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    • New Beginnings

      2 years ago


      So if you read my last journal entry, you'd know I was let go from a shitty grocery store survival job while not being able to find a position in my field. Well, I'm glad to announce that I have finally found one!

      The day after I got let go, I applied to a job posting looking for Web & Graphic Designer. I was feeling pretty down and didn't really expect to hear anything back. But on the following Monday I was contacted for an interview. Went for the interview and I must have impressed them because they offered me the job!

      Fast forward to today: my first day of work and the official beginning of my new career. It's a great company to work for. There's a lot for me to learn, but it's going to be a lot of fun. Oddly enough this company is not totally unlike Rooster Teeth. Just replace video games with education and it's almost the same thing. Who knows? Maybe, hopefully, it will eventually lead to a job at RT.

      I can't tell you how happy I am to finally be on my chosen career path after months and months of job hunting. It's like a weight has been lifted. The sun shines brighter. The air smells fresher. It's not just a new job. It's a new life. smiley0.gif

      And let this be a lesson to anyone out there in a similar situation. Work hard. Don't give up. And you'll eventually get to where you want to go.

    • I just got let go

      2 years ago


      Well, it's been 5 months since my last journal entry. Since then I completed my internship with a local TV station, graduated college with honours, and been working at a local grocery store just as a survival job until I find a job in my field.

      However, tonight I went into work for my shift, got called into the office and they let me go. Not because I did a bad job or did anything in particular wrong, but more because I didn't have the enthusiasm for the job. Like I really didn't want to be there. Which is true.

      It's hard to show fake enthusiasm for a shitty, minimum wage job that I only took just to survive. Hell, it's not even the job I applied for. I originally applied for a job as photographer in their photo studio. Which is actually within my field of study, but I got fed a line of bullshit of how "that was supposed to be posted months ago" and "they don't have any positions available in it right now" but to "apply for a transfer in the new year". So I spent a couple months slinging milk bag and juice cartons like a fucking trained monkey in the hopes of getting a better job later on, but obviously that didn't happen.

      Needless to say, I'm pretty bummed. I had lots of plans. I was going to buy a PS4. I was going to go on my first vacation in 3 years. Even little stuff like catching up on books I wanted to read. And now I can't do anything other than save my money until I get another job.

      A tiny part of me is glad I got let go because it gives me more time to job hunt and work on my portfolio. But I'd rather have a stead income. Sigh.

    • Doctor Who

      3 years ago


      I love Doctor Who! Been a fan of it since the series revival started with Christopher Eccleston. And I'm really looking forward to the next season with Peter Capaldi. And it's maybe it's because I just saw the new trailer for it, but a couple days ago I had a weird and trilling dream about Doctor Who.

      In my dream I was Rose Tyler, only I wasn't. Well, I looked like Billie Piper, but I wasn't actually her or her character(s). I was some in the real world, our world, who just happened to look like her, or more probably, was cosplaying as her. Which will make more sense later.

      Anyways, I was in my house, which for whatever reason was now in England even though I live in Canada, and I got a knock on the door. Who should be there but Captain Jack Harkness/John Barrowman himself! After a little flirting, we walk around the corner and there is David Tennant doing timey wimey stuff in my kitchen with an unknown blonde female companion that I've never seen.

      I'm like, "David Tennant?! What are you doing here?!"

      And responds, "Listen, I'm not this David guy. My name's the Doctor."

      "Wait, you mean like the Doctor? The actual Doctor?"

      "How are you here? Are you the other Doctor?"(referring to the half-human Doctor who went to live with Rose in the alternate universe)

      "Nope. I'm the real deal! 100% original!"

      But anyways, as to how the real Doctor from the Doctor Who universe got to the real world. Apparently it was something I did that caused him to come here. After a quick Doctor Who style run through a Doctor Who convention, we got to this weird vehicle I built for a contest at there. It was like a glass coffin on wheels made out of odds and ends of different things and it had a fantastically long and absurd name that seemed perfect for Doctor Who. Same I can't remember it. But this thing was the reason why the Doctor had come to the real world, because just like how the Doctor can take everyday non-technological items and put it together as a high-tech device, I had in inadvertently done the same. And after driving my vehicle into the river, we hopped in the TARDIS and flew away to his universe for an amazing adventure.

      I really wanted to put this dream out there to see what other people think. Have you ever had a dream about Doctor Who or some other franchise like this? Also, with the rumored departure of Clara/Jenna Coleman, could this be a premonition and this mysterious woman is the next companion? She kind of looked a little like Rose, Donna, and River combined. She was definitely older than most of his past companions, though not as old as River, and still pretty hot. She was very confident about herself and definitely thought of herself as an equal to the Doctor and not a companion or passenger. And her hair was very much like Rivers, but more golden blonde. Maybe she was River regenerated? Or maybe I am the next companion? Maybe I should apply to be the next companion. To my knowledge, Doctor Who has never had a Canadian companion.

    • Catching Up

      3 years ago


      So I haven't made a journal entry in a long time, eh? Let's see. What's new?

      I contributed to the Lazer Team Indiegogo during their livestream. Still waiting to hear who won the trip to RT studios. Here's hoping it was me and they just forgot to tell me. And also hoping I get to work on Lazer Team, maybe? Come on, guys! Seriously. Did my resume fall behind the desk or something and nobody noticed or what?

      I watched most of RTX online via RTXLive. That was amazingly fun! I never really saw the point in going to RTX until I watched the convention. I just assumed it would be a bunch of 14-year-old boys with their moms watching people on stage swear and tell inappropriate jokes while playing video games. Which, granted there was some of that, but that wasn't the whole thing. I will definitely have to try and go next year, work permitting.

      I went to TFCON: the big transforming robot convention up here in Canada[ and coming to Chicago come October :cough:shamelessplug:cough:]. Hung out with old friends. Met some awesome new one. Maybe made a couple new business connections. Picked up one of the exclusives. Bluster and Trench, aka Transformers Animated Mario and Luigi.

      And finally, I've started my internship with Rogers TV. I've been working with their mobile units covering events in and around the city and broadcasting live on TV. I did a baseball game on Thursday. Beatles celebration on Saturday. I was supposed to do a NASCAR race today but it got cancelled due to rain. It's been a lot of fun so far. Setting up is a pain, though. Like yesterday we set up 4 cameras just to do a 30 minute show. 3 hours set up for 30 minutes pay off seems tedious. I may switch to in-studio work, if I can, before I'm done.

      That's about it. I've started to challenge myself and build my portfolio/online presence. Whether it be posting art in my deviantArt account, designing T-shirts on RedBubble, or uploading videos to YouTube. I try to do at least 1 new piece of art, T-shirt, or video per week, but work has put a damper on my production schedule.

      Next on my agenda is FanExpo where I hope to make some solid connections for future employment. Maybe I'll finally get my dream job at Rooster Teeth, or Electric Playground, or IDW comics, or some place like that. smiley0.gif

    • Gold Star

      3 years ago


      I just wanted to make a journal post thanking users zeeazn5525 and Pwnerman10 for the 6 month RT Sponsorship! You two are just awesome and are part of what makes the RT community so great! Thanks again, Lisa and Steven! Hope you have an amazing RTX!

    • I'm an idiot

      3 years ago


      I'm just a big dummy. You ever make a tiny mistake that cost you big time? I think this is one such case for me.

      I've been looking for an internship for the past month or so. I sent my resume out to multiple companies, including Rooster Teeth, and haven't gotten any responses. And then recently I've been working on a new resume because my previous was really directed at a certain company demographic and I wanted to make a new one for a different demographic.

      So I opened up my old resume, which I made in Photoshop, and copied the text portion of it which was more or less just a standard resume. Pasted it into Word and all of a sudden I see all the mistakes I made highlighted in red. In reality there were only 2 errors, but I know how some employers will reject a resume for the tiniest thing.

      And I did proof-read it myself, but I guess that's what I get for not running it through Word first. For this new one I made, the normal resume part I wrote in Word and then the graphical portion of the resume I did in Illustrator and Photoshop and then combined both pages into one PDF.

      Though even just now checking the new one, there's stuff that needs to be fix. But not grammar or spelling stuff on my part. Mostly it's just a weird kerning issue. I probably just have to change the font or type size and re-save it.

      Honestly, I think resumes are dumb. That may be because I hate writing them. I really just want potential employers to go check out my website. It's all on there anyways. That's what I want them to see because there's only so much I can put into words or into one still image. I feel like making a resume that's just my name and web address in huge font.

      Now I gotta reapply to all those companies with my new resume. That's assuming they still have positions open. Ugh! So embarrassing!

    • Friday the 13th

      3 years ago


      A slightly shorter journal entry than usual today.

      I was playing some Minecraft late last night and I was exploring some tunnels trying to the skeleton dungeon I had found previously when I came to a part of the tunnel that forks off into like 4 or 5 directions and all of a sudden there's this really load, long, creepy growl. Honestly, it sounded like something straight out of hell. I've never heard a sound like this in Minecraft and I cannot find a clip of it online.

      It was strange and I assumed because it was so loud and evil sounding then it must mean there's a stronghold nearby. Which I learned later that apparently ambient sound does not have anything to do with finding dungeons, or strongholds, or abandoned mineshafts. It just denotes an unlit section is nearby, if anything. So I dig around a little. Don't find anything and proceed down one of the tunnels.

      Eventually I come around and end up back in the same fork. Then I hear the same demonic noise again and I think there must be a stronghold around here somewhere! It's too much of a coincidence! So I go around the corner, still listening to the sound to try and find which direction it's coming from, and run straight into a mob. I don't even remember what it was, just that it scared the shit out of me. And I'm not someone who scares easily. Maybe because it was so unexpected.

      It's funny that only now I'm realizing I got spooked on Friday the 13th when it's technically Saturday the 14th.

    • My Dream Job at Rooster Teeth

      3 years ago


      Needless to say, working at Rooster Teeth would be a dream come true. As it would for most anybody on this site. But for me at least, it literally would be.

      I recently finished college and now I just need to get my hours of internship work to get my dumb piece of paper and graduate. And a few days ago I put in my resume to Rooster Teeth in the hopes I might get to be an intern with them.

      Ever since then I've had some strange dreams involving me being hired on there. Last night, I was in a series of interviews by people from RT. Like first it was the person who actually does HR at RT, or at least who imagined it was. I can't think of what she looks like, probably because I don't think they're really shown her on camera, but only mentioned her on a podcast or two. Then it was Burnie interviewing me, then Ashley, then Geoff, then Gavin, then Gus, then Jack, then Ryan, then Matt, then Michael, then Ray, then Lindsey, then...well, you get the idea. It was just an endless line of questioning. What's that phrase? "Run a train on me"? It was like that but with interviews instead of dicks.

      The weirder dream was a few days ago. Actually, I think it was more like a week or so ago, before I put in my resume. I flew all the way down to Austin thinking I was hired. When I got there though, someone, I think it was Brandon, said I had to complete a test first. I basically just had to play through this game and capture the footage and do commentary. Basically to prove I could make Let's Plays and stuff.

      The game was a FPS, but every level - only about 3 or 4 levels total - was different from the last. One was like Portal, the next was like Halo or Destiny, the next was like Minecraft, etc. The game was really easy. I played through the whole thing in like 20 minutes.

      Then I turn to Brandon and tell him I'm done and he says like, "Did you find the teddy bear?"

      And I was like, "Wait! What teddy bear?"

      "Sorry. You gotta find the teddy bear hidden somewhere in the game for us to hire you".

      "You didn't tell me that?!"

      "I didn't?"


      "Oh. OK, I'll give you another chance."

      So then I had to play through the whole game again looking for a little stuffed teddy bear. And this time, for whatever reason, the difficulty was ratcheted up to 11. I spent hours and hours combing every nook and cranny of every level trying to find this damn bear. And I'm doing this in the AH/Let's Play office too. So all the while everyone there is starring at me and being like, "What's wrong with this guy? How can he not find the bear? It's so obvious!" "I know. I found in like 30 seconds". "He must be dumber than Gavin!"

      Eventually, I find the damn thing, it's like 12 at night, and show Brandon who's asleep in his chair next to me. And he just says, "OK. See you tomorrow." And I'm just left there in shock and relief and joy.

      It was really weird, but at the same time, I would totally see them trolling me like that. If I do get hired on as an intern for Rooster Teeth, I kind of hope they don't make me do something like that. But that would make a funny video, so I wouldn't mind if they do.

    • Digital vs Physical Media

      3 years ago


      So I was listening to an old podcast episode...

      [oh, BTW, this is journal entry. Only took me a year or so, but I'm finally writing another journal entry]
      [also, this is a pretty looooong post, just skip to the last paragraph if it's too long for you]

      ...and Burnie was talking about how he prefers digital over physical media. I remember when I first listened to the episode I thought, "Burnie, you're crazy! What happens when your harddrive gets corrupted and you loose your data/software and you can't download another copy because the issuing company only lets you install it on 1 PC or there's some other stupid DRM crap and you end up having to rebuy everything again?"

      But then more recently, I'm more in line with Burnie's thinking. It's just more convenient not to have to mess with discs all the time. I used to be a big Xbox gamer, but after so much trouble I've had with Microsoft, I switched to Sony almost a year ago. And when I switched, the first thing I did was to swap out the 80GB HDD on my PS3 for a nice juicy 1TB and then bought a PS+ account. Since then all the games I've bought have been digital. Except for GTA 5, which was on sale and apparently the digital version had some issues at the time. Now I've got like 50 games on my PS3, including all the free ones that I got with PS+, and my HDD isn't even close to half full! It's great! I can start and stop playing any game any time I want.

      On the other hand, a few weeks ago the HDD on my laptop died and I had to replace it. Lost everything! Had to search through my email and find the original invoice for my Adobe suite and other software. Then I had to remember the password I used to sign in to download and register the software. Then I had to spend hours reinstalling all my essential software. I'm just glad this happened after I finished school because if it happened a few weeks earlier, I would have been fucked! This kind of reenforced my original stance but obviously PC and console are different.

      But where I'm really split on it is when it comes to media. Obviously, I'd much prefer my games in digital form just because it's easier to switch between them. But for movies and music, I still prefer to have a physical copy because I can always rip the physical copy and get a digital version and then I can watch it anywhere on any device I want. My big problem with buying movies and music digitally is because there's so many different platforms from which you can buy them and I have no idea if they're cross-compatible. There's iTunes, UltraViolet, CinemaNow, Amazon, even the big theatre chain in Canada, Cineplex, offers digital copies of movies. You can even buy them on your Xbox or PS3, which I'm strongly against because, as far as I know, you can only play them on that piece of hardware. And as we know, hardware changes eventually.

      The reason I don't mind games locked to one piece of hardware or another is because if I really want to play an old game, I'll either reconnect the old console and play it or if it's a decent game they'll remake it or port it onto the new console. Movies are more flexible. I can play almost any movie on almost anything with a disc tray in my house. Even some devices without a disc tray I can rip a copy, put it on a USB and play it off the USB port.

      Bottomline, I say physical medium for movies, TV shows, and music because it's more compatible than DRM/platform-lock digital versions. Digital for games because I'm too lazy to change discs and it saves space.

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      7 years ago

      If you listen to some of the very first podcast you'll see that someone accidentally called in during the podcast. Just thought I'd let you know.

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