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    • The Live Action Cowboy Bebop Movie

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      Hello everyone, I just read some articles on a live action cowboy bebop movie coming out in 2011, now the actor playing Spike is (and it's not a lie) Keanu Reeves.....T__T ...well let me know what u guys think...good idea or another explain of why hollywood should leave anime alone!!!!!!!!!

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    • A Person whose heart lingers

      8 years ago


      A person, whose heart lingers
      Like a soul lost from its path
      It wonders on looking for a reason

      A reason to love

      A reason to finding a purpose

      To see how far it will go

      How much pain it can take

      To see how much darkness it can handle

      The dark chains is what keeps his light sealed from the inside

      Yet he finds away to break free

      When he finds another heart lingering

      They go off together in this dark world they call home

      Many chains try and hold them back, but they break free

      Which makes their love stronger

      With their light so strong it can blind the devil himself

      As they walk hand and hand through the darkness with their light

      And linger on together


    • Family Portrait

      8 years ago


      This picture
      This family portrait

      With all of them smiling,

      When you look at a picture like this

      What do you really see?

      Behind the smiles of this family

      Do you see sorrow?




      No, you don't

      You see a "Perfect Family"


      No abuse

      No stress

      Just a "Perfect Family"

      What more can be said

      There's nothing to worry about

      Mother isn't a junkie who spends time doing crack or trying hard to look her best by using botox.

      Dad isn't out drinking is heart out, sleeping with hooker to hooker,

      Then when he comes home he takes out his rage on mom after having out his fired from his job

      Daughter doesn't have an eating disorder, leaving her to throw up on the first sight of eating too much or fat that's on her, or overdosing on diet pills leaving her skinny and unhealthy.

      Son doesn't hate how life sucks for him; he isn't getting bullied in school and at home by his own father, leading him to cut himself everyday.

      All you see in this Family Portrait

      Is a "Perfect Family"

      Just smiling

    • iron jaw angels

      8 years ago


      As angels who sore to the sky

      These women used their own wings and arose

      They wanted their right to vote, as an American should

      And the chains of sexism tried to caged the voices from taking flight

      The courage is as hard as iron

      As they sing the song of women

      For women

      By women

      The fight to vote for some was a fool's goal

      Left with many obstacles to break the spirits of many women

      To say that women never deserved the right to sing out their feelings

      To the people of a nation controlled by one man

      Can silence any mocking bird from singing its song of women's rights

      But these mocking birds kept singing

      Even thought the hard times, they kept singing

      Their national anthem

      An anthem made for women

      By women

      To strengthen women to stand up and say:

      I'm American

      I'm a woman

      I'm the start of the future

      I'm the angel that watches over

      And I am strong

    • man who wasn't there

      8 years ago


      I look in a mirror
      Yet I see you

      The one who gave made me

      The one who give me my name

      The one who showed he how to ride a bike

      The one who taught me right from wrong?

      The one who wants me to be a man?

      The one who drinks

      The one who can never keep a promise

      The one who hardly calls

      The one who disrespects my mom

      The one who lies

      The one who loves attention

      The one who I gives another chance to

      The one called me faggot

      The one who never saw me at my graduation

      The one who I never want in my life

      The one who will never be in my wedding

      The one who should just rot

      But yet his my dad

      And I still look in this mirror and see you

      The man who wasn't there

    • diary of a cutter

      8 years ago


      As I sit in the corner
      Head full of lies and depression

      My eyes turn blank

      My arms are numb

      The red water drains from my body

      My sword opens the sorrow from within

      Makes me free

      Desire to do it again

      I can't refuse

      My soul is empty

      My heart is gone

      I have no feelings

      My body is lifeless

      As I sleep forever

      In the pool of the red water

      I'm left alone

      To feel free

      To feel happy

      To feel whole

      To sleep for eternity

      For evermore

    • Tainted

      8 years ago


      Tears fall from my eyes
      (I feel dirty)

      I lay on the floor

      (I feel sick)


      (I FEEL USED)


      (I hate my life)

      My innocents is gone

      (I want to die)

      My noise turns to silence

      (I hate you)

      You left me to rot

      (I want to kill you)

      You were my friend

      (Help someone)

      I trusted you

      (God help me)

      You took me life away

      (Just kill me)

      You left me tainted

      (My life is over)

      Just leave me to die

      (Its over)

    • Meldey of Hate

      8 years ago


      My eyes begin to turn dark

      With the rage of anger

      My soul burns from the flames

      Of my depression

      My heart is broken from the

      Hammer of disloyalty

      But as my heart beats

      It beats a sad tune

      A tune that can be heard from within

      My mind can't function

      Of this feeling

      Like my anger is controlling my body

      Like my body is grooving to this demonic sounds,

      In my head

      My mouth forming words to destroy the confidence of this person

      Trying to sing the song of hatred

      To harmonize the medleys of my hidden anger and song along to the music that

      Bring many to point of self-destruction

      I should clam down, but I'm to hurt to even stop singing

      I bite my lip to watch it bleed out the notes and rest of my rage

      As I sing this tune

      This sad tune

      This demonic tune

      This Meldey of Hate

    • who is the greatest in naruto

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      opinions are always open, places your views and thought s of who is that best in both naruto and naruto shippuden

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    • about me

      8 years ago


      Hello names nate, im am cool guy once u get 2 know me and i'll be that alittle helpin if u need any acvice on anything (and i do mean anything). i LOVE anime, medataining, wolves, and other mytical things. i see martial arts as a fun way to release enegry(and have fun ^__^) so if u want 2 kno anything else just let me know.

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