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    • 3 years ago


      I had discovered Rooster Teeth years ago. I had been shown a Red vs. Blue episode by a friend, and while at first I didn't enjoy it, I began to see more and more videos from Rooster Teeth pop up on my internet escapades. So one day, I sat down and watched a video. And then another, and another and another. And like that, I was hooked.

      I'm a fan of Rooster Teeth because no matter how sad you can be, no matter how happy you are, Rooster Teeth has that crazy ability to make you happier. I can always count on RT to brighten my day, whether it be with a Podcast, short, Let's Play, or even some random video.

      I'm a fan of Rooster Teeth because we're not only a community. We're a family. We've come together it moments of incredible grief and sadness. We've together raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for the kids. We've played a hand in helping Rooster Teeth make their first ever feature film.

      And that, @RTContests, is why I am a fan of Rooster Teeth. Here's to another 12 years!

    • 2018 years ago

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