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      So I decided to let my First membership run out and sign up for Double Gold for a month just to get a box. I figured it'd be nice to get that as a bonus with my regular month of First benefits. I've signed up for Double Gold but now I'm confused. My subscription details say "You are currently subscribed to Double Gold - 1 Month Recurring" but that my next billing date is October 1st and right now I haven't been charged yet for this month. It also says that "Your Double Gold Membership is valid until Oct 1, 2016, and your FIRST membership is valid until Oct 1, 2016."
      I assume at this point I'm getting the October box, but am I getting 1 month of regular First benefits from today till this time next month? I can watch First only videos now so I'm not just getting all of October. Am I getting from now till the end of October? Will I be getting a delayed charge for September, not getting the box, and then when October 1st comes will I be getting charged for a SECOND month of Double Gold? The information I have makes this very unclear, so could someone please enlighten me how Double Gold membership works since evidently it's handled differently to regular First membership.

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    • 2 years ago

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