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    • whoops it's been a month

      2 weeks ago

      RavenSugara Streamer/Fic Writer

      Well that went by quickly. 

      About me:

      -streaming like it's a part-time job

      -did a Weiss trailer reaction video and loaded it to YouTube along with a hopefully entertaining bmblb music vid

      -built up my discord, now complete with a fic specific channel

      -networked through other rwby discords

      -wrote half a chapter, then pushed it back and started a new next chapter

      No idea when the fix will update, thank you all for being patient!

    • Story Delay

      1 month ago

      RavenSugara Streamer/Fic Writer

      My brain rn is all monochrome, all the time.

      Blake eavesdropping on Weiss while she sings.

      Blake in the shadows, watching Weiss twirl and priouette through ballet forms during solo training time when Weiss is stressed before a final exam.

      The first time Blake realizes Weiss is begging with her eyes for the girl to kiss her.

      Blake tipping Weiss' chin up and leaning in, savoring the heat before their lips meet. Then denying her with a  coy smile and walking away.

      The day she pins Weiss and doesn't walk away at all.


      The day Yang points out that Weiss has very specific kiss me faces for when she wants it to be from Blake or Ruby. (Its a very nice day.)

      If any of this would become more defined than this, it would be helpful. If we weren't still agonizingly far away from the monochrome formation this would be extremely useful.

      Instead I have daydreams and can't remember Yang or Pyrrha's voice at all.

    • Here come the unsubscribes

      1 month ago

      RavenSugara Streamer/Fic Writer

      You are all going to hate me for something in the next chapter, and for that I am sorry. I am ashamed of my brain.

      But also.

      It had to be done.

    • Arryn, Jeff, RT and BMBLB

      1 month ago

      RavenSugara Streamer/Fic Writer

      I am surprisingly disappointed today.

      I found out that a bunch of people ripped into Arryn (voice of Blake) on Twitter yesterday for confirming that BMBLB is just a song Jeff Williams made and wanted to include on the album without being canon.

      I'm disappointed that fans would go after a voice actor as though she had any input in anything other than how she reads her lines. She's not Blake, just Blake's voice. She doesn't write Blake, she doesn't get told what's happening if it doesn't concern her. 

      Who I am upset and disappointed at are the showrunners, who I assume are still Miles and Kerry. If you are the creative geniuses in Monty's absence, why didn't you check or finalize the tracks going onto the album? I understand that you have full faith in Jeff Williams and it's easy to see why, but how can anyone claim none of you knew it was going to be on there? Why did it get produced and published blindly?

      If it wasn't and you /did/ okay the track, why would you publish a song, especially such a controversial one, and say it isn't canon? I was worried you would accidentally slip into the Bury Your Gays trope and kill one or both of them shortly after they got together. I didn't think my favorite show in the world would stab me with queerbaiting.

      Because so far, that's what this is. Your assurances that "there are gay characters we just won't tell or show you who" and having a gay af song on the album mean nothing if you don't come through. If bumblebee doesn't happen but another hot lesbian shows up and is better suited then fine, but I hope they aren't some minor character we see once or twice and never again (Neon Katt I’m looking at you.) 

      Queer representation especially in popular media is so, so important. It happens so rarely to be a genuine thing and gives other queer people role models to look up to, to see themselves in. Look how important Wonder Woman became to women and girls who didn't even realize what it could look like to have strong powerful bisexual female characters on-screen. I want that for RWBY too.

      I will continue to watch the show, though I don't think I'll be writing that Autostraddle article I was planning. Not sure if I'll be purchasing any more albums o listening to the song any more. It only breaks my heart.

    • K.Turner asked RavenSugara a question

      Does Weiss know about Yang's "interests"? We know she's out to Blake, and she recently told Ruby, but what about the resident Ice Queen? If not is that gonna be a little 'thing' they have to talk out

      Answered: Jul 3, 2017

      At this point she does not. I haven't picked if it'll be a freezerburn, monochrome, or bees schnee moment when she does, but either way it won't be for some time.

    • Discord

      1 month ago

      RavenSugara Streamer/Fic Writer

      I made a Discord today! It's basically a chat/forum type of system for my Twitch, but if you'd like to join and talk RWBY with me or be a cool chill people, come Join! https://discord.gg/8UVwH

    • Surprise

      1 month ago

      RavenSugara Streamer/Fic Writer

      Who knew the biggest hurtles of the next three chapters would be 

      a) deciding on a plot line to check up on

      b) who's POV we should focus on

      c) if the RWBY universe has STDs and if someone needs to get checked/be given "the talk" about protection.

      What do you think?

    • My first YouTube/RWBY vid

      2 months ago

      RavenSugara Streamer/Fic Writer

      In the span of 24 hours, I:

      1) had an idea for a Bumbleby vid

      2) found someone to film it with me

      3)  purchased the music, looped the song, and shot four hours of footage

      4) researched and downloaded a video editor

      5) taught myself how to video edit

      6) produced a 3min video

      7) loaded it to YouTube

      8) learned any song rooster teeth owns puts ads on the vid and auto gets the profit from it (which makes me feel way better about those channels who rip the music)

      If you wanna take a look I'd appreciate it, if it makes you smile please leave a like. Trying to remind myself it was a first try and not to delete it.


    • SSIS update

      2 months ago

      RavenSugara Streamer/Fic Writer

      The upcoming MIA chapter is currently 13 pages long and I still have three scenes left to flesh out. I want to put a time frame on it posting, but this story has bad luck whenever I do.

      Really hoping these last dialogues come easily!

    • bmblb vs like morning follows night prelim

      2 months ago

      RavenSugara Streamer/Fic Writer

      Okay. So I've heard both songs clips and read their lyrics and seen the fandom fighting I have a number of thoughts:

      1) bmblb is gay as hell

      2) Blake and Yang are both bisexual, no lesbian

      3) I would be okay with it if Blake dates Sun for a bit, then dumps him for Yang.

      I need to hear the full versions of both songs. I severely dislike that bmblb was placed on the v4 songlist and not held until later. I understand it could be due to deleted scenes (SCENES I DESPERATELY NEED IN MY LIFE I'M JUST SAYING) but even then if you're not going to release the scenes you'll still need them later to build a bumbleby romance so why not save the song until it makes sense? 

      As for MFN, I can see it as both a love song, an unrequited Sun love song, and Suns particular brand of devoted friendship while Blake sorts out her issues. Blake in v4 though is decidedly not in a healthy place for a relationship of any sort though, and Sun did literally everything without Blake's consent or permission so im not happy with him, strong as he was in the v3 finale.

      I dunno. The hype is helping me write, but I also have extreme trust issues re: queerbaiting and the Bury your Gays trope. I've seen a lot of my fav characters get the gay brush for  a few minutes to up ratings then fade or be killed off or decide it was just a phase and date a boy instead. It's very damaging and if a show and a company and a fandom I love desperately and trusted falls into those pitfalls...im not ready or able to handle that heartbreak. 

      not from roosterteeth.

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    • K.Turner

      1 month ago

      Personally, I vote for it to be a monochrome moment- for character and relationship development! Long story short, I feel like if Blake told Weiss we'd get Weiss avoiding her or being extra cold(ha) to her because she doesn't know how to react to this. Then, Yang feels bad and Blake confronts Weiss ( but gently, not really angry) And Weiss just goes 'I just don't understand blah, blah, blah, can't look at her the same yada, yada, yada' and Blake's like 'try' so then, either Weiss can't face Yang and she does some digging and somehow knows to go to Coco or maybe Coco gets told by Blake or notices Yang's behavior and talks to Weiss herself. Boom! Coco and Weiss serious talk (that they undoubtedly have to have at some point [because we all noticed Coco's comment on spotting one of their own]) Segway. Or (coming back to the 'either' in my speech from way back about Weiss either can't face Yang) Weiss does talk to her and we get freezerburn development! 

      That is, if you don't have plan already.

      Ignore all this, it's your story and I feel like I'm overstepping my reader boundary.

      I feel like at the end of this (not particularly enthusiastic about that) I'm going to been have written fanfiction, of your fanfiction, hahaha. Wow this got super long... ^_^.*socially awkward neck rub* *awkward exit*

      • RavenSugara FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Streamer/Fic Writer

        1 month ago

        I'd read that. Still mildly disappointed I haven't found any fanart (rly i just want the weiss and hedgehog stampede moment as a desktop background) but if I inspire others to do or make things I'd be very happy.

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    At this point she does not. I haven't picked if it'll be a freezerburn, monochrome, or bees schnee moment when she does, but either way it won't be for some time.

    Weiss, surprisingly.

    For a very long time it was Yang and I severely disliked Weiss, but after the v3 ending, beginning character study for SSIS, and then her bucking trends and being very vocally outspoken and the most visibly changed by her time at Beacon she has grown on me immensely and become my favorite character. Yang is a very close second though ;)

    Yep! It's called Strawberry Sunrise, Indigo Sunset over on Archive of our Own. It's quite long, still in progress, and largely teeth rotting sweetness and fluff.