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    • 2 weeks later

      1 year ago


      So I got botox just over 2 weeks ago for my migraines. I don't think it's helped at all, the injection sites itch like bug bites and the last two days I've had horrible migraines. I really want the pain to be over and the injections to work.

    • Happy New Years

      2 years ago


      Hope every one has a great New Years! This post is doubling as a New Year's Wish and an update for the Buff Buddies.

      Weeks 2 & 3:

      I didn't manage my goals in exercises as the holidays rolled around but also because I was hit hard with pain. I kept a handle on my eating so I'm happy about that, especially since Christmas is a big time for trying all kinds of different foods in my family.

      I'm feeling better about myself already just doing this little bit.

      Love to everyone in the New Year.

    • Buff Buddies Week 1

      2 years ago


      For this first week I had a hard time starting. It's been a while since I've been in a routine of any kind so starting one up again is difficult. That said I did manage one good treadmill session, lots of strength training, stretching and food control this week.

      I'd like to do more time on the treadmill, build up the cardio again or just be able to go out and go on walks and hikes again. That IS in my planned future. For now I'm planning on working up to three treadmill sessions.

    • Buff Buddies

      2 years ago


      I'm a bit late joining the Buff Buddies, so this'll be my week one. I was having severe pain that made workouts impossible for me. (I'd been managing my portion sizes as well as my diet when it did start though!) But yesterday I got another set of shots for the right side of my head and neck for my migraines and (so far) I've been (mostly) pain free!

      Thus today starts my week one of Buff Buddies. I'll post updates every week on Friday's and finish out the 16-week quest even after the one here on Rooster Teeth has finished. I'm nervous about posting images of myself for this challenge at this time, as body image has always been a problem for me, but I made a promise to myself that I would keep at this quest and that I would do a before and after (if not a week-by-week/slideshow like thing) by the end to show off my results.

      Since this is my day one of week one I'm going to state what I plan to do and what I want to accomplish and how.

      My goal is similar to Zack's, I want to be at home in my body and like what I see.

      I plan on using the treadmill and doing at home strength training exercises that I've learned from physical therapy to strengthen my neck as so I don't feel like I'm going to rip it off after I've done some floor workouts.

      I don't have a scale at home, and lack the funds to buy one, but from my medical visit yesterday I do know my weight currently.

      I plan on watching my diet, cutting out bread more and sugar more. Now I just need to watch portion sizes and make sure not to snack and eat lotsa bread. Bread is a primary meal supplement in my house.

      Soda had been out of my diet for more than a year now and is no longer an issue for me so I'm really grateful for that.

      That's all for my day one!

      45 minutes on the treadmill done today.

    • MissNatsu -> Ravyn4077

      2 years ago


      I was looking at the settings and saw that you can now change your username on the site. I'm pretty stoked about that, I've been wanting to consolidate my social media under one name and now I can!

    • New Neurologist time

      2 years ago


      More Injections planned (no Botox, reconsidered that, just the facet injections) both right and left side of my neck this time. They will be several weeks apart so that'll be interesting. Also my neurologist is retiring so I'll need to get a new one. :/

    • Cervicogenic headache?

      2 years ago


      So I might have cervicogenic headaches? At least it's a possibility I've talked about with some other people online. I'm gonna bring it up with my neuro and my pain and spine specialist.

      Until then I'm going to try some of the things that were suggested to me. Memory foam pillow, two tennis balls in a sock and heating pads.

    • 2 years ago


      Provided that my insurance covers it, I'm going to get Botox for my migraines. They are just getting worse and the injection wore off. :/ This is really breaking me.

    • Recovery update

      2 years ago


      On Wednesday I got a facet injection. Basically I was sedated and the doctors put needles into the spaces between my spine (base of neck to top of shoulder area) to relieve the pain of my migraines. So far it seems to be helping, the left side (where the procedure was done) doesn't hurt but I still have pain on the right side. The effects can take up to 4-6 week to fully kick in, so I'm holding on to hope that this does it and I won't have the migraines anymore.

    • Another MRI for me...

      2 years ago


      Went to the neurologist again today. I've got another MRI planned, pain management scheduled, my meds have been changed again and all I can do is wait and hope that this time the migraines go away. I know that there is still a bunch of options available but I'm in such pain that I really don't care. I just want the pain to go away. smiley2.gif

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    • YoiteShimizu

      4 years ago

      Hey there friend! welcome to our lovely little community! its good to have you here.

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