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    • Congratulations on RWBY Volume 3

      2 years ago


      With the final episode having aired, and a proper amount of time to analyze and savor the completion of the journey, I wish to be sure to offer my immense compliments and congratulation on its completion to everyone involved.

      The tone and journey that we have been taken on this Volume is unlike any previous experience in RWBY. The depth and extent of emotions that we have been able to experience as a community together has shaken our foundation and previous understanding of RWBY, which I can only compliment all on being willing to take these steps.

      Having the confidence to go for these darker, sadder, and more emotionally striking tones is never an easy choice, even when it has been in the planning and future direction since the beginning. There is the risk that when you do such things to the characters that the audience has become so emotionally attached to that a resulting uproar may result (let us be honest, with the dedication that Rooster Teeth fans have the uproar was pretty much guaranteed). But the mutual trust between the creators and the fans ensures that we can weather these stages together and support the adventures, victories, and losses that are to come. We take these tides of turmoil, harness them, and use them to make our passion all the more intense, and burn all the brighter.

      It is only by making the tough decisions that true greatness can be reached, and Volume 3 has possessed so many tough decisions executed beautifully that, having taken the time to embrace the experiences through this past glorious Volume, I personally believe this to have been the most wonderful Volume of RWBY yet.

      I so look forward to where it will be taken next.

    • Happy 12th Birthday Rooster Teeth

      3 years ago


      Happy 12th birthday to Rooster Teeth.

      I was initially introduced to Rooster Teeth by several different friends that all enjoyed different aspects of its production and entertainment. One loves RvB and doesn't miss an episode. Another passed much time watching the fine folks over at Achievement Hunter and their glorious absurdities while gaming. Each friend introduced me to their personal favorites, and I found much of my time passing with the glorious content and learned to love it all myself.

      Then RWBY started, and as soon as I started watching it I knew that Rooster Teeth and all their content would become one of my primary sources of entertainment.

      Since then I have found countless hours of enjoyment, a wonderful community filled with incredible people, and stunning fandoms to pass the time with and stir up the imagination.

      So once again, happy birthday to the greatest collection of people, staff and community, that welcomes and inspires those that join it to always do the best things they are capable of. Here's to even more years of glorious enjoyment, wonderful community, and endless smiles.


    • Beacon of Hope

      3 years ago


      Wishing Monty Oum a speedy recovery. Sending positive thoughts and well wishes to his family and friends.

      RWBY has left a very large impression on my heart, and so as a means of wishing Monty a quick recovery I wrote a very small RWBY Fan Fiction in order to try and express the support that I know all those that care for Monty are providing.

      All the best, and may we have the pleasure of your comments, pictures, and stories again soon.

    • 2018 years ago

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