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    • Let’s Talk About RTX Sydney 2018

      5 days ago


      So this is an excerpt from a thing that I have been writing that no one, or very few people, will ever read. The TL:DR The ROO TEETH Community is awesome and made a day that had every reason to be terrible into the best day of my life

      RTX Sydney 2018 was a great experience. I have been to Every RTX Sydney/Australia. On the Saturday, as I always do, I went to the RT Store, then I met up with some people in part to take photos with Nora cosplayers and collect a piece of Nora artwork. One of the people I took a photo with happened to be a person I took a photo with at RTX Sydney 2017. I ended up spending most of the Saturday trying to see panels, trying being the operative word there. After the floor had closed, or right before it did, I met up with the same person that I took a photo with 2 years straight and some other people. We ended up hanging out for a few hours, got pancakes and other food, everyone other than me got bubble tea. After we all split for the night to go to sleep. I unfortunately ended up having a panic attack when I went back to my hotel and couldn’t sleep, I maybe got an hour in 15-20 minute blocks. The Sunday was the exact 3 year anniversary of my sister’s passing, which was the cause of the panic attack. This particular day had every right to be one of the very worst days of my life, yet it ended up be the absolute best day of my life without question. I ended up spending almost the entirety of the con with 2 cosplayers, the Nora cosplayer that I took photos with this year and last year, as well as a Jaune cosplayer. I ended up helping film a video. After we had finished with the video, myself, the Nora cosplayer and the other people I hung out with the previous night all went and hung out. We played quiplash, trivia murder party, had slushies and pizza. We hung out for a number of hours and went for a walk, everyone else again got bubble tea. Spending the day and evening with everyone was just great. Just thinking about the dichotomy of what the day could have been, to how it actually turned out, it is something special. The entire second day of the con was spent entirely hanging with the community and not really doing anything to do with the con per say. The 3 of us did go to Jon Risinger’s impromptu signing. The Nora cosplayer also could perfectly imitate Nora, made me smile every time.

    • Holiday exchange card

      1 month ago


      Got my holiday card today, it sings "The Hockey Song" very Canadian haha but it's still great

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