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    • Well hm

      2 months ago

      RavenSugara Streamer/Fic Writer

      I suppose with the transfer to the new video and mobile sites they’re retiring this one.

      Problem is, I don’t see any way to maintain a journal or community forums, or even receive notifications.

      Guess it’s true, the 2000s way of doing things is dead.

      Look for me on Twitter @nyghtphyre and maybe, just maybe, I’ll restart that ol’ tumblr (same name)

      It’s been real.

    • Last call

      4 months ago

      RavenSugara Streamer/Fic Writer

      List 5 body parts and a fruit, don’t think too hard about it.

    • It's almost Valentine's Day

      4 months ago

      RavenSugara Streamer/Fic Writer

      Pick 5 body parts and a fruit.

      You have until Monday.

    • I'm not Fucking Okay.

      5 months ago

      RavenSugara Streamer/Fic Writer

      I am not fucking okay.

      Not a third goddamned time.

      Not a third.


      Jaune can go eat unwashed ass. He is a bullshit character and I hate every time there's a hint that he's "something more" and "something special" and "someone to keep an eye on/watch out for" as though bumbling unassuming white boy HAS to become a major hero of every story. 

      We get it. Unassuming white boy suddenly comes into OP power is overused and boring af. STOP MAKING STORY ARCS ABOUT JAUNE ARC. I GET THE PUN. FUCK YOU.

    • Random snippet 1

      5 months ago

      RavenSugara Streamer/Fic Writer

      Yang's eyes flew wide. "Ohhh my fuck. Oh my fucking dust. Dust fucking FUCK!" Yang flailed and cursed. Her girlfriends and sister looked over in surprise, multiple eyebrows raised in cautious curiosity.

      "What's the matter with you?" Weiss finally asked. Yang spun, gripping her sleeve tightly and staring at her with wide eyes.

      "Blake. Her time in the White Fang. She stole from your company. She came in the night and lifted the dust from your train."

      "Uh, yeah? She told us and I forgave her. But that was years ago. What's your problem with it now?"

      "...Weiss. She broke into the train in the night and stole from you. She's a cat burglar." Yang sounded out the words as though they were the keys to the universe, eyes boring into ice blue.

      Ruby snrked. Blake rolled her eyes. 

      "...Seriously? It took you six years to put two and two together?" Weiss muttered grumpily. Digging into her purse she pulled out 20 lien, tossing them to Blake. "You couldn't have figured that out three months ago?"

    • Reaction Fail ( WARNING V5E10 SPOILERS)

      6 months ago

      RavenSugara Streamer/Fic Writer

      I am so upset.

      I filmed a reaction to episode 10's True Colors that I was actually incredibly proud of and was looking forward to watching again...only to discover that my recording had paused 20 seconds in and hadn't actually filmed a damn thing. I've been screaming and ranting and laughing to myself for the past hour and a half.

      Special highlights no one will ever get to see:

      - discussing how I thought a relic was in Ozpin's cane only to finish right as Oscar says it isnt and me blushing furiously while laughing

      - Me screaming in fear when Ghira got attacked in the back

      - Me screaming when Ilia and Sun were fighting about how they could have been friends

      - Me genuinely cheering on Sun

      - Me crying at the ending

      - Me carrying on at length about wondering if this episode was the one Arryn was talking about during a summer panel

      I am sad, but can't decide if it would be worth it to record a secondary reaction or just leave a gap for the season.

    • Fic update chapter 36

      6 months ago

      RavenSugara Streamer/Fic Writer

      Chapter 36 is currently clocking in at approximately 9.5k words, with about three scenes or so left before I can begin proper edits. The chapter after that (surprise!) is around 4K words and 40-60% finished, barring any new ideas I decide to add which will delay both postings further.

      I promise I haven’t given up on SSIS. Thank you all for sticking it out with me, and I appreciate every single one of my readers like you.

    • You know what journal this is.

      7 months ago

      RavenSugara Streamer/Fic Writer




      I have been sitting here.

      For maybe an hour.

      In a stupor.


      I got them so wrong.


      I didn't expect that.

      I didn't expect the intensity of those feels to hit me like a truck.


      I know they probably /weren't/ going for that.They're friends.


      The intensity of feelings Weiss has and finally displays?


      Seriously making me regret that they weren't able to expand on their friendship all this time.

      Because that?

      Most of my story should have gone down differently.

    • Fading hope

      7 months ago

      RavenSugara Streamer/Fic Writer


      I’ve tried to record rwby reaction videos three times for the new season.

      Uploaded two.

      Been hit with copyright takedowns both times.

      It’s hard not to be discouraged, especially when every youtube recommendation now is for everyone else’s reaction videos who are being taken down and/or cleared while mine remain in youtube jail/garbage heap.

      Fic isn’t doing much better as I keep revising my ideas of chapter goals and timelines and what I want to happen when. 

    • Need a hand?

      8 months ago

      RavenSugara Streamer/Fic Writer

       I hate to do this especially since I am so excited for the next two chapters but I am unable to type thanks to having terrible limbs. Stuck on hiatus again for I don't know how long. Hopefully only – actually scratch that. I don't want to activate the curse of the fanfic.  Speech to text can only get me so far in fic writing.

       I will still load reaction videos to YouTube, find me on Discord or Twitter. Hope y'all enjoy the yang trailer and the  volume five. 

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    • k.turner

      11 months ago

      Personally, I vote for it to be a monochrome moment- for character and relationship development! Long story short, I feel like if Blake told Weiss we'd get Weiss avoiding her or being extra cold(ha) to her because she doesn't know how to react to this. Then, Yang feels bad and Blake confronts Weiss ( but gently, not really angry) And Weiss just goes 'I just don't understand blah, blah, blah, can't look at her the same yada, yada, yada' and Blake's like 'try' so then, either Weiss can't face Yang and she does some digging and somehow knows to go to Coco or maybe Coco gets told by Blake or notices Yang's behavior and talks to Weiss herself. Boom! Coco and Weiss serious talk (that they undoubtedly have to have at some point [because we all noticed Coco's comment on spotting one of their own]) Segway. Or (coming back to the 'either' in my speech from way back about Weiss either can't face Yang) Weiss does talk to her and we get freezerburn development! 

      That is, if you don't have plan already.

      Ignore all this, it's your story and I feel like I'm overstepping my reader boundary.

      I feel like at the end of this (not particularly enthusiastic about that) I'm going to been have written fanfiction, of your fanfiction, hahaha. Wow this got super long... ^_^.*socially awkward neck rub* *awkward exit*

      • RavenSugara FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Streamer/Fic Writer

        11 months ago

        I'd read that. Still mildly disappointed I haven't found any fanart (rly i just want the weiss and hedgehog stampede moment as a desktop background) but if I inspire others to do or make things I'd be very happy.

  • Questions answered by RavenSugara

    At this point she does not. I haven't picked if it'll be a freezerburn, monochrome, or bees schnee moment when she does, but either way it won't be for some time.

    Weiss, surprisingly.

    For a very long time it was Yang and I severely disliked Weiss, but after the v3 ending, beginning character study for SSIS, and then her bucking trends and being very vocally outspoken and the most visibly changed by her time at Beacon she has grown on me immensely and become my favorite character. Yang is a very close second though ;)

    Yep! It's called Strawberry Sunrise, Indigo Sunset over on Archive of our Own. It's quite long, still in progress, and largely teeth rotting sweetness and fluff.