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    • My first YouTube/RWBY vid

      2 weeks ago


      In the span of 24 hours, I:

      1) had an idea for a Bumbleby vid

      2) found someone to film it with me

      3)  purchased the music, looped the song, and shot four hours of footage

      4) researched and downloaded a video editor

      5) taught myself how to video edit

      6) produced a 3min video

      7) loaded it to YouTube

      8) learned any song rooster teeth owns puts ads on the vid and auto gets the profit from it (which makes me feel way better about those channels who rip the music)

      If you wanna take a look I'd appreciate it, if it makes you smile please leave a like. Trying to remind myself it was a first try and not to delete it.


    • SSIS update

      2 weeks ago


      The upcoming MIA chapter is currently 13 pages long and I still have three scenes left to flesh out. I want to put a time frame on it posting, but this story has bad luck whenever I do.

      Really hoping these last dialogues come easily!

    • bmblb vs like morning follows night prelim

      3 weeks ago


      Okay. So I've heard both songs clips and read their lyrics and seen the fandom fighting I have a number of thoughts:

      1) bmblb is gay as hell

      2) Blake and Yang are both bisexual, no lesbian

      3) I would be okay with it if Blake dates Sun for a bit, then dumps him for Yang.

      I need to hear the full versions of both songs. I severely dislike that bmblb was placed on the v4 songlist and not held until later. I understand it could be due to deleted scenes (SCENES I DESPERATELY NEED IN MY LIFE I'M JUST SAYING) but even then if you're not going to release the scenes you'll still need them later to build a bumbleby romance so why not save the song until it makes sense? 

      As for MFN, I can see it as both a love song, an unrequited Sun love song, and Suns particular brand of devoted friendship while Blake sorts out her issues. Blake in v4 though is decidedly not in a healthy place for a relationship of any sort though, and Sun did literally everything without Blake's consent or permission so im not happy with him, strong as he was in the v3 finale.

      I dunno. The hype is helping me write, but I also have extreme trust issues re: queerbaiting and the Bury your Gays trope. I've seen a lot of my fav characters get the gay brush for  a few minutes to up ratings then fade or be killed off or decide it was just a phase and date a boy instead. It's very damaging and if a show and a company and a fandom I love desperately and trusted falls into those pitfalls...im not ready or able to handle that heartbreak. 

      not from roosterteeth.

    • First vs. Double Gold Membership

      3 weeks ago



      Difficult choice.

      I tried out the Double Gold membership on the chance of getting an exclusive RWBY shirt. Turns out it was a Camp Camp shirt and a RWBY Chibi collector's card instead.

      I like the idea of the monthly Q&A because I love behind the scenes things like that, and getting the RWBY Chibi collectible card signed by Kerry was amazing and I loved it, but if I'm honest with myself I will never use or love anything else that came in the box this month, and I really should not from a financial standpoint be spending $400 a year on an RT membership for a box where I will only enjoy 1 or 2 things, especially when I'm guilt tripping myself over a $10 acai bowl or a $20 video game I would love to stream.

      Perhaps next year, when it's nearly time for tickets to RTX. We'll see if I'm finally brave enough by then.

      P.S. The next chapter of my fic is currently 10 word document pages long and counting, but that's also without edits and several variations of dialogue for the same scene. I don't know when it'll ever get to a point I feel okay with publishing it, but it is being written. I haven't abandoned the story yet!

    • K.Turner asked RavenSugara a question

      Who's your favorite character from team RWBY? ^-^

      Answered: May 16, 2017

      Weiss, surprisingly.

      For a very long time it was Yang and I severely disliked Weiss, but after the v3 ending, beginning character study for SSIS, and then her bucking trends and being very vocally outspoken and the most visibly changed by her time at Beacon she has grown on me immensely and become my favorite character. Yang is a very close second though ;)

    • Still On Hiatus: Have a Mini Excerpt, and a life update

      1 month ago



      For anyone still here- I am so sorry. Life this month is wildly busy and filled for me, and for some reason my characters all want to tell me their stories much further down the timeline than where I need to write them down in order to update SSIS. If I could get Weiss and Yang back to hating one another rather than fornicating in my head, this would get written much faster.

      As an example and a thank-you for anyone who has stuck it out this long (and yes, it will likely be another many weeks or more before I post again IM SO SORRY PERSON WHO WANTED TO KNOW HOW TO MAKE A HICKEY THIS IS WHY IM NOT ALLOWED TO PROMISE THINGS ON SPECIFIC TIMELINES) here's an excerpt I've got from when Ruby is ~23-25 that I can't use anywhere but still want to share somewhere.

      I hope everyone watching it enjoys the start of RWBY chibi season 2 tomorrow (I have my first ever video game stream tomorrow and am debating jumping into that RWBY reaction video life so I will most likely be skipping it for now) and that you are having a wonderful month. 

      As always, follow/contact me on Twitter @nyghtphyre or send me a message here if you'd like to get in touch!


      “Do you think she’ll like it?”

      Ruby and Yang could only stare, mouths dry as Blake stepped shyly into the hall. The dress was exquisite, blacker than midnight with hints of silver starlight glimmering across the cloth with each silent rustle of fabric.

      “If she doesn’t she’s out of her mind.” Yang said, eyes sliding over the form of her lover appreciatively before riveting on the high slit teasing miles of toned leg. “I know I do.” She added with a shivered growl, causing Blake’s lips to twitch.

      “Yeah.” Ruby echoed, nodding. “I don’t even like going to fancy dinner events, but if it means spending all night seeing you in something like that…” Ruby shook her head. “Those rich Atlesian muck a mucks won’t know what hit ‘em.” Ruby finished. Blake smiled at that, a blush staining her cheeks as she reached up to shyly tuck her hair behind an ear.

      “Thank you Yang, Ruby. Um, there’s actually one last thing, if you wouldn’t mind…” Blake held out the necklace chain almost hesitantly, biting her lip as she held it out to her younger lover. Ruby bounced forward eagerly, taking the chain and completely missing the shadow of mischief in amber eyes. As Ruby worked the clasp Blake looked up at Yang, eyebrow twitching once in way of warning before gathering her hair over her shoulder and turning her back to the pair.

      Ruby looked up and gasped, sinking bonelessly to her knees with a gurgle.

      The barest hint of fabric accented the sides of the backless dress, teasing ripples of muscle appearing and disappearing beneath endless planes of skin as Blake shifted and breathed, her entire spine exposed to just above the curve of her generous rear before disappearing beneath the sparkling fabric once more.


      “I think  you broke her.” Yang commented once she regained the ability to speak, though her eyes remained shamelessly trained on Blake’s ass as she licked her lips appreciatively.

      “Ruby?” Blake turned around and leaned down, cupping the younger girl’s cheek in fond exasperation. “I won’t know what you’re trying to tell me if you don’t use your words, love.”

      “...I want to lick them.” Ruby said in a daze. Yang barked out a laugh.

      “Yep. Definitely broke her.” Yang scooped her younger sister up by the armpits, dragging her to her feet and supporting her as she tried once again to melt into the floor. “What time are you coming home and do we get to help peel you out of that later?”

      “I suppose that will depend on Weiss and whether or not your sister decides whether she is a solid or a liquid by the time we return.” Blake said, lips twitching in mirth as she pressed a soft kiss to each of their cheeks and lips before pulling away.

      “We’ll be gone for several hours, but I don’t expect we will stay the night. You know how Weiss gets if she stays around the nobles for too long these days.” Blake said. Yang snorted.

      “I’m sure if they could get their heads out of their asses long enough to look around, they would thank you for saving their aimless money-hoarding lives.” Yang knelt, shrugging her sister up and over her shoulder. “All right, c’mon sis. Lets drown our girlfriend-free night woes in booze and video games.” She leaned in for one more, longer kiss from Blake, only pulling away once a pleased rumble sounded from Blake’s chest. At a petulant whine from the puddle of goo over her shoulder, she rolled her eyes and then her hips, twisting so Ruby could get a kiss of her own with a happy cheep.

      “Can I give you a massage later? Or tomorrow?” Ruby asked softly, dangling arms pawing lightly at Blake’s arm. Blake hummed in amusement and assent, pressing a soft kiss to the tip of her little leader’s nose.

      “I’m glad you like the dress.” Blake said instead. Ruby let out a petulant whine, flushing scarlet.

      “You know what your back does to me!” Ruby whined. “What it’s always done to me.” She finished with a mumble.

      “Same here, except for me it’s your ass. That glorious, glorious ass.” Yang called over her shoulder with a longing look and a playful wink. Blake stuck her tongue out at the blonde before cupping Ruby’s cheek in her hand with a tender caress and adoring smile.

      “As you wish.”

    • Still on Hiatus

      2 months ago


      ...but I caved and bought a double gold membership on the off-chance the next loot box has a rwby chibi shirt. Because I'm a nerd.

      Also working on setting up a streaming/lets play/ play with me channel on twitch and maybe YouTube. Debating doing rwby reacts as well because that community seems fun, but it also means seeing my face on the internet, so. 

      Follow @nyghtphyre on twitter for more updates. I'd love to chat and play with all of you!

      Story update- things are not going well. I have maybe 30-50% of the chapter in a jumbled mess across three word documents, an overwhelming feeling that I am not a good enough writer/person to be able to bring the story I want to life coupled with the desire to bring you all the story and entertainment level you've come to expect. I know I'm being absurd and it's only fanfic, but it is debilitating all the same. I JUST WANT TO MAKE ALL OF YOU HAPPY BUT ALSO HAVE THEM COME TOGETHER IN A SEMI-REALISTIC WAY q.q

    • Story Hiatus

      2 months ago


      Hi everyone/anyone,

      Sorry about the delay and lack of updates. It took me a long time to sort out what I wanted to get done in the next few chapters, and the one I'm stuck on currently has been especially difficult to write.

      I've decided to throw out my current draft and start again. I'm still not happy with it, but hopefully this way I won't feel uneasy about the method either. I suppose we'll see which version wins out in the end, though hopefully it won't be another two months until we do.

      Until then.

    • Sittin Waitin Wishin

      2 months ago


      First two fanart I find of my fic and can get permission for are becoming my new profile and cover pics.

    • If you use a bird...

      2 months ago


      I downloaded Twitter.

      I Have a Twitter account now.

      Talk about hoping for long term goals.

      We'll see.


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  • Questions answered by RavenSugara

    Weiss, surprisingly.

    For a very long time it was Yang and I severely disliked Weiss, but after the v3 ending, beginning character study for SSIS, and then her bucking trends and being very vocally outspoken and the most visibly changed by her time at Beacon she has grown on me immensely and become my favorite character. Yang is a very close second though ;)

    Yep! It's called Strawberry Sunrise, Indigo Sunset over on Archive of our Own. It's quite long, still in progress, and largely teeth rotting sweetness and fluff.