So, the RWBY Vol. 5 finale, it happened finally. Now there's many things I loved about this episode, and many things I found less than desirable. I'll start off with what I enjoyed. So the Raven and Yang scene was amazing, really well done. There was solid acting on both ends and you could really feel the tension and emotion towards the end of it. It shows the changes in both Raven's and Yang's character, with focus on how Yang has grown. Pretty damn good. Another scene I enjoyed, Emerald's meltdown when she found out Cinder is "dead" was really good. You could see the raw emotion coming from her as she dropped down and let out that scream, bringing out that wicked Salem illusion. It makes me want to know all the details of their relationship and such. That's pretty much what I enjoyed.

Now then, for the things I didn't like so much. Starting with the Adam scene, I say it could've been done a lot differently. Sure, he finally knows what it's like to run according to Blake, but him getting away is ridiculous. Instead of everyone pussyfooting around they could've apprehended him or something, but nah, let him run, he needs to know what it's like I guess. Blake got her big win against him everyone, feel happy for her. Now onto the actual reunion itself, what the hell. To start, it turned into a massive cheese fest at the end. Such cliche dialogue and interactions between all of them just defeated the mood. There's no heavy set emotion or hanging tension with them all. I mean sure, you could argue that "Oh they're just happy to see each other and that's what matters right now", but it all could've gone in such a better way with more meaning.

Also I'm dedicating a section to the interaction between Blake and Yang at the end of this. I feel like it's been building up to a big, emotionally charged reunion between them, with Yang being pissed at Blake, but eventually forgiving her and such. I mean, Yang was fucked up at the end of what happened at Beacon. Not only did she lose an arm, but her best friend that promised she'd never run or leave again did just that, like damn. So a little over 6 months later and suddenly she's cool with it? Again, you could argue that after all Yang has been through, she's just extremely happy to see her for now, and I'm not doubting that the writers have plans for more interactions between them in the future, but there's so much they could've done differently that would've left a more lasting impact. But, Sun knows what's up, using his tail to point Blake in the direction of Yang ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). All in all, it wasn't a terrible episode. And the things I didn't mention here that also happened in the show I found average, nothing bad, nothing great. But yeah, that's what I thought of the finale, left a lot to be desired but did tie up the end of the  volume.