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    • Truth About Things That Happened To Me.

      10 years ago


      Ok. Things that happened to me:

      1. There was one day in high school that i had nothing to do because it was an exemption day, and I was allowed to stay in the band hall. In there, me and my friend and this girl who i liked were hangin' when we decide to use up the trash bags and cardboard boxes by making "Suits" out of them. I was cutting gloves out of really small boxes, when it hit a weak spot of cardboard, and came right out. I tensed up, and inserted the knife inot my chest. After grunting in surprise, my friend turned and exclaimed "Trey! Did You Stab Yourself?!" The girl turned, and I quickly pulled the knife out and replied "NO!" when she turned away, I exclaimed in a whisper to my friend "YES I DID!"
      2. I've fallen off a roof that my crew was re-roofing.
      3. My buddy was driving, and he had to accelerate to keep his truck from driving, and when he did, me and my best friend fell off his tailgate. My best friend bounced off into the ditch, and I bounced straight up, resulting in me getting hit by a car behind us, in which was another friend. We laugh to this day about it... except the guy in the second car. He thought he killed me.
      4. I spun six times on the ice and took out a small tree on my way to college.
      5. I've dangled a guy over the balcony of a second floor and let him go onto the trampoline. When he bounced back, I tried to catch him, but that didn't really work: He took me down with him.

      There will be more to come as I remember more about the awesomeness of my past. Don't worry I'm not traumatised, just wanted to feel a bit more proud of just how much I've survived.

    • 2017 years ago

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    • KC_Flash

      10 years ago

      hey there, just wanted to drop a welcome.

    • Naepa

      10 years ago


    • Naepa

      10 years ago

      you got................run over? smiley3.gifsmiley6.gif

    • rattyray

      10 years ago

      lol ok then

      =] how are you?

    • JrPunkk242

      10 years ago

      thank you very much. WELCOME TO RVB

    • Naepa

      10 years ago

      thanks, welcome to RT.

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      10 years ago

      hey man welcome to rooster teeth if you have anying questons please ask if you want you can add me to your watch list that will tell you if i updated my site and if you want you can and me to your friend list if you don't know how to do any of this click the picture of the monkey drinking pesi and go down and comment on my page once again i welcome you and hope you find this site as awesome as i do

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