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    • [bug report] RT Xbox app

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      UltimateZanburr Wanna be Youtuber

      For certain videos there is a large green block covering the screen and the part of the video that is visible is glitchy and doesn’t seem to work properly, the audio still works while this is happening. I’m not entirely sure but I think that it only happens on videos that are in 4K, one example was the AH video for Shafow of the Colossus. 

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    • RT Podcast 400

      1 year ago

      UltimateZanburr Wanna be Youtuber

      Oh this is going to be a good one! Hope my Voice mail gets Chosen!!!

    • Youtube creation

      1 year ago

      UltimateZanburr Wanna be Youtuber

      if any one is ever interested you can always check some of my  videos on my YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/c/ZanburrUZ

    • RT Sleep

      1 year ago

      UltimateZanburr Wanna be Youtuber

      This company is the reason i go to bed past midnight everynight...i curse you all for this!!! But i thank you for the awesome content!!!

    • Over Spilled Beer

      1 year ago

      UltimateZanburr Wanna be Youtuber

      Amazing ending to today's Off Topic, couldnt stop laughing for awhile!

    • first of all

      1 year ago

      UltimateZanburr Wanna be Youtuber

      i had no idea when my first membership ended all i remember doing was buying six months of it and being like "this is literally going to last me forever". well it ran out yesterday :( oh well ill just have to buy another one when i get my pay check in a few days. but when i was confused that i couldn't watch something for first members i went and checked my account and found out that my 1 year Anniversary for joining the website is TOMORROW i had no idea ive been a fan for that long!!!

      this is actually one of the first times ive been a fan of something for so long and quite religiously too there wasn't a day i wasn't on the site watching something and almost everything on here is super entertaining so i always had something to watch!

      I found rooster teeth like so many other people have by watching Red Vs Blue and i have seen that multiple times, although a little late to the game because i only started watching it last summer but that opened up a rabbit whole that i fell into by next watching RWBY which was literals amazing!!

      Watching those made me find the website and become a sponsor (this was before first member became the term) i started to watch the podcasts and they were hilarious so i started to watch the patch and into a further rabbit hole when i watched my first video with achievement hunter, which in my opinion was the best thing to happen to the letsplay and gaming in general!

      The point in making this journal is really just to thank everyone at rooster teeth for making great content for everyone to enjoy this has been amazing for me im glad i joined august 24, 2015 and i cant wait to see what happens the next year and the many after that!!!

    • 2 years ago

      UltimateZanburr Wanna be Youtuber
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