Monty Oum, master lemon puncher, creative genius, hard worker, student, head animator of Roosterteeth and master of all forms of kick-assery, he was truly an inspiration.
A student of everything under the sun, he never stopped learning and found greatness in every idea. Nothing was safe from his grasp. Every object that caught his Monty's fancy were promptly taken apart, and put back together in the form of a kick-ass weapon, a costume, or tool of some sort.
Monty was the epitome of DIY. If he couldn't get want he wanted, he would build it himself. If he set his mind to it, he could do almost anything, and do it well. Hell, the only thing he COULDN'T do was wash the dishes without flooding the kitchen with soap bubbles.

Quite the creative mastermind, he could spend HOURS imagining an office chair as a transformer (while also watching movies at half speed, practicing his sweet dance moves, and shooting Brandon in the face with a NERF gun.)
A strange man, he seemed to be on the Men in Black sleep cycle. He would stay up 40 hours perfecting a single scene of animation, then pass out under a table blasting Metallica, all without changing out of his mo-cap suit. Perhaps this was a side effect of those kale smoothies he so enjoyed.

Nobody was as obsessed with efficiency as Monty. He would drive to work from his apartment... That was RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET. He would tear his hair out when someone DARE use a mouse instead of a hot-key. He was the hardest worker in the company (sorry Gus, Barbara, and anyone else who doesn't JUST play games.) Not only did he function at maximum efficiency, he would stay extra hours, and even overnight, working on RWBY or RvB. Hell, at one point, he LIVED at the office!!! He accomplished several lifetimes of work in his short 33 years on this earth.
I personally don't believe in re-incarnation, but if I did, I would be confident Monty is still with us somewhere, perhaps in the form of a more efficient microwave.
Now he is gone, like his f1 and caps lock keys, like his dear Windows XP, but his ideals live on: Keep moving forward, create something new, never stop learning, and never, EVER, tell the same story on the podcast twice. Monty Oum has earned his spot in internet and animation history.