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    • Extra Life 2018

      3 months ago


      After watching Extra Life for a few years on Rooster Teeth I've been inspired to join the action!

    • Rest In Peace Me

      11 months ago


      It's only fitting that the two arrived on the same day.


    • Growing Up

      1 year ago


      Well I guess this is where I add a cliche this is my first journal thing that most people add, and I'm not completely sure if this journal will have an overall point but fun times. Although very recently joining the Roosterteeth website, I have been a fan of Rooster Teeth (although mostly Achievement Hunter and Let's Play) since about 2011. I was introduced to this community by my friends in Middle School. The biggest memory I have, was since there was 6 of us, we would compare which person was closer to what AH crew member, and although most of the time there was no set answer, everyone gave the answer of being closer to Gavin. (I mean he was and still is my favorite of them). And even through High School this was a major component to our friendship, talking about Lazer Team until it got released. And growing up I've been greatly impacted by every AH member. 

      As of recently I've decided to watch even more videos (going back through old videos that I didn't watch or watched but wanted to enjoy them again)  and I finally decided to join the community and create an account on the website. And I've got to say these past couple months of watching them more have been enjoyable.

      And I mean this is really the only question I have in this journal, but since graduating I haven't hung out with that group of friends as much, minus my best pal (which I've been calling him the Michael of the group since Middle school) and realized that I want to spend more time with the rest of them. And the big idea I had was doing a little fun versus between some of us (and other friends) and was wondering if there was any ideas to add on to the fun, to add on to being more than just the VS.

      That's it for my first post, soon to come when the two Team Nice Dynamite tshirts come in, me and my friend trying to replicate Michael and Gavin's poses.

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