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    • Let's Play Live Cordinating

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      MythLore Nerding up for RTX

      So this event looks like it's gonna be fantastic, I think we can all agree. I think most of us can also agree that traffic in LA, and especially Hollywood, is fucking murderous. So fellow LA/OC/SoCal fans, wanna carpool?

      Since there's no threads about it yet I figured I should start one, if anyone needs a ride/needs people to ride with them to take advantage of the wonderful carpool lane, post here! See if you can set yourself up with some people. Do be sure to say whether or not you have a car/can drive. Also, for all you guys who can't drive, like me, offer some gas money. It's only polite.

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    • Watching the clock tic down.

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      MythLore Nerding up for RTX

      I never realized how much I loved having the legacy sponsorship pricing until just now, waiting for the day to end and the auto renew to fail because paypal sucks and the card I bought it with expired this year. I really REALLY wish I had known sponsorship subscriptions were managed only through your paypal account, cause then I would have actually logged on while buying.

      But there's nothing I can do but let it expire and buy it again at the new price, since I already tried and failed to find a fix to this problem when I noticed it months ago. Sigh.

      Anyone else got some sponsor tales of woe? Misery does love company after all.

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    • Siiigh.

      1 year ago

      MythLore Nerding up for RTX

      Time to enjoy my last day of being a sponsor with the legacy price before it expires tomorrow because of paypal bullshit and I gotta buy a new one, even though I had it set to auto renew.

      And it sucks that I can't even be given the option to buy it again for the same price, but I already tried contacting RT and paypal and there's just nothing I can do. If I didn't love being a sponsor so damn much I might even consider not rebuying at all.

    • If you bought auto-renew legacy sponsorship without logging into paypal, you might be boned.

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      MythLore Nerding up for RTX

      So I put my new card onto my paypal account today, and then I saw someone on tumblr talking about how updating their pp account lost them their legacy pricing (uncool) and when I checked my active subscriptions, suddenly roosterteeth isn't on it anymore? I'm still a sponsor til april, but now I'm worried it's not gonna auto charge me like it's supposed to and I'm gonna loose MY legacy pricing as well. Anyone else having this issue?

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    • Time flies!

      2 years ago

      MythLore Nerding up for RTX

      Man it feels like I'm still reeling from RTX 2015, and now it's already time to start planning for 2016! I can't wait. I gotta be ready to snatch up my auto this time, work fucked me last year.

      And hopefully this year I'll actually get to hit up a good laser tag arena!

    • Auto Trade (I wish)

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      MythLore Nerding up for RTX

      So if anyone, for whatever reason, got an auto for Geoff/Ryan and can't make it/doesn't want it/changed their mind/etc I have an unused code that I can give to you, or grab a remaining session you want and trade that.

      Lol I'm dreaming I know but I gotta at least TRY after work fucked me over.

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    • Why am I a fan of Roosterteeth?

      2 years ago

      MythLore Nerding up for RTX

      Because it costs less then paying for porn and the acting is better.

      Kidding, kidding. No one pays for porn anymore. What am I, a loser?

      But in all some seriousness, why am I a fan?

      Maybe because I can 't remember what it was like to not come home every day with a new video to look forward to.

      Or because I had never laughed as hard or as often at anything before I found Roosterteeth.

      Possibly because talking about Roosterteeth has introduced me to some of the best friends I have.

      Or perhaps because seeing all of the amazingly creative, talented, ridiculously wonderful people who work here have inspired and challenged me to not be satisfied with working a crappy retail job my entire life, when I can take a chance on doing something I love because you never know what might happen if you take a leap of faith on a crazy idea.

      Hell, maybe I'm a fan because the best way to fight my insomnia is to play one of my favorite videos in the background. Good sleep is a great motivator after all.

      And okay it's a liiiittle bit because my days are just a teeny bit brighter since Roosterteeth came into my life.

      Or maybe it's none of those things. Maybe it's all of those things and more.


      But mostly I just like seeing people do stupid shit on the internet.


      Thanks for 12 years guys. I may not have been here from the beginning, but you can bet I'll be here til the end. Which is hopefully many, many years down the road from now.

      See ya at RTX everyone <3


    • Frustrated beyond belief.

      3 years ago

      MythLore Nerding up for RTX

      I feel like I just got jerked around.

      Got an email about a phone interview for a job I really want, one I interviewed for in the past but didn't get, and tried to set a time on a day I don't have work.

      The person insisted that it had to be today, even though I have work, so I rearrange my schedule to leave 3 bloody hours early so that I can be home to take their call before they leave the office.

      Time comes, no call. I wait 20 minutes, check to make sure all of the info I gave them was correct, and shoot off an email. No response.

      Because of my schedule change today, I absolutely cannot change anything tomorrow. So if they get back to me tomorrow I'm fucked.

    • 4 years ago

      MythLore Nerding up for RTX

      Whelp, managed to fuck my right shoulder up somehow. Gonna be fun trying to rehearse for my stage combat final when that arm is gonna be in at least 3 submission locks, even fake ones. Yeeesh.

    • So I like blades.

      4 years ago

      MythLore Nerding up for RTX

      Guess who has a replica of the Vorpal Blade from Alice Madness Returns?

      This girl right here. It's so fucking gorgeous omggggggggg and it's only like 9 inches cause it's the mini version but damn is it well made.

      Hopefully I can afford the fullsize one sometime in the future!

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    Hey, I'm Lore. Decided I'd better sign up after going through a good chunk of the RT vids on youtube.

    Current goal: Getting an xbox. It's unlikely.

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    • Tijger

      3 years ago

      Look at that pretty sponsorship star

      • MythLore FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Nerding up for RTX

        3 years ago

        Isn't it glorious? ;D

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