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    • Pictures from New Mexico

      11 months ago


      I felt like throwing in some of the pictures from when I was working Philmont.









      Still working on making an animation that I am semi-proud of and when I do, this'll be the first place it will be released. Keep your heads up out there!

    • Keep Moving Forward.

      1 year ago


      What is uuuuppp guys and gals!

      Been a while since my last post here and I can honestly say that nothing has changed! The summer was great, as I worked at a ranch in New Mexico, tons of stories from there, but nothing else stands out. For a couple years now I have set goals that were personal to me, I'm not talking about going to college or being the leader of an organization, because all of those things I have done and they never really challenged me because I've been surrounded by friends who act similarly. I think it is easy to strive after things if you have people that work towards the same. But with Animation and writing stories, its different. There isn't people I can talk to about this stuff, and really talk about with, so the motivation to follow through is difficult. The past few weeks though have been...interesting, as I have just had this feeling to work (I do have a job that I work, so whenever I consider doing something else, I consider that true work) and I hope that it doesn't go away. Burnie spoke out in a vlog, way back, about motivation and how he never considered it to be real, that it was discipline that keeps someone going. And then I think about Monty, who I'm sure had a lot of passion for his baby (RWBY), but you hear alot about how he was a work-a-holic, that he was always doing something and I think that comes from doing something that you have a connection to, that you are proud to work on. To put it bluntly, I feel like I've broken out of a depression and now all I want to do is work.

      I'm hoping to start stockpiling up on some animations that I am proud of and release them in the next year. I also want to interact MORE with the RT community, going to be visiting RTX in the summer with a bunch of friends, and I know there is some great people that hang out here.

      Lata, From Mr. Good!

    • So yeah...First Journal!

      2 years ago


      SUP Community!

      Don't really know how to do these things, so I'm just gonna do it MY WAY...The Letter way!!!

      Never been a part of the community ever, they released Season 9 of RvB six years ago! I wanna connect with people and see if I can help in any projects that people might have whether they need a writer, or an animator, or a voice actor. I have a passion for all of these things and would want nothing more than to work with anyone that approaches me with an idea. I'm gonna introduce myself below for a second, feel free to comment and say Hi down below.

      I Co-Founded a YouTube Channel with a friend of mine in a broadcasting class, code name Springtown Productions, when I was a Junior in High School...coming up on three years ago. Since then we made 50 videos

      black_small_square20 of which were a weird Marble Hornets like series ghost!

      white_small_square 10 of which were other series that never got finished pensive!

      black_small_squareThe last 20 were semi-good stuff to what I like to think were...GOOD stuff smiley!

      Now while my other co-workers of the channel are still in High School making stuff, I am studying animation and have been compiling a long list of stories that I would like to animate. The ideas I have I am very proud of, I've been workshoping, story boarding, and re-writing these stories over and over again, and I plan on going into these projects in detail on this Journal series. I do what I do because I love it, and through the projects that I create, the motivation, creativity, and ambition that I have, I hope to one day make it to Roosterteeth. I'm attending Community College right now, which limit my availability to my passions but I strive in my quest to learn animation and make these stories into a reality.

      So yeah...that is me!

      Lata, From Mr. Good!

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    • HOWtwoROCK

      2 years ago

      I usually have people watch or follow me for about less then a year to keep span request down. I'll keep the request. Stuff like commenting on my posts or images help to. But dont force yourself if you dont have much to say. I hope you stick around

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