes through all our hearts hearing this news. Even though I never got the chance to meet the man in person, being able to see him through his work was the next best thing. He was able to do so much and reach a level that most content creator dream of. To be able to turn your story and being able to share it to the world is am amazing feat that we should strive to do.

      Seeing how he pushed himself and how he inspires and tell people to do the same makes this man one of my greatest hero. I hope to do just half of what he has done and to push myself to be great like he has.

      You made a dream of mines a reality. To show that you can create a anime series here in the states. I know how shallow that might sound but it was something that I feel needed to be done and shown that it could work and reach heights. I will remember RWBY as one of my inspiration in the anime industry.

      You will be missed Monty Oum but you live in all all of us that you have touched with your words and work. smiley2.gif

    • Blackout Drawing

      4 years ago


      This past two days have been pretty weird. The place I live has been having rolling black outs so I couldn't get my game or internet on. This left me with just me drawing. I haven't drawn in a while since I never thought that I was good at it. I decided to dip my hands into it again and I think I am doing alright.

      Theses are my two pages worth of just trying to get faces right. I think I did pretty well.



      I just wish I had a scanner now instead of having to take pictures off my phone. Having a tablet to use to draw on would be great as well.

    • Video Game Streamer

      4 years ago


      Well, I decided to put a little more into my life by streaming video games! It just seems like a fun thing to do. Being able to share gaming experience with people and capturing that one in a life time moment, even getting that weird glitch and laughing about it. It is just fun. Plus you get to know people, people that have the same interest as you. Cracking jokes and making friends.

      So this is basically me trying to advertise myself and hoping to meet people from the community as I play games. Come join me when you have the free time!


    • My first journal

      4 years ago


      I have been a member on this site for some time and this will be my first entry.


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