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    • Hitman people counting

      1 year ago

      meelis13 Estonian

      Been a while since i last wrote one of these. In case you have been lurking on RT community servers discord server, you might have noticed i spent bit of time counting NPC-s in all hitman levels (yeah, we all know how it functions). I did leave out training ones (not many npc-s, even on ship level).

      So why i did that? Quite frankly idea came after seeing Ryan, Jeremy and Gavin do escalation on colorado level. Combining that with puddle pile idea, i started wondering- how many people are there in Hitman levels? Also, i was really bored (due to my health being not so great most of 2018 so far... So what better way to vent frustration than on NPC-s in hitman- on PC)

      First off Paris:


      Notes: used puddle pile as much as possible, tried to do stealth as much as possible. Got bodyguard outfit as early as possible to allow maximum access. Here is a hint: dont change outfit, especially when you go loud. That way you know when you have finished.
      I dont know if NPC-s without AI count, but some of them vanished as well. Missed one normal NPC (just could not find it, ran trough level few times)


      Notes: Not very challenging in its own right, but due to its size, it took forever to find people, especially since i had to go loud half way trough. Often had to wait until non-guard NPC-s calmed down and returned to their usual tracks.


      Notes: so. many. NPC-s. Again hit disappear glitch with some non-AI npc-s (not sure if they even count), but this time most returned. Actually had to go loud really early because mistake i made, but it proved to work out better due to sheer number of NPC-s.


      Notes: Turned out to be more challenging than i expected and actually died more here than in other levels combined. used bug spray to knock lobby down, to point out major things, but other than that, it was pretty routine as far as this type goes- first stealth, then go loud.


      Notes: this was just insane. Used same car as AH did to "count" few people (including one target, to my suprise), but after that bit, well, it became craziest thing i have seen in video game. Went in barn next door (where militia practised taking car down) to retrieve smuggled weapon, that did not like to NPC-s. And since pretty much everyone in this level carries a gun, they ran toward me.
      Few screens to point out insanity:
      (enemies advancing on me)

      (there were so many i literally couldnt see trough door in end- and yes, that is a door not a window)

      (find me in picture- this is after the battle)
      By my estimates, at least 85 percent of people ended up in that battle. After that it was just mopping up


      Notes: As expected, this turned out to be easiest by far. Although i did forget about one of targets possibly escaping, so i failed once... Not much else to say about that level

      I hope you enjoyed this read, will try to think something equally as interesting to read for my next gaming adventure.

    • Estonia 100!

      1 year ago

      meelis13 Estonian

      Exactly 100 years ago, 8 PM on 23rd february, Estonian declaration of independence was first publicly read on top of balcony of Endla theater in Pärnu. That despite advancing german forces- declaration of independence fell in short power vaccum created by russian forces retreating from Estonia and Germans not yet moved in. So after few months of german occupation, Estonia was able to start building its country, even despite independence war, that started in late 1918 and ended in 1920.

      And as it turns, this 100 years has had its ups and downs, with long period of foreign occupation during and after WW2, first by soviets (1940-1941), then by germans (1941-1944) and then soviets again (1944-1991) being definite downside, yet prosperous independence periods being highpoints. I dare to say, for such small nation, Estonia has done quite well, especially after restoring independence, with huge leaps in IT. Lets hope next 100 years will be better

      You can read full text of independence declaration here:

    • Top 10 RTS games (personal list)

      1 year ago

      meelis13 Estonian

      Been meaning to this for a while now- especially since i hate my journals being rare between since last march. I like writing stuff and if i can provide entertainment or at least something interesting to people, then why not?

      Also, if anyone has any good RTS to suggest, please do!

      For this list i will be focusing more toward traditional base building RTS, although i do have few TW games in it.

      10. Empire Earth

      I first played it for a short while as a kid, yet those few hours i was able to play it left lasting impression- i only recently found this game again and i still love it. Odd thing is that i kept thinking it as Age of Empires and it does share a lot of traits, but where it goes far beyond AoE is its age system- you can progress from stone age to era where you have space warriors! Many talk about Rise of Nations, but this is much better, although its age is indeed showing at this point. Still, extremely fun to pit star wars troopers against cavemen

      9. Stronghold

      First played it ages ago, when i still had PC that barely could run it (my first PC that i could call my very own was some old junk that i had up until 2008 i think). I remember game starting up solid 5 to 10 minutes on my old PC, where i had to delete everything else to fit it on. Its fun medieval castle building sim with combat in. Building impenetrable fortress was so fun, as was launching successful attacks. Its still very decent game, although Stronghold Crusader is more known & has bit more features. Not fast-paced by any means though as you have to build up stable economy, including weapons manufacturing to host any army and resources are varied- you need food, wood, stone, iron, etc. And resources are walked to stockpile. Still, decent planning helps a lot

      8. Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium wars

      World is in peace, Nod seems to be in disarray & GDI lowers its guard and focuses more on stopping spread of tiberium that has gotten so bad that most of the planet is uninhabitable (red zone) or barely so (Yellow zone). There are number of blue zones, that are safe & clean and under GDI protection. Suddenly Nod strikes. Seems like run-of-the mill c&c story, doesnt it? Well, this time they throw aliens into play as well and overall this entry of c&c franchise has some detailed story writing, although it has in-universe errors. Oh and also really decent mods (my favourite is tiberium essence, which brings lot of stuff from tiberian sun)

      7. Age of Empires 2

      What can i say- classic. Its quite safe bet that if you have heard of any RTS, its this one. And rightly so- simple, yet complex enough to keep you thinking things through. Campaigns are also real treat. And if everything else fails- how do you turn this on?

      6. Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun

      One of my favourite games and first game on PC i have solid memory of playing (although probably not first overall). The sci-fi unit design, factions that focus on their specific playstyle, flawed & cheesy, yet interesting story told through movie clips.. What more can you want? Send that army of titans & wolverines to enemy base! Oh wait, banshees? dang.

      5. Stronghold 2

      Advanced version of Stronghold. Much more stuff, lot more options. Has few flaws, like too low population cap and estate system isnt extremely clear, but overall better than original.

      4. Empire: Total War

      If only this game would be more moddable & wouldnt suffer from peformance issues due to design... Gunpowder-era total war & also one that introduced naval battles. But its real treat is its campaign map & thus factions- for first time you have India & North America (well, ok, technically speaking we already had that in M2TW) accessible in same campaign. with their own factions! And very creative AI! It was always fun seeing cherokees trade florida for iceland or bavaria go on world-conquering spree (without any player involvement). Only game where i have fun just by securing my own borders.

      3. Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2

      Crazy units, totally different & wacky factions, well, its a treat! Its easy to see why this is as popular as it is,  because its just so silly that its good. Yet at same time it DOES play good

      2. Command & Conquer: Tiberian Dawn (aka C&C 95)

      The original c&c. Its this high on list because well, remember that old crappy PC i had? i played this over and over and over again on it. And its so good that i still play it. Not many games hold up to test of time as well as this one

      1. Medieval 2: Total War

      Best total war game- while it does show its age, its incredibly moddable, has amazing mods and even main content isnt anything to scoff at. Several factions with their strengths and weaknesses and unique units. Also shows real power of gunpowder.

    • videos....

      1 year ago

      meelis13 Estonian

      Blargh. i hate my mind sometimes. Remember when i said i will make new gameplay videos? Well, i have and at same time i havent. I have recorded few videos but before i can upload them, i just scrap them.

      Why? Because on one side i want to make videos but on other, i want to make decent videos throughout the game (or in case of MP, well, just decent vids). Though tbh i doubt i will start making great videos off the bat (considering quality of my existing videos). But positive thinking!

      Alright, enough about babble. I really, REALLY will get some videos out soon. Though if anyone has some hints, i'd be more than happy to recieve them

    • Life update

      1 year ago

      meelis13 Estonian

      Ok, time to post something. geesh, has it really been 6 months since my last journal? In any case, whats been happening after my last post. Well, i moved to new place and im now working as person who calls people to sell them stuff. Been also playing lot of Overwatch.

      Also real happy about how Life is Strange: Before the Storm has turned out. its so good!

      I also like that RT decided to bring back Paypal (been waiting that for ages).

      And i know i've said it before, but i WILL start making videos again, maybe even streaming next month. This time no joke- see, so far i only have had 60GB (lately 75GB (as in i can only use 75GB net)) internet plan, but next month my ISP is going to upgrade it to unlimited! And this has been my main obstacle! 

      Damn, it actually feels nice that my life has improved in those few months. Been used to things going worse all the time, this is actually first time since, well, over a decade that i feel things are improving.

    • Rest in peace

      2 years ago

      meelis13 Estonian

      This is not fishing for sympathy, i just have to write this just to manage....

      Today, 30th of march 2017, 9:30 my dear grandmother passed away at age of 83. At time of her death, she had a daughter, 5 grandchildren and 4 greatgrandchildren.

      She was sick for long time but it still hurts like hell. She was also only grandparent that was still alive when i was born- even more, she and i shared a birthday (13th august) with exactly 60 years between..

      She was very kind and caring person..

      Rest in peace, grandmother. I will miss you a lot.

    • Fact of the day (01.03.2017)

      2 years ago

      meelis13 Estonian

      I have to admit- this one is directly linked to news that popped up today.

      Operation Albion was biggest and most successful naval landing operation conducted by German navy during WW1. The aim of this operation was to conquer islands of Saaremaa, Hiiumaa & Muhumaa (all located in boundaries of modern Estonia, that at the time belonged to Russian Empire). It lasted about a month in late 1917. 

      Strategically, those islands were considered unimportant until revolutions happened- german high command tought it would outflank russian positions & open door to St. Petersburg to press newly-risen communist leaders to end war. Secondary motive is likely to give german navy something to do after above-water fleet was sitting in harbour for almost 1,5 years after battle of Jutland.

      Operation itself was successful. But it didnt bring consequence german high command was hoping- pushing Russia out of the war completely. That goal was achieved in early 1918 after germans occupied rest of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus & Ukraine, with navy approaching Petersburg.

      Why this fact? Battlefield 1 DLC content was revealed- and russian DLC contains operation Albion. I am incredibly happy over it as it is only the 3rd time AAA game has included Estonia in (excluding games with grand map gameplay, such as Hearts of Iron or Total War). First 2 were Command & Conquer: Tiberian Dawn (2 missions, GDI campaign openings) and Splinter Cell: Blacklist. I am most happy about this particular entry though as i am complete history geek

    • Featured user (and fact of the day 28.02.2017)

      2 years ago

      meelis13 Estonian

      Talk about pleasant suprises to wake up to- apparently i am featured user at moment of writing this journal. 

      Thank you a lot! I seriously dont know what else to say.. Except, hm.. How about a fact? :D

      First full-length narrative feature film (according to UNESCO) is considered to be "The Story of the Kelly Gang"- an 1906 year's silent film from Australia. It followed- as you can imagine by its name- gang of Ned Kelly, famous australian outlaw (irish descent).

      Movie was recieved critically well, it was directed by Charles Tait & filmed near Melbourne. It actually held another record during its release- it was the longest running narrative film yet seen in world, as it lasted over an hour & it had 1200 meters (4000 ft) of reel length. 

      In case you want to compare it to modern movies, its budget was either 400 or 1000 australian pounds (sources differ) and it made 25 000 australian pounds in box office. Adjusted for inflation its either 57,798.76 AUD (australian dollars) or 144,496.89 AUD. Box office made 3,612,422.36 AUD. 

      All in all, compared to modern blockbusters, this doesnt seem like huge ammount of money, but keep in mind back then there wasnt so big network of distribution & advertisment as there is now, so its decent.

      And in case you want to see the movie, im afraid most of the movie has not survived, although historians have managed to save pamphlets that describe how movie went as well as restore 17 minutes worth of footage, including key moment of Ned Kelly's last stand. Restored footage can be seen in movie's wikipedia page

    • Happy new year

      2 years ago

      meelis13 Estonian

      Happy new year to everyone in Rooster Teeth & Rooster Teeth community! This community is by far best i've seen

    • Twitter madness

      2 years ago

      meelis13 Estonian

      I witnessed very funny thing not too long ago. Well, funny for me. bear with me.

      I use my twitter mainly for throwaway stuff (i.e participating in giveaways, competitions), though lately i do more meaningful tweets (still, im not very tweety person- i only say stuff when i have something to say). During the time i have had twitter, i have 20 followers (hit the mark today (que most unimpressed "wow")), with most being spambots apparently, though one follower is person i know from real life. 

      Now, 20th follower is interesting, because apparently it is real person (posts regularly on his twitter) and he seems to be youtuber with respectable subscriber base (from what i can see, around 8 million- never heard of the guy though). Furthermore, twitter account seems to be legit from sources i can find.

      All seems good, right? i tought so too for splitsecond when i saw his 1 000 000 followers, but then i glanced at "following" number.

      How many people would you manage to follow? 50? 100? 200? Well apparently this guy is using good ol' "i follow you, you follow me" trade, because i saw him following 700 000+ (wont specify exact number- dont really want to rat person out- plus it would be free advertising) people. Seven hundred thousand (and im not making this up). Thats bit more than half the people that live in my country numerically speaking.

      I've heard of people doing so in scales of 2-3000, but this scale? Simply baffling. And whats even more mindblowing for me is that people still fall for this. Just... how? Im laughing so hard but at same time im honestly shocked by that as well. This is just so ridicolous!

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    • OskarrTheNinjaHobo FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold

      2 years ago

      Was quite surprising to see and Estonian flag on the home page of Rooster Teeth =) Gratz on the feature

      • meelis13 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Estonian

        2 years ago

        Aitäh :D

        Its rare to see fellow estonian here too. And do believe me- it was quite the suprise for me too (but positive one)

    • Kevinet496

      2 years ago

      Congrats on the the feature.  donut

      • meelis13 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Estonian

        2 years ago

        Thank you a lot!

    • Ratatoskr FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Keeper of Logics

      2 years ago

      Congratulations of being Featured User, and hello from Texas!

      • meelis13 FIRST Member Star(s) Indication of membership status - One star is a FIRST member, two stars is Double Gold Estonian

        2 years ago

        Thank you a lot! Got to admit- its extremely pleasant suprise to wake up to

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