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    • Who Wants to Play GTA V Online?

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      I recently bought GTA V Online during the Steam sale.

      Anyone want to form a group and level-up, heist, do other jobs, and make dat money?

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    • GTA V PC Heist Group

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      I recently purchased GTA V on the PC and was wondering if anyone wants to group up and run through the heists and what not?

      I'm thinking we could set up a Discord and have an invite only Online session.

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    • Looking for a PC GTA V Online Crew

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      I bought GTA V during the Steam sale and was wondering if anybody wants to create a crew and do missions, jobs, and heists?

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    • When do we Stop Buying Telltale Games?

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      Telltale games aren't that good.

      Initially they had an endearing art style. Now it looks dated.

      Even worse, this engine that has a simple job can't do that right. The janky cutscenes, audio not playing, and awful facial animations should be unacceptable now.

      Perhaps they figure it works so why change. While nothing is game breaking, I always feel like I go into these games expecting...less. Like the game won't reach its full potential.

      Games like Until Dawn and Life is Strange are upstaging Telltale games from a technical and graphical stand point. It's time Telltale met the challenge and improve.

      The art style can stay. It's what sets Telltale games apart from all the rest. But can we please get some much needed upgrades? Better animation. Less janky cutscenes. Working audio! This should be standard yet is let slide because "Telltale". NO! This is not acceptable. Keep the art style, add more detail, improve animations, and fix what's broken.

      But people don't play Telltale games for their graphics obviously.

      People play Telltale games for the story. They play Telltale games because they have choices. Their choices impact the story. Or so Telltale says.

      And yet, time after time our choices don't matter. Some are small choices. Some are big. Some are portrayed as big and yet have no impact.


      In The Walking Dead Season 2 the player is presented with a choice. Your party can either leave immediately or wait a few weeks. This changes nothing. You will get the same subsequent cutscene. Choosing to leave later only has "Two weeks later" pop up on the screen briefly.

      The impact on the story does not change!

      In Game of Thrones the player is presented with the opportunity to kill a traitor. The traitor claims he has information that can help you so you shouldn't kill him.

      Sparing him does not impact the story! All that POTENTIALLY changes is a throw away dialogue line near the end.


      Things like these happen too often in Telltale games. They are rare in their best ones but infuriating in the others.

      These are my two main gripes with Telltale games. Objectively speaking the technical, performance, and graphics issues are unacceptable. Games should not run and look this poorly now.

      But whether or not you enjoy Telltale stories is subjective. I personally enjoy them. Tales from the Borderlands to this day is some of the most fun I've had playing a video game. And I hear great things about The Wolf Among Us.

      It's because I enjoy what Telltale does that I critique them. It's why I want them to improve!

      I simply will not buy the next Telltale game. I can't support these products any longer.

      What do you guys think?

      Post script


      Episode five of GoT released July 21st. Episode six in November 17th!

      Episode one of the Wolf Among Us released in October 11th 2013. Episode 2 in FEBRUARY 2014!!!!!!

      I guess They're doing better with Minecraft though.

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    • HBO Go me Bro!

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      Is there any super awesome epic person who will share their HBO Go with me so I can keep up with the new season of Game of Thrones?

      I would really appreciate it!

      Thank you!

      P.S. Just message me. Don't have to post it on the forums.

      Post edited 4/07/14 11:41AM

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